VP Pence Releases Statement Saying He Won’t Block Biden’s Electors — Patriots Are Furious!

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – Just ahead of the certification of the Electoral College votes in a joint session of Congress, Vice President Mike Pence released a statement declaring that he would not block any of Joe Biden’s electors, a move that President Donald Trump had been urging him to do frequently over the last few days.

Gateway Pundit reports that Trump gave a speech on Wednesday, in D.C., where he repeatedly urged Pence to step up to the plate, fulfill his duty, and defer the certification of Biden’s votes in states where the election results are being contested, sending them back to state legislatures.

But instead of helping out the man who helped get him into the White House, Pence buckled under the pressure he was facing from other forces inside and outside of the government. Folks, this is a huge disappointment. We all believed that Pence would have Trump’s back no matter what, but that’s apparently not the case.

“It is my considered judgement that my oath to support and defend the Constitution constrains me from claiming unilateral authority to determine which electoral votes should be counted and which should not,” Pence said in his statement.

President Trump is no doubt extremely disappointed in the lack of a backbone exhibited by his vice president. The whole world seems to be against him. The radical left in our country has found numerous ways to effectively assault Trump and his administration, inside and out, and his list of allies has always been incredibly small.

However, Pence was always a name that was on that list. But when it came time for the rubber to hit the road, he didn’t show up to the fight to have the president’s back. This reveals a lot about Pence’s character. It demonstrates a lack of commitment to what the administration was trying to accomplish.

Pence will likely regret this decision later, especially if he has any future political endeavors he’d like to engage in, which he probably does. Perhaps a 2024 presidential bid? Well, he’s not going to have the support of the Trump crowd anymore after not standing up against voter fraud. That may make the difference between success and failure in the future.

The vice president will have a lot to answer for. There’s no doubt folks will definitely send questions his way on why he made this decision for many years to come.

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  1. It is sad that Pence did not have the backbone of a patriot. His political career is over! By not stepping up to bat for G-d and country he is allowing the scoundrels to get away with massive cheating and endangering our Republic. We need a strong third party backing President Trump. Rinos are bad and possibly worse than demorats!

  2. Surely Pence and his family were threatened by the evil, radical left. He could be suicided or his family killed. That’s how the democrats get their way. Think of how many they have “silenced” or forced to do their bidding. However a true patriot doesn’t back down. Very disappointed in a man I truly admired. God bless Trump.

    • Pence knows how the Clinton /Obama crime syndicate works against Americans. Life means nothing to them …..

  3. Well, the cock roaches are climbing out the the decaying wood where they have been hiding, out of the wood work including the fair weather republicans who just wanted the lime light but none of the responsibility.
    Lindsey Graham and Joe Manchin along with the other integrity bankrupt people are read y to stab the best president and his family, we have had since Reagan, in the back.

    And this is the low kind of character put in charge who will lick the dirty boots of the shadow slime factories.

  4. You’re the lowest of the swamp creatures. You sold out our country. You should be arrested and charged with treason and sedition. You broke your oath to the constitution.

  5. People, keep in mind, if VP Pence didn’t go along with the electoral votes, he would have put himself in the same position that President Trump is in. If Pence fought and lost, I’m reasonably confident that the Congress could have him removed. He is the only barrier between the liberals and President Trump of having him impeached and removed from office. Trump couldn’t run again in 2024.

  6. Burn in hell Pence along with your treasonous comrades!!! My late father, a LTC in the US Army, fought against socialism – yet you allowed it in by the fall of a gavel!!!!

  7. FOLKS, It not just MIKE PENCE take a serious look at how your SENATORS and HOUSE MEMBERS VOTED, MY SENATOR voted for confirmation of the ELECTORAL VOTES even after she said she would not, I contacted her to let her know that I would no longer vote for or support her in future elections, I informed that IF THERE WAS CORRUPTION and FRAUD in this election that by her vote to confirm we the American people will never know the truth, No judge or court system will even touch this after the Senate and House confirmed the votes so therefore the doorway to the truth has now closed and because of the lack of courage by our elected officials. Im not saying BIDEN did not win i am saying there will always be a question mark beside his name. TRUTH DOES MATTER BUT APPARENTLY NOT TO OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS.I personally am ok with the will of the American people being carried out thats why i served this country. No one condons what happened in the CAPITOL BUILDING and those responsible should be prosecuted but that should not have swayed the outcome of the votes. that was the excuse my SENATOR USED to JUSTIFY HER CHANGE IN HER VOTE. WAS IT A FAIR AND HONEST ELECTION? WE WILL NEVER KNOW BECAUSE THE SEARCH FOR TRUTH WAS DENIED TO US THE PEOPLE.

  8. just more proof they go into politics to get rich through bribes and payola then to help America TERM LIMITS WILL HELP KEEP OUT SOME OF THE CORRUPT

  9. It ia interesting that the criminals who stole the 2020 election to put their mentally declining person and the morally corrupted Harris into the position to steal the election TOLD US WHAT THEY WERE GOING TO DO AND BIDEN CONFESSED HOW THEY WERE GOING TO DO IT yet the VP, so concerned about complying to a narrow interpretation of his constitutional authority enabled the criminal coup. Interesting!

    They told us what and how they would steal, and they allowed the theft to happen.

  10. It is not a matter of having President Trump’s back it is a matter of having the People’s back. He enabled a fake election to take our country, But there were many fake congress people fake governors and fake legislatures who assisted Mike Pence. The country is no longer a Constitutional government. We are no longer a country of laws. We are no longer America, land of the free. We have no longer the ability to chose our leaders. They are chosen by the liars, the deceivers, and the corruptors and the votes are cast by the forged ballots, the dead, the non-citizen and stolen identities . This is a false government forced on the people of the former country of America.

    • Lindsey Graham and the other in congress in their condemnation forget to condemn the falseness of the states corrupted elections that all of us can see. These spineless substandard congress people enabled the violation of our constitution by the people who put a non- elected by the people mentally declining Biden and a morally corrupted Harris in power over out country with fake election results. The truth is this administration is illegitimate and without the legitimate authority under the constitution. But that does not matter to them.

  11. “The vice president will have a lot to answer for. There’s no doubt folks will definitely send questions his way on why he made this decision for many years to come.”
    Pence will be answering for this the rest of his political life.
    Pence’s brand new middle name is “done”.


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