Washington DC Mayor Bowser Kicks Out Utah National Guard From All Washington DC Hotels – More Than 1,200 US Troops From 10 States Evicted

(Gateway Pundit) – Washington DC Mayor Bowser announced on Thursday she was examining every legal question about the Presidents’ authority to send troops, even National Guard from other states, to the District of Columbia.

Mayor Bowser said, “I have the authority and have not requested guard from any state.”

The DC Mayor then later evicted ALL NATIONAL GUARD from any Washington DC hotel.

On Sunday night leftists defaced the WWII Memorial and Korean War Memorial and torched a 200-year-old church.

One million protesters are expected in Washington DC this weekend.

The Democrats are completely insane today.



  1. Bowser is right, though. Only she has the authority to ask for the national guard. Fuhrer Drumpf can’t just send them without her approval. Total abuse of power by Das Fuhrer.

  2. Then EVERY one of them need to send this moron the bill for their transportation, travel, and what it cost to get those units to that location. They were called, they showed up and were told to leave. SOMEONE gets the bill, the taxpayers shouldn’t have to foot the bill for them being activated, that dip shit mayor can pay it all….

  3. The mayor runs the city. That’s her job. You don’t have to like it. You don’t have to live there. How about the Utah NG takes care of Utah and D.C. Will take care of D.C. I’m sure if they want help they will as for it. If trump wants to go back to the church to get a new picture holding the Bible right side up this time the secret service can handle it. They are very good at what they do.

  4. I would like to know these Democrat Terrorists will try to justify attacking and threatening Children’s Hospitals and the children being treated there. These animals are not righteous protesters, they are criminals that need to be destroyed! As a Patriotic American Citizen I would have no problem ending their miserable lives. I wish that the legitimate protesters would turn their rage on people like Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff and the Clintons! Those are some of the Terrorist Democrats that are and have been using and abusing Black American Citizens for decades.
    I have to ad this, George Floyd was anything but a honest and reputable citizen, he was a convicted felon and a drug addict. That doesn’t excuse his tragic death at the hands of some police officers but, I’m sick of people trying to make him into something that he wasn’t! My true feelings are for the 59 year old white man that was murdered by two black juveniles, supposedly just because he refused to give them a dollar. I’m wondering, where is all the expressed outrage about his murder?

  5. Personally, I hope that the rioters totally destroy DC, it’s the center of every evil that Americans now face across America! Under the guise of wanting to destroy Trump, their real objective is to destroy our country! The Washington DC Mayor is just another example of the disregard that Democrats have for Legal American Citizens and their property. I wish that Black Americans would express their anger and frustration at the one’s really responsible. Criminal Democrats like Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff and the Clintons that have done the most to hamper the advancement of Black Americans in our country. If you don’t believe what I’m saying just take a long hard look at the lives of every black citizen in cities and states run by the Democrats! Donald Trump declared war on the Democrats and has spent the last three years trying to make the lives of every American, black or white, much better than it was under the leadership of the Democrats. Check it out!

    • Did it ever occur to you that they’re trying to SAVE America by destroying Fuhrer Drumpf! He is basically the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler at this point. America has become a fascist dictatorship since the whole national guard episode started in an attempt to shred the first amendment. They’re fighting against Drumpf for our country and our freedom, and we will win!

    • No, Bob, they’re not. They are trying to subvert the democratic will of the american people. The corruption of the Democratic party is there to see. It’s only the President who’s blocking tthese creatures from their vile plans of domination.

  6. Females make the worst mayors, governors and congressional members. The black females are by far the worst. Always acting like they have something to prove. Stop electing females to political positions of power.

  7. Can you just imagine the outrage if President Trump put these brave warriors up in his hotel at NO COST TO ANY STATE OR TAX PAYER!!! This mayor is drunk on the libraturd Koolaide that they all have been drinking. I say withdraw all the National GUARD troops, withdraw all the police officers from any and all calls for service, riots everything in every political jurisdiction that the libraturds are demanding it…that would last for a day or tops two!!! A d of course it would all be Donald Trump’s fault. I think these people live in a parallel universe like in a Star Wars episode.


  9. She is in open rebellion against the Government. That I believe is called treason. Lock her up in her own jail till trial. By then all this may be over.

  10. These idiot anti-American mayors from DC, New York City, LA, Portland and all the other liberal/socialist democrat mayors are a giant stain on our Constitution and country. VOTE THEM OUT!!!’

  11. If I lived in DC I would vote for the town drunk for mayor before I would vote for that bully of a mayor that doesn’t even care about the city or it’s people.

  12. “Sins of the fathers” keeps reverberating in my head, meaning the results of the first slave ship to dock at U.S. shores. We are now paying the price of one human being owning another human being. Not to excuse the atrocities being committed by “black lives matter” robots, but our ancestors have brought some of this on their heirs. I hope there’s something left of our society after the raging, thoughtless mobs are through with their pillaging and destruction.

    • Lela. The 1st slave owner in America was a Black man and the slave he owned was a White man. Sins of the Fathers??? The Slave trade was going on in Africa and Middle East hundreds of years before the 1st Black slave set foot on American Soil. Slavery was/is BAD and is still practiced in the WORLD i.e ISLAM, but it is the sins of their fathers not ours. Now Black Americans need to see that the Slave Owners in America are the DNC and the House Negros are Maxine Waters and the Members of the Congressional Black Caucus. What have THEY ever done for Black Americans.

    • If I could vote Fuhrer Drumpf OUT today, I would do it in a heartbeat. I would board a bus traveling across all the states and vote for Biden in every single one. Our country cannot afford even one more day of his fascist dictatorship let alone four more years. BIDEN 2020!!!

  13. These Rioters are encouraged and supported by your friends the Democrats. The proof is in their actions and their support of NO action against the Rioters. This is not civil disobedience. It is Rioting ! If you support people who riot- Vote Democrat!

  14. More than 500 law enforcement officers injured, gun shot wounds, stab wounds, one on life support with a bullet to the head, one dead, some even ran over. In one town alone over 300 business’s pillaged and burned, many black owned, look at what is taking place in NYC, look at what is taking place in LA, look at what is taking place in Atlanta (college football hall of fame) look at what is taking place in DC (a church, a WWII memorial). Now the new battle cry is DE-FUND THE POLICE. An unarmed white man is almost twice as likely to be shot by a cop than an unarmed black man. Failure in our inner cities is black failing black, white dems (predominantly elected by black) failing blacks. So to cover the failures and ineptitude of “black leadership and dem leadership” we call it racism. No country has done more for equal rights than the country we live in.
    With all that said, the mayor clearly has things under control and these are peaceful protests and despite what the 60 injured secret service agents say the NG is not needed. A hand up or a hand out…BS. Almost any inner city is proof of this!

  15. Whew!! This DC mayor along with the other D mayors, is a looney, left. liberal. How much security does this mayor have?

  16. The mayor is an ignorant person. DC is the seat of the US government and she is not in control. Her antics are those of a clown in office. The troops don’t need hotel rooms to operate. They can set up their own accommodations. She is just showing how ignorant she really is … the troops are there and she can’t remove them.

    • Sunshine you are delusional problems WILL NOT RESOLVE themselves. Besides Washington DC belongs to the people ALL people. It is up to our President Trump to keep Washington Safe.

    • Do you own a business that was burned out or looted? Do you live in a neighborhood that was (is) being targeted for destruction? Do you have anyplace else to go to be safe? Are you and elderly woman whose local pharmacy was burned down? Are you afraid thugs will accost you when you try to buy groceries? Do you live in an area where no business will deliver to?

      Are you AWARE that poor people ALWAYS pay the price for civil insurrection? You and I can move out or leave. What if you have nowhere else to go?

      Were you just born selfish and uncaring? I was very poor and raised on the streets of Detroit. A dead city. Killed by Democrats.

      Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

    • You are truly an ignorant sounding person. Yes – the monuments, office buildings and businesses will be destroyed; along with the lives of many many people lost. Of course the mayor will be protected because she has armed guards around her. Is that what you want – disputes resolved by violence? These looters and rioters would be there police or not. The carnage would only be worse without the police. Maybe you should study history (I mean true history – not the phony nonsense they teach in schools.

    • Memorial day 2020, City of Chicago.
      10 dead
      39 wounded
      cause-black gang violence
      But this is OK.
      “please problems will resolve themselves”

  17. I dont believe this mayor has that authority, I assume these hotel are privately owned therefore the mayor order is NONSENSE and the people of Washington should stand up and defend those that protected them .


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