Wall Street Journal Threatens Republican Voters? Declares ‘Trump Won’t Win Another Election’

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – The “fake news media” strikes again as they tout that “Trump won’t win another election.” This ridiculous statement comes from the Wall Street Journal. And who owns this media outlet? Yes, that’s right, none other than Fox News; and we all know the path down which they have trodden.

This is bullying in its finest form as the news outlet has taken it upon themselves to make sure that certain states know that their voices and votes will never count toward being able to choose their preferred candidate ever again.

With the unprecedented voter fraud that was this last election – fraud which was and still is being covered for by The Wall Street Journal – it has apparently been decided that the political career, for which Trump so brilliantly and selflessly took upon himself, is over.

“Mr. Trump may run again, but he won’t win another national election. He lost re-election before the events of 6 January, and as president his job approval never rose above 50%,” said the Wall Street Journal’s editorial board.

“He may go on a revenge campaign tour, or run as a third-party candidate, but all he will accomplish is to divide the centre-right and elect Democrats. The GOP’s defeats in the two 5 January Georgia Senate races proved that.”

They went on to say, “The country is moving past the Trump Presidency, and the GOP will remain in the wilderness until it does too.”

These types of statements are gaslighting tactics and the efforts these fake news companies take are disingenuous and divisive. One such example is as follows:

“By all accounts Mr. Trump is angry about his election defeat, and he is lashing out at anyone who won’t indulge his hopeless campaign to overturn it. … Mr. Trump’s narcissism isn’t news. But if Republicans lose the two Georgia seats and their majority, Republicans across the country should know to thank Mr. Trump for their 2021 tax increase,” the WSJ claimed.

Trump’s time in office helped to expose just how corrupt the Republican Party has become and how globalist agendas have taken a front seat. These people are bent on the destruction of America and will stop at nothing to promote and instill it. The fighting within the GOP will be something to watch as we forge ahead.

As we move on to setting our sights on upcoming primaries and election seasons, this type of language and baseless claims do nothing to move our country in the right direction; a direction that must pivot back to that of what our Constitution set forth.

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  1. THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT, and those who don’t admit it are absolute naïve fools and are set for a rude awakening. This is a communist takeover of the country. When did Fidel Castro relinquish power to some other candidate? Why does Xi Jingpin think that he can remain in power until he dies? When has the Kim Jong dynasty ever allowed free and fair elections in North Korea? HELLO?!! Now we have learned that Maduro used the same Dominion machines to rig the elections in his favor time and time again. Nope, Trump won’t be President in 2024 and neither will be anybody that the current communist regime considers an enemy. They own the House, the Senate and the White House, brace yourselves for the packing of the Supreme Court.

  2. Do not go by viewership / ratings percentages as US corporate media prefers to report things. Dig deeper and look at the hard viewership numbers, which are steadily declining. Example: CNN, in a nation of some 330 million people, can barely scratch 700k viewers during some of their best primetime hours. By their own numbers this makes them FRINGE, a reality they must constantly work very hard now to hide. March 31st, as in the end of next month, will mark the end of CNN’s “Airport Network” monopoly because they simply cannot afford to keep it going anymore. Go ahead, do a DuckDuckGo dot com search for “CNN Airport Network ending” and see some of the articles for yourself if this is news to you.

    Bye-bye fake news CNN “Airport Network”, countless American travelers will not be missing you in the slightest!

    Oh, and when was the last time any of you actually bought a newspaper anyway? 🙂

  3. The WSJ and FOX NEWS have both gone down the wrong path, I never bothered to read the WSJ and i have STOPPED WATCHING FOX NEWS and i try to avoid buying products that sponsor them, They have killed the golden calf that made them WHAT THEY ONCE WERE, Now they are just another LIBERAL RAG news agency that is not worth paying any attention to. TRUMP 2024.

    • I stopped watching all news, but Trump’s best work is to get the House and the Senate back and force that idiot McConnel to step down. The biggest problem we all face though is Pelosi. I call her Madame Pelosi Maduro.

  4. The media have painted President Trump with a hatefulness which is imprinted and parroted by the non thinking in our population. The why is not hard to understand. The “ruling class” as they think of themselves have bled the American people for decades. Under President Trump the government worked FOR the American people. Now with the political mafia in charge again the government works AGAINST the American People attempting to remove all reminders of the American dream of a serving government. They are afraid of the reawakening of the same hopes of the people that fought for our country’s independence, who studied the forms of government in history, the ideas of the enlightenment period and worked to form a structure of government in which the government was for the People and by the People and was not just a mirage, a pipe dream, but could be a reality, that the government is to work for the people, not against them.

    This is a terrifying, fearful idea for the Biden administration. The record of their corruption tell the story of their disregard for those they are suppose to be serving. The only way they could regain control is to steal it from the People which they did.

    • Biden is Obama’s puppet. Everyone should push that narrative. Also, the biggest threat comes from Pelosi. She’s become Madame Pelosi Maduro. Everyone should push that narrative.

  5. The people of this country for the most part are not stupid. They see a mentally declining man put as a puppet in office while members of an established political mafia tear down this country piece by piece.

    • O, I agree with you that the AMERICAN PEOPLE are not stupid(AT LEAST MOST OF THEM) The problem is that most dont seem to care anymore they have lost complete confidence in our system of government and our JUDICIAL SYSTEM is A total mess. The only thing that will ever change anything is for the people to wake up and start to clean up our country and we cant do that by electing the most corrupt people we can find to vote for. THE SWAMP IS MUCH DEEPER THAN MOST OF US EVEN REALIZE. The damage JOE BIDEN is doing now and the MESS he leaves behind may be unrepairable. We may have to tear it all down and start over and that means getting rid of those that comprise the swamp by removing them from office and that means both sides of the political aisle.

    • You’re wrong. Enough people from this country elected Obama. Twice. And now we’re looking at his Third term. He’s pulling all the strings along with Madame Pelosi Maduro. She’s currently the biggest visible threat. SHE IS MADURO’S SISTER, AND SOROS’ NIECE!

  6. I do not know why people keep talking about what they will accomplish in future elections with the fraud machines and China selecting our presidents , and congress people. Until this sham of a process is exposed and corrected meaning the people of this country that are still alive and are of age and are voting in their state not other states and voting only once AND OUR ENEMIES ARE NO LONGER VOTING VIA THE INTERNET IN OUR ELECTIONS this topic is a fools conversation. Biden is NOT THE LEGAL president. China elected him.

    • Yes, Yes. China unleashed the virus to get Trump out of the way. And they undoubtedly colluded with Pelosi and Obama. Madam Pelosi Maduro is now the biggest threat.

  7. I do not know what poison pot these news people, and I say call them “news with tongue in cheek, get their air head ideas. Do you think they have a direct line to the office of the father of lies?

    • KEVIN, Your comment reminds me of a comment made by some members of the U.S. SENATE years ago when several of them stated that JOE BIDEN was not the smartest person serving in congress, Well
      it seems he has not improved in the area of intelligence.The problem we have now is that he is in a much more important position and his actions are causing much more harm to us and the country.


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