Watch: 46 Minutes Of Joe Biden Stuttering, Getting Confused, Forgetting What He’s Talking About

He’s just not all there.

(Big League Politics) – The Republican National Committee released a compilation on Monday of some of Joe Biden’s most confusing and depressing moments, documenting the Democratic presidential nominee and former Vice President’s increasing tendency to struggle with verbal acuity and his potential senility.

The video contains some of Biden’s most troubling gaffes, including his endorsements of other people for President, claiming that he was running for the Senate as opposed to the Presidency, forgetting what state he’s in, and telling a Michigan factory worker that he wants to ban “AR-14’s.”

The compilation also contains several lengthy rants on the part of the Democratic party elder that simply can’t be described concisely in words, expressions of nonsense that can only be described as word salad.

This is the best that the Democratic Party can come up with. It’s no coincidence that Biden’s campaign staffers are attempting to keep him away fro public scrutiny and skepticism through limiting his appearances as much as possible.

Watch the in-depth compilation here:

National Democrats have largely dismissed questions and concerns over Biden’s mental acuity, even going so far as to claim the suggestions of cognitive decline are Russian propaganda. Podcaster Joe Rogan has slammed the left for sweeping the tremendously significant conversation under the rug, stating that Biden “can’t be President” and that it’s all but assured his cabinet would be running the show from behind the scenes.

With liberals refusing to grapple with Biden’s extremely well-documented tendency to forget what he’s talking about, it’s going to to be up Republicans and Independents to raise the vital questions surrounding the party elder’s mental state.


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