#WalkAway – Lifelong Democrat Rips Up His Democrat Voter Registration Card, Registers As Republican And Will Vote For Trump

(Gateway Pundit) – Bill, a lifelong Democrat decided to walk away from the Democrat party because they have moved too far left and he can no longer support them.

“Bill just walked into our office and told me he is a life long Democrat but that the party has moved so far left that he can longer support them,” Christopher, the VP for ‘Students for Trump’ at Arizona State University tweeted.

“He ripped up his Democratic voter registration card and I just registered him to vote as a Republican!” he added.

Democrat voters across the country are fed up with the Democrat party’s corruption and radical far left agenda.

A Democrat voter in Alabama recently called in to a CSPAN program as Nadler and his lawless colleagues were in session debating impeachment articles and said he is so “disgusted” with Democrats that he will be voting for Trump in 2020.

“After watching the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, that was the most disgusting thing I’ve seen,” the caller named Jason said.

“And now we have this impeachment crap,” he added.

“My party has now made me a Democrat for Trump. I’m going to back Donald Trump all the way,” he said.

How many other ‘Jasons’ and ‘Bills’ are out there?



  1. Judging by the ‘Left’s’ actions on Trump hat and tee shirt wearers. And, conduct outside his rallies. I think it’s safe to say there’s a whole lot of folks who won’t say ‘I’m voting for Trump’, but will do so. I’m thinking there’s a large number of them in the minority communities. That see the benefits they’ve gotten, not wanting to have abuse by saying so…..The ‘Left’ has driven supporters underground, as it was with Brexit, and our 2016 vote….I believe that’s further supported by these polls that make no sense in this economy, showing favorable for Democrat candidates against Trump…..The ‘Left’ may have ‘useful fools’, but also many who are not dumb enough to shoot themselves in both feet….jmho


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