Was Sondland Threatened By Democrats? Top Witness Changes Testimony Before Hearing… Then Accused Of Sexual Assault After Not Delivering The Goods On Trump

(Gateway Pundit) – Excerpts from his new and revised testimony given by Gordon Sondland, the US Ambassador to the European Union were released before his hearing in November.

Sondland ‘s testimony was revised after his ‘memory was refreshed’ from reading other testimony to reflect what he described as a ‘quid pro quo message’ delivered to Andriy Yermak, a top adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Sondland’s testimony was also altered after Democrats harassed Sondland last month during his closed-door interview and accused him of being an agent of shadow foreign policy on Ukraine.

Democrats were so desperate to pressure Sondland that they even held several protests outside his hotels before his public testimony.

These were highly organized actions by Democrats on Sondland’s properties.

They were meant to send a message.

And after his public testimony turned out to be a nothing-burger all of the sudden three women accused the EU Ambassador of sexual misconduct.

Democrats put their hopes on Sondland to compose his testimony against President Trump and when he failed to do that — all of the sudden — three women accused the Trump ambassador of sexual misconduct.

The NEW Democrat Party will ruin your life it you don’t bend to their will.

Are we supposed to believe this was a complete coincidence that these women are stepping forward today after Sondland failed to deliver the goods on Trump?

Does anyone really believe this?



  1. Brett this is so wrong of the Dems to threaten here party change there statements. soudland should refuse to do it. Me I would say no it is the truth
    We stick to it. Then bury Shifty Schiff & put him on trail and let Rep. Collins cross examine him. Make him feel the burn. I yes truly hate. & I mean hate Dems.

  2. THE Lying evil democRAT swamp rats will LIE, CHEAT AND FABRICATE A CRIME to take down President Trump… They do NOT care about this country or the American people… they are so EXTREMELY CONSUMED WITH NOTHING BUT HATE….they threaten witnesses to say what they want them to.. they twist things to fit their lies…
    They ALL need to be removed from office … They know they can’t legally beat President Trump at the ballot box… DemocRAT swamp rats are the ONLY ones who are dividing this country with the poisoning of the minds of those on the left who are so stupid that they listen to their garbage… The democRAT swamp rats have been attacking President Trump since day one of taking office.. THEY HAVE NEVER GIVEN PRESIDENT TRUMP A CHANCE…
    God Bless President Trump for all the hard work he is doing and has done for the American people and the country, inspite of all the hateful lying attacks by the democRAT swamp rats

    • Ditto right on wish THOSE people that hate trump, talking about regular people. Of yhei would quit listening to sound bites. Instead of hating trump take their energy and do your homework. Search for whats true and whats not. You will be surprised.
      HOW MANY PEOPLE WANT THE GOVERNMENT IN THEIR HOME, WORK PLACE BEDROOM (YEP) run our entire life?If people follow the dems thats what their gonna get. Once the votes are cast no turning back if dems get elected guess what? WERE ALL F???
      suggestion look at what’s now beung said about the impeachment hearings, dems evidently threatened him, he ended up telling the truth after all. DEMS are pissed ok see summary
      1. Hilary tried cheating to get elected president. With cheating she could not win. That’s funny
      2. Day of or days before calling for yrump to be impeached, and he wasn’t sworn in it . Hmmm
      3. Mueller investigation goes into high gear to get and prove trump is working for Russians, he’s an agent, he obstructed, and committed colustiin ( grr sp)
      4. Fbi, CIA, attn general lied, tried falsely accusing people, threatened peeps, false for a warrant
      5. Mueller investigation over TRUMP NON GUILTY, find out Mueller mentally not all there and he’s not the one running the investigation
      6. Dems are going nuts, all but jumping off he bridge now theur thinking whst can we do.to set trump up, plant fake evidence, intimidate people, now, their logic tells themselves if theur pulling the strings making all decisions. By them controlling its a fur sure win, trump out.
      7. Impeachment hearing trymp is now accused of different things, it changed daily their trying to get testimonies to fit their narrative on impeaching trump. BIG BOMB!! it blew up in dems face. Egg is all over them.
      8. The GEM dems are dumb now thet think, were GONNA impeach trump anyway, the dems figute they still cannt lose.

      I’m sorry for wrting so much bit thays for those that have to kept up. There is a ton more info for proof someone should do their homework!!

  3. When a person make a false accusation against another person it should be treated as the same as what they are accusing him of. If they say rape and it is proven to be a malicious or not to not be true or they don’t file formal charges with the police then they should be sentenced as the man would have been charged with rape. These political fanatics who will do anything to gain power need to be stopped and prosecuted.

  4. Sondland has to be threatened by the democrats, because he couldn’t lie for them . The President didn’t do anything illegal. Other presidents have done worst things especially Obama .

  5. The Demwits are getting so predictable and unimagintive that the average street person can write their next script. And the horror of it all is that their some Americans believe them. The sad part is that there will be no punishment handed out in the end for all the lawlessness.

  6. Somebody needs to get to the bottom of all this, Sondland flipped from telling one thing to another and now out of no where he gets Ford style attacked. Somebody needs to sit him down and find out why he changed his mind so fast and tried to do Schiffs bidding. All three women need to be put under oath too to find out who talked to them also.

    • EXACTLY… They know they can’t beat Trump at the ballot box, so they have to LIE, CHEAT AND FABRICATE CRIMES to try and take him down… People on the left best wake up before they allow the democRAT swamp rats to destroy our country and the American people…

  7. So what is new? The number one rule of the Progressive Socialists and Communist around the world is: “If you can’t beat them destroy them.” This is exactly what the Progressive Socialist Communist Infanticide Democrat party has been utilizing for over 5 years now, and some people and news media will never stop. Unless they are stopped!

  8. These Dems are the perfect example of mass brainwashing and their “leaders” the most corrupt & vile scum on the earth. They have been doing this for decades like the Clinton’s and getting away with it.

  9. I think it much more likely that trump is the one who has arranged for Sondland to be accused of assault as a way of keeping him in line.

    • You are WRONG… Why would he do that… it’s the democRAT swamp rats that are spreading their hate and vicious lies… and have been since Day one…
      You should stop listening to the lying media

    • Trump doesn’t have to resort to liberal behavior to “keep anyone in line”. He has no problem firing someone if he has doesn’t like the job they are doing. The very fact that you would make this statement tells me that you know absolutely nothing about Trump or who he really is. You just listen to fake news and run with it, too lazy or scared to look for the truth.


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