Warning: The Democrats’ Sinister Plan To Destroy Religious Liberty As We Know It

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(TeaParty.org) – Since the Democrats regained the majority in the House last week, they’ve been making a lot of noise about Trump’s tax returns, impeachment, and the Russia investigation.

But make no mistake, they have other plans as well, some with much further reaching implications.

The Family Research Council, as well as Ernest Istook, have recently voiced a dire warning that our nation’s sacred protections for religious liberty may soon be under a ruthless attack.

The FRC explained recently that the Democrats are seeking to adopt a provision that would effectively make religious liberty inferior to things like abortion rights, gay marriage, homosexuality, and protections for transgender people.

“The world that Chai Feldblum envisioned will have finally arrived. Asked what should happen when religious liberty clashed with the LGBT agenda, Obama’s EEOC chief said she’d have ‘a hard time coming up with any case in which religious liberty should win,’” FRC wrote.

Istook recently penned an opinion piece in the Washington Examiner explaining that 50 House Democrats are co-sponsoring a bill to gut the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, a provision protecting the constitutional rights of people of faith signed into law 25 years ago.

“That brought the total to 172 House Democrats, a solid majority of their party, who now support H.R. 3222. They are ready to undo RFRA as a prominent part of the agenda as their party takes control of the House,” Istook explained.

H.R. 3222, he warns, would render religious freedom void whenever they conflict with the LGBTQ, abortion, or any other progressive agenda.

“Pushing this are progressive groups which claim that religious beliefs are just a cover for discrimination, bigotry, and hate.”

The Religious Freedom Restoration Act was signed into law by Bill Clinton in 1993 after being passed near-unanimously in Congress, with only three dissenting votes. It stipulates that federal laws and policies cannot be used to restrict any individual’s free religious exercise unless the government can provide a compelling justification to do so.

Istook explains that, for 25 years, this law has served to protect people of faith from seeing their sacred rights infringed by the government.

H.R. 3222, sponsored by Rep. Joe Kennedy, is coupled with S. 2918, sponsored by Sen. Kamala Harris make up the Dems plans to undermine the RFRA, but don’t seek to repeal it out of fear of backlash.

Instead, under the label of “Do No Harm,” these bills would “create a long list of policies and priorities to which RFRA does not apply.”

“In short, an explicit constitutional right would be declared less important than other claims never mentioned in the Constitution and often not even legislated by elected officials,” Istook explains.

“This repeal-in-all-but-name of RFRA, according to advocates, also will reverse the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby and Masterpiece Cakeshop decisions. Endorsing groups include the American Civil Liberties Union, Americans United for Separation of Church and State, the Human Rights Campaign, Center for American Progress, Lambda Legal, NAACP, NARAL, National Center for Transgender Equality, National Organization of Women, and Planned Parenthood.”

FRC made not that, on RFRA’s quarter-centennial, its future is now at serious risk.

“Will it make it to 26? House Democrats are doing everything it can to ensure it doesn’t.”

“‘Spend much time in secular progressive circles,’ David French writes, ‘and you’ll quickly encounter the kind of sneering, anti-Christian elitism evident in pieces such as the recent New Yorker creed against Chick-fil-A. But this culture is fundamentally at odds with the lived experience of the Democratic party’s black and Latino base.’ In their beliefs, Pew Research Center warned earlier this year, ‘nonwhite Democrats more closely resemble Republicans than white Democrats.’ That’s significant – not just because it creates tension in the Democratic Party, but, as French points out, ‘to the extent that faith informs politics, it could crack open the progressive coalition,’” the organization continues.

The Democrats are entirely responsible for their own mess, FRC asserts.

“They’ve had to become hostile to public faith because it acknowledges a moral standard. And when you embrace policies that are antithetical to the stated values of any orthodox religion – like same-sex marriage or abortion – there’s only one way to reconcile it. You get rid of faith – or, at the very least marginalize it.”