WARNING: Muslim Gang Caught With Sick Plan For Women Drivers. Warn Your Loved Ones.

May 14, 2017 9:12 am  

(Angry Patriot) – A terrifying new plan ensures that no one is safe from rampant Muslim gangs. We need to remain vigilant, patriots.

Police are warning women in Stockport, England, to lock their doors because gangs of Muslims are targeting women driving alone at night. (via The Telegraph)

Several women reported that they were targeted when they stopped at red lights. While these women would wait for the traffic light to turn green, multiple Muslim men would attempt to force their way into the vehicle.

Several women have turned to the police for help. Police are investigating the incidents, and have asked for witnesses to come forward.

Cala Grant, one of the victims, described the attack on Facebook. She explained that she parked at a stoplight, as she usually does, when a man, who appeared to be crossing the street, darted to her door.

He attempted to pull the door open. Before Cala could react, another man appeared out of nowhere and attempted to open her passenger door.

“Luckily my doors were locked so I just raced off through a red light and nearly got hit by another driver in the process.” Cala explained on Facebook. “I am ok although shaken up!”

In another incident, a man jumped in front of a moving vehicle, forcing the driver to stop. As soon as she stopped, two other men appeared from behind her car and attempted to open the car doors.

Luckily, this victim’s doors were also locked. Other reports have started to flood in. As of now, it seems that no attempts to gain entry to a car using these methods have been successful. It’s unknown what the Muslim gangs would do if they were able to break into a vehicle, but we do know that only women have been targeted.

“She was absolutely terrified, and I think people need to be warned,” said another victim’s mother in the same Telegraph report, “Aquinas College is nearby where there are hundreds of kids, many of them drive but probably don’t have new cars that have self-locking doors… I feel threatened myself and worried for my girls.”

Muslim immigrants are becoming more audacious as their numbers start to swell in European countries. The women of Europe have become increasingly vigilant in protecting themselves, but as a result, Muslim men are developing new tactics to harm them.

It is only a matter of time until Muslim gangs bring this tactic to America. Tell all the women you know to lock their vehicle doors while driving!


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