WATCH: Biden Slurs N-Word While Reading Speech To EU Virtual Munich Security Conference — Closed-Captioning Even Picked It Up

( Exclusive) – President Joe Biden recently read a speech to the Virtual Munich Security Conference in which he seemed to stumble and slip during his presentation, which, again, is just reading, slurring his words together before finally allowing the mother of all racial bad words, the N-word, to slip out of his mouth. This man is a total disgrace.

According to Gateway Pundit, Biden was only 15 minutes into reading the speech when he totally screwed the pooch and dropped this infamous racial slur.

“…I’m either to hear, I’m eager to hear. (pause) Ni$$er to hear, next from my good friends, and outstanding leaders, sanser(??) Merkel about her thoughts on the way forward together…” Biden says, barely seeming able to even speak a single word of this speech clearly. There is no way this guy is mentally fit to be the president. None. Zip. Zilch.

Now a lot of folks will say there’s no way that’s what he said. We all just misheard him. That’s all. Well, that could be a possibility except for the fact that even the closed captioning picked up the word.

Infowars recently ran a report that featured a segment on the obvious cognitive issues of President Joe Biden. Reporter Cory Bernardi of Sky News said, “Never before has the leader of the free world been so cognitively compromised. It’s clear to me at the least that US President Joe Biden is struggling with dementia and is clearly not up to the task he’s been sworn in to do.”

“Such was the hatred of Donald Trump by the partisan and poisonous mainstream media that they chose not to highlight anything that may have derailed a Biden victory,” he added, “Even now after he’s been sworn in many are still refusing to speak the truth about Biden’s lack of capacity.”

Biden is an absolute wreck. Someone seriously needs to do an authentic evaluation of his mental state because with all of the slurring and screwing up sentences in written prepared speeches, this guy can’t be operating at 100 percent. There’s no possible way.

A lot of folks will say that this was a slip up due to bumbling over his words. Even if that is the case, isn’t that concerning? This guy is one slurring speech away from launching us into World War III. You can’t have a man that is this unsound of mind in the White House with nuclear launch codes. It’s dangerous.

How long before the Democratic Party finally gets him evaluated and then we see Vice President Kamala Harris get a sudden promotion? And that really will spell disaster for our country. She’s easily controlled and influenced, not to mention far more to the left than Biden is. What a total train wreck that would all be, right?

Watch and see if that doesn’t happen over the course of the next several years. I don’t think Biden will make it through a single term as commander-in-chief.

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  1. He didn’t have a vaccinator? He never heard about a needle – which is what almost all vaccinations are administered with?
    But to be a leftard is to have flexile standards – especially when it comes to truth.
    So a leftard can be for human life and abortion at the same time – as if the issue from a human can be anything but another human.
    They are also for peace on earth and violence against anyone who disagrees with them.
    You MUST fall in line and comply regardless of whether you agree or not – this is called UNITY.
    Furthermore you must mouth the same slogans and talking points for fear of being cancelled – this is called DIVERSITY.
    Keeping all these discordant and mutually exclusive concepts in your head as part of the same worldview is only possible with severely restricted sight, especially when it comes to seeing yourself as you are, and with a large dose of madness, and moral flexibility.

  2. These are China Joe’s cheer leaders and liberal voters …………they understand what dirt bag is saying. I widh dd fhty xhch ajhhh dkfi vote me!
    City student passes 3 classes in four years, ranks near top half of class with 0.13 GPA
    A shocking discovery out of a Baltimore City high school, where Project Baltimore has found hundreds of students are failing. It’s a school where a student who passed three classes in four years, ranks near the top half of his class with a 0.13 grade point average. (FOX 45)

  3. Every one of Dirt Bag Biden’s ‘signed’ executive orders should be trashed, and declared invalid due his obvious, blatant, in-your-face-incompetence, and mostly …. his indisputable stupidity in prancing around as if he won the fraudulent presidential election. After spending 75 years making Hitler and Nazi Germany into a vision of pure evil, the worst ever to visit humanity, we find ourselves right back into the arms of fascism.

  4. Biden gives no press conferences and speaks from his shelter. I believe they surrounded DC with walls and N Guard due to the possibility of assasinations.

    • No, it was to separate the government from the people so that they can pass legislation harmful to the people and their freedoms and not have angry constituents verbally assailing them for it.

      One only does this when one knows that the elections are GUARANTEED to be in one’s favor because of vote counting machines that will switch the vote in one’s favor to create a victory from a loss, and also judges who have been threatened to not allow an audit, and who have been cowed by the threats.

  5. Okay. Biden is mentally unfit. So he’s removed and we get Harris! Okay she gets impeached. (maybe). Then we get Pelosi! It’s a lose, lose. On a long shot, Biden lasts until 2022. (Not likely) Republicans take back the house. Pelosi loses her job, the the Republican minority leader becomes speaker of the house and HE becomes President. See how messed up this is? It’s a giant cluster &@*#! By 2022 only God knows what evils the Biden administration wreck on our country! All we can do is PRAY!

  6. Following Jackson through her years in congress I think her idea is quite a good one, but there needs to be a change in the evaluated group, it should be all members of congress, what say You, American Patriot????

  7. The BIDEN ADMINISTRATION is in full blown stupidity, TO allow those infected with the Virus to cross our borders is insane, How about we set up mobile hospitals at the border to treat those infected before ANY CONSIDERATION is given to release them into our country. The Govenors AND MAYORS OF THESE BORDER STATES AND CITIES have A SWORN DUTY to protect their citizens. And they do contrary to popular belief have the power and authority to stop the Biden administration, Of course the LIBERAL GOVENORS and LIBERAL RAN state will not and those ran by REPUBLICANS LACK THE COURAGE TO DO SO. Im all for legal IMMIGRATION but this is complete insanity of course we must take into account what we have in the OVAL OFFICE
    common sense is something JOE BIDEN has NEVER BEEN ACCUSED OF.

    • Let me guess ….Liberal filth speak the same “language” as Dirt Bag Biden the lying cheating, traitor?

    • Because they knew he wasnt fit when they pushed him on us , their plan was to get Harris in as President but knew she didnt have the support to be President. You think Biden has beaten the record for most executive orders just wait till they deem him unfot and she gets to be President.

    • BREAKING NEWS: “108 migrants released by Border Patrol in Texas test positive for coronavirus, officials say” – Fox News

      ALERT: a surge of illegal migrants in the U.S. have tested positive for COVID.

      This is concrete proof that the Biden administration’s misguided executive orders on the border are causing a real threat to American citizens.

      It’s beyond ridiculous that travelers coming to the U.S., including American citizens, can’t even do so without showing a negative COVID test or proof of recovery….

      Yet, migrants and even those crossing the border illegally can come in without these same requirements. It’s reckless, senseless, and dangerous.

      Demand that the Biden administration applies all travel health requirements and COVID screening procedures equally and fairly, especially to those at the border.

      U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas, is known for inflammatory rhetoric and odd ideas.

      One recent proposal she submitted to Congress would require gun owners and their family members to undergo “psychological evaluations” and pay huge fees to maintain their Second Amendment rights.

  8. “Biden was only 15 minutes into reading the speech” how did he make it 15 minutes? I haven’t seen him make it 15 seconds into a speech – pre-written or off the cuff – without slurring his words or making some ridiculous statement.

  9. The democrats have made themselves a world joke to have gone through the voter fraud effort to put this increasingly mentally deficient person in charge of our country. The only conclusion that can be made is the democratic leadership and the financial supporters such as Soros are also mentally deficient.

    The democrats are working hard to keep America under the pandemic control as they erase our freedoms. To day it is reported, and is most likely happening each and every day, that 108 illegals were released into the country who tested POSITIVE TO COVID-19.

    Time to demand this farce of an administration be removed.The evidence is overwhelming that Biden is not the legally elected President.


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