Virginia Democrats Push Legislation to Make Criticism of Government Officials a Criminal Offense

(BLP) – In the wake of the Virginia gun rights rally on Monday, Democrats in the Capitol are not slowing down their push for tyranny. They are moving a bill through the legislature that would effectively criminalize dissent against Governor Blackface Northam and other state government officials.

House Bill 1627 was introduced by Delegate Jeffrey M. Bourne last week. The legislation “provides that certain crimes relating to threats and harassment may be prosecuted in the City of Richmond if the victim is the Governor, Governor-elect, Lieutenant Governor, Lieutenant Governor-elect, Attorney General, or Attorney General-elect, a member or employee of the General Assembly, a justice of the Supreme Court of Virginia, or a judge of the Court of Appeals of Virginia.”

Language in the bill explicitly criminalizes free speech, in what would constitute a blatant attack on the 1st Amendment of the Constitution.

“If any person, with the intent to coerce, intimidate, or harass any person, shall use a computer or computer network to communicate obscene, vulgar, profane, lewd, lascivious, or indecent language, or make any suggestion or proposal of an obscene nature, or threaten any illegal or immoral act, he is guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor,” the legislation reads.

The legislation makes it clear that the above provision applies directly to “the Governor, Governor-elect, Lieutenant Governor, Lieutenant Governor-elect, Attorney General, or Attorney General-elect, a member or employee of the General Assembly, a justice of the Supreme Court of Virginia, or a judge of the Court of Appeals of Virginia,” which means this legislation effectively criminalizes dissent against public officials.

Tina Freitas, wife of Republican Delegate Nick Freitas, called attention to this intolerable act in a Facebook post on Tuesday night.

“Wow on cue, now they are after the 1A! Dems are trying to set up special rules exclusive to the Elite ruling class, to protect themselves from criticism!” Freitas wrote.

“What is considered harassment? Is Governor Infanticide/KKK Hood trying to avoid being held accountable? Are we no longer allowed to demand justice for the alleged rape victims of LG Fairfax? This is some straight up communist censorship!” she added.

Virginia Democrats were not detracted by the gun rights rally on Monday in the slightest. They moved red flag laws through the legislature just a day later, and subsequently killed pro-gun bills that were introduced by Republicans.

“The governor and the leadership of the democrats have declared war on law-abiding citizens and gun owners and their votes today just confirmed that that’s where we’re going,” said Philip Van Cleave, President of Virginia Citizens Defense League.

Virginia patriots may have to continue organizing locally, with Sheriffs deputizing local patriots and constitutional militias being trained, as a bulwark against the treasonous usurpers leading the state legislature.


  1. please read online free: “Iron Curtain Over America” by Col. John Owen Beaty. The good patriotic Col. was in Army Intelligence during WW2 his book is well documented filled with undisputable facts. The facts are nauseating as he proves how the government was rife with Communists, a great many of our soldiers died because of these Vermin, these same Vermin prolonged the war, they also stopped Patton and MacArthur from doing their jobs, Most of us knew Roosevelt was pro-Communist but it seems few know that Truman was just as bad. He did MacArthur as dirty as any Communist by withholding aid to our troops. MacArthur was a devout Christian another reason he was maligned by the controlled MSM. Read the book before it’s taken down.

  2. Don’t be obtuse – READ the bill. It DOESN’T APPLY unless the speaker
    1. uses obscene, vulgar, profane, lewd, lascivious, or indecent language,
    2. makes a suggestion or proposal of an obscene nature, or
    3. threatens an illegal or immoral act.
    Anyone who can’t make their point without resort to such uncivil behavior needs to understand that they are acting like an unsavory democrat from Detroit.
    If you state your case in CIVIL terms, then this law CAN’T TOUCH YOU.

    • And who gets to decide what exactly is considered civil? You either have free speech or you don’t. There is no in between.

    • Knowing what these ideologues are about, do you really believe what you’re posting here? what is the definition of civil? The vast majority of people that would criticize public officials have proven they already keep it civil in the true meaning of the word, civil discourse to me means no threats, no vulgar words, no curse words. or using words that Jesus would approve of, you can bet that proverbial farm that this bill has some trickery in the wording to stifle free speech

    • You are woefully stupid if you THINK that this particular”camels nose” isn’t the first step of MANY more to shut YOU up and take away YOUR right to defend yourself! So a RAISED voice can be pretty damn useful, you need to rethink your idiocy buddy!

  3. Time to ‘TAKE OUT’ this Socialist/Communist trash. Voting will never succeed in removing these seditious metastasizing malignant tumors, growing in the bowels of governance in VA, CA, NY and so-o-o-o many other blue states. American patriots have the means, the will and the motivation to permanently end this domestic terrorism and treasonous insurrection. This communist mobilization train must be stopped BEFORE IT LEAVES THE STATION … by any and all means necessary!

  4. “Velcome to the Mother state of the Rushka Virginia.” You people in Virginia really voted for these power hungry dictatorial goons? It’s time for a massive recall.

  5. BS! They are there to represent us not other way around. Criticism they should aspect when going against the American citizens local state and feds. They are pathetic they work for us they have it all wrong. They should do a massive recall in VA.

  6. They’ve all gone crazy !! Every single Demoncrat Politicians Have Lost Their Minds & Paranoid to Boot!!! Remember to Vote And Vote Them out Of Power!! You The People , Legal Americans Have The Power Not The Democrats!!

  7. Idiot virginians ..U people r so stupid U r putting ur heads under the guillitin urself Spcialism has killed 100 million people in the last 95 years 24 million in russia in 1922 tens of millions in china in 1949 to 1961 cambodia 5 million in 1970 and many more

  8. Bill 1627 (as noted above), introduced by Delegate Jeffrey M. Bourne, says that “If any person, with the intent to coerce, intimidate, or harass any person, … he is guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor.” I guess that is why Tina Freitas, wife of Republican Delegate Nick Freitas was allowed to call attention to this intolerable act online. The nitwit’s law says “he” but not “she” or any of the other 40+ genders. And I thought that an attorney who graduated from the College of William and Mary would know better.

    Actually, we wouldn’t have ever thought about being uncivil toward our government officials except that we have had extensive training over these last three years from the like of Rep. Maxine Waters and many other violent Democrat/Socialist anti-Trumpers who taught us all sorts of coercion, intimidation, and harassment of public officials whom we don’t like. In fact, from a Representative from Detroit I learned that it is okay to refer to our governor and say that we should recall the MFer.

    We have to fear Delegate Jeffrey M. Bourne because he is also a deputy attorney general for the state of Virginia. But we must go back to the flag of the Great Commonwealth of Virginia and remind them of the words: “Sic semper tyrranis!”

  9. Criticizing our government officials is a age old and accepted past time of every citizen. Only a communistic authoritarian government whould even propose any penalty at all for those who exercise their right to bad mouth government officials. These new dems are extremely dangerous to our freedoms. Just last week a Bernie Sanders official suggested reeducation camps for Trump supporters. This is unheard of in America to punish political freedom.

  10. The dumbest democrats are sick. They are tyrants and want to rule you. If you let let them,this country I’ll be like n Korea , a dictatorship.

  11. As you goose-step in to see Northam or Fairfax, stretch out your arm and salute “Heil, Northam !!!”. This is the VERY same kind of laws that were enacted during the NAZI regime. Read your history and learn that thing that went around will come around again. What in the hell did these a$$holes think was going to happen when they went after folks’ guns??? Virginia, you can control this at the BALLOT BOX.

  12. We will defend the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic and the leadership in Virginia has shown they are domestic enemies as they try to dismantle the constitution. Whatever happens they deserve. I hope the president who took the same oath realizes they are domestic enemies and deal with them appropriately. If you have to send in the military to take them down, so be it.

  13. Oh my GOD!!! If ANY American doesn’t see that the LEFT IS THE COMMUNIST PARTY they are extremely naïve. This is NOT RUSSIA and NEVER WILL BE!! Perhaps the good people of Virginia will realize if they can’t steal your guns, they will go after another and another of OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS!!! Wake up America, if we DON”T STOP THIS NOW, it’s only the beginning of the end of OUR country. VOTE THESE EXTREMELY DANGEROUS COMMUNISTS OUT!!! I’m soooo happy I left the Dems for the 2016 elections

  14. Hitler would be so proud! ALL of Virginias legislators, from the governor on down, who “back” this idiotic and unlawful (because of the Constitution), acts of tyranny and blatant disrespect for Federal laws (in and of the Constitution) should be arrested, taken into custody, and held before a TRIAL of HONEST, PATRIOTIC, citizens, and face the consequences of being found guilty, and either face a firing squad or hanging..or life in prison! Not only as a lesson to THEM and others, like them, with their evil thoughts of taking over this country, so that hopefully others will not try to do it as well. AND, evil doers in other countries who hate America will take notice and beware what will and can happen if THEY decide to try something themselves, if coming to this country. BUT…something MUST be done to STOP this craziness being perpetrated by the SOCIALIST, COMMIE, LIBERAL, Democrats! They are full of so much HATE! They NEED to be taken down! Good, Honest, Democrats just simply do not exist ANYMORE! They are sick, dillussional, demented individuals and for the most part, are sheep!

  15. If in VA, I would challenge immediately in the courts. Call Judicial Watch or ACLJ (constitutional lawyers) to bring this case to court. What they are doing is unconstitutional and elected officials who refuse to obey the laws of this land must be removed from office according to our codes. At the very least their legislation will be struck down.

  16. This proves beyond a doubt the Democrats have officially turned into Communists. Government officials trying to protect themselves from criticism are also closing themselves off to any new ideas when an accepted idea stops working.

  17. Russia and China among other countries lock up citizens, beat them up, use tear gas, rubber bullets and even real bullets on people who speak against the government.
    In America, these Democrats may have forgotten we have Freedom of Speech? Do
    our soldiers need to be used in America to correct these decisions that are against our Constitution and Bill of Rights which guarantee Our Freedoms?

  18. If in VA I would challenge them to a court battle since what they are doing is a illegal and a federal felony. They would lose their stand and their legislation would be struck down. I would contact Judicial Watch and the ACLJ immediately to proceed against them in court.. Prosecution should follow for threatening citizens with criminal charges and denying citizens their rights. They can then be removed from office.

  19. Wow. Now another amendment being taken away. Only recourse is to vote them out. They’re trying to shit it down in hopes it will be forgotten by the American people. Remember it not that democrats can keep theirs not republicans. It’s everyone. Remember this democrats. If they get away with it in this state many more are coming. The democrats say nobody is above the law yet they have proven that wrong. Seems only the Democratic Leander’s can break the law. They’ve been caught in lie after lie and still continue. They’re trying to get Trump out because he’s trying to expose them. They’re doing a fine job of exposing themselves in my opinion. This year is the most important vote in history. We will become a communistic country so they can keep their power. VOTE REPUBLICAN. I was democrat before my eyes were woken up.

  20. This goes against everyone’s 1st Amendment rights to speak about anything, let alone a public official who is breaking the law and his oath of office! He needs to be recalled or voted out of office soon as possible. He has also infringe on the 2nd Amendment as well and will pay for his lawlessness probably in court.

  21. Well they are taking VA’s 2nd amendment so why not take their 1st amendment rights as well. You folks in VA need to wake and smell the crap that is democrats and shovel it out east of you. Plenty of nice deep holes out that way.

  22. This should frighten everyone! To me it is a blatant step toward Marxism, Nazi-ism, what ever evil ism you wish to call it. First take away the populations ability to arm itself, then stifle their free speech. Folks, please vote for freedom in the 2020 elections by choosing Red straight down the ticket.

    • But don’t forget that Virginia elections are in 2021 — 2021 is our year to throw them out (it is not an off-year, unimportant election)!!

  23. Go after the 2nd to gut the 1st. Unfortunately, it will take a multitude of lawsuits – footed by the taxpayers of Old Dominion – before these unconstitutional laws are tossed out.

  24. If the voters in Virginia doesn’t start I recall campaign on these treasonous scum, then they deserve what they get. There’s no difference between communism or for that matter fascism. And that’s what they will eventually wind up living under.

  25. This is The United States of America My Friends~ What part of the Constitution is meant in the 2nd Amendment ~ Freedom of Speech ~ Dumb Asses in Politics ~

  26. Its probably a good thing, that the majority of the Democrats socialist, constituents are probably still in the local cemetery ‍♂️‍♂️. I always thought that once you were sworn into office, with your hand on the bible, to “UPHOLD, AND DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION, AND ENSURE that ITS CONSIDERED THE LAW OF OUR LAND?” But somewhere between being sworn in,and assuming that position. They have a lapse in memory, or as usual, its a selective memory. Then push their own agenda down the throats of WE THE PEOPLE, whom are supposed to have the final say so. Americans definitely need to stand up, throughout the United States and take back control of the government, and put it back on track, to what our founding fathers intended it to be. These Mightier than thou, sounds like some out of control king, or wanna be king/ tyrant or dictator..where NOBODY can speak out against them. If they weren’t so politically correct? They might have a beheading feast for those whom speak up against them. This sounds exactly like the tyranny our founding fathers warned us about over 200 years ago. WAKE UP AMERICA!! BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!!

  27. I am a proud Virginian and cannot wait to get these dumb asses noted out!! You will NOT take my guns or deny me FREEDOM OF SPEECH. No wonder kids today need safe spaces; look at the adults that are in charge of the Commonwealth.

    • You can’t wait that long! In 2 years they will do more damage than can be undone. You need to start recalling them. NOW!

  28. Welcome to the new socialist regime of Virginia. Any derogatory remark made towards the leadership of the People’s Republic of Virginia is a crime and will be used against you.

  29. Democrats are out of control! What’s wrong with you people voting these anti-American law breakers into office! Get rid of them before it’s really too late!

  30. People get duped into voting for these ultra-liberal, dictatorial Democrats and when they get elected the foolish voters realize they have made a grave mistake. Unfortunately, they realize their mistake after the fat and much too late. You want oppressive taxation, your rights and freedoms taken away and and influx of illegal aliens coming in? Just keep voting Democratic. Oh, and you better not complain or they will pass laws that send you to jail. If, however, you just assault someone or rob them or or hurt someone, but don’t kill them, you will be released without bail since the Democrats do not want too many people going to jail.

  31. Wait… It’s OK and Peachy Keen to threaten the President of the united States like the so called entertainers have done and that’s OK – HELL NO ITS NOT OK, however exactly what is the SPEACH? Is it an invitation to assassinate them? A Bounty? Or is it just that the pukes on the left are fing snow flakes who dish it out but can’t take it.
    Obama started it, the Dems complained about every Republican President and has charged almost everyone with some crime, – but they escape and get off FREE – Talk to ANTIFA and their Physical Violence first, MOVEON, BLM, CHANGE and the rest and get back with us

  32. They take an oath to protect the Constitution…. they need to be removed for violating this oath! Wake up you Liberal idiots!!!! You voting your right down the drain!

  33. Are these idiots all from the gulag? First, it’s trouble with 2A. And now they have even more trouble with 1A. Where the hell do they think we are Whatever they do, it won’t withstand any legal challenge whatsoever.

  34. Sooooo….if you resist liberals, you’re a criminal??
    Geez….they don’t even have our guns yet and they’re already makeing us slaves.

  35. The democRATS, the majority in VA, have just burned the Constitution. VA voters better wake up or find themselves back in 1775 under the thumb of a tyrannical government.

  36. Scum elected the scum. Time to erase these fraud communists. They are organized and following their plan. We the people are disorganized and think that recalls, fraudulent voting, and peaceful demonstrations will save our republic. They will not. Their mentor, communist Lenin, said all power comes from the barrel of a gun. It’s going to be republic guns versus communist guns boys and girls. Choose sides, and organise. Deal with the seditious traitors as they have been dealt with thru history. Swiftly and decisively.

  37. That is TOTALLY against the 1st Amendment. Any one voting this into law should be REMOVED from office ASAP and PERMANENTLY, hauled away in HANDCUFFS. They were SWORN to uphold the U.S. Constitution. This is ANOTHER serious Violation. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  38. This is just the beginning. If Va. can get away with it it will spread. This is why democrats need to be shut down. They don’t stand behind the Constitution the way it was written because it restricts them of what they really want to do to the country that being turning it into a socialistic tyranny.

  39. IDIOTS, That would be a violation of the First Amendment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you can stand the heat stay out of the kitchen! Ya bunch of commies!

  40. Who the hell do these fools think they are ? Someone needs to tell them they are living in the United States of America, NOT China, Russia or N.Korea. And while you’re at it, let them know that we Americans have this thing called “Freedom of Speech”.
    We have allowed these misfits to believe they should be revered as “gods” and bowed to. They have forgotten they work for us, “We the People”, NOT the other way around.
    Virginia, WAKE UP and pay attention to who you are voting for.

  41. Virginia is where the next civil war will start. It probably won’t be that civil. You cant continue to violate the peopls constitutional rights……morons

  42. VIRGINIA you better wake up, your freedom is at stake If you dont care about your freedom im sure your Govenor and the Democrats you just elected will be more than glad to take your freedom away.

    • Indeed. Looks like the gov’t of Virginia is stepping closer and closer to Socialism, Marxism, what ever ism you want to call it. This should not only anger all Americans, but should also scare their pants off too.

  43. the democrats cheat to get into office then cancel the laws of our land and substitute their own preferences. the are LAWLESS and should be arrested for willfully violating our laws. Now are you going to have me arrested?

    • Recall election now.from this jerkoff piece of walking excrement governor on down. Oceana was my first duty station in 72 and I have visited there a couple of times in the last couple of years.i was amazed at some of the changes both good and bad,but it’s now on my no list of places to go.

    • Hi Patrick Dorris,
      Their real title is P.O.S. aka Pieces Of Sh*#. B ut I guess if I refer to them, “the Governor, Governor-elect, Lieutenant Governor, Lieutenant Governor-elect, Attorney General, or Attorney General-elect, a member or employee of the General Assembly, a justice of the Supreme Court of Virginia, or a judge of the Court of Appeals of Virginia,” which means this legislation effectively criminalizes dissent against public officials, as Toilet Treasures I will not be violating the law. Nah I’ll stick with Pieces of Shit. More appropriate.


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