Exposed: Virginia Dem Candidate’s History As A Leader In A Wiccan Cult

October 29, 2018 10:04 am  

( – Democrats are getting almost predictable.

The weirder and kookier you are, the more likely you are to be toted as the future of the Democratic party.

Lissa Lucas, a Democratic candidate for the West Virginia House of Delegates, gained herself many leftist admirers after a video of her empassioned speech opposing fossil-fuels to the Virgina House of Deligates went viral.

Her campaign website totes her hippie alcolades, explaining she “brews beer, hikes with her rescue dog, takes nature photographs, crochets, and loves to cook.”

What they downplay is that Lucas also spent many years in a Wiccan cult, rising to the position of one of it’s top leaders.

The Daily Caller reports that she was charged with teaching lower-level witches the art of the occult as well as various spells and rituals.

This was no mere dabbling, either, she clearly devoted herself fully to this pursuit, going on to publish two books on the occult under the pen name Llysse Wylle.

Her 2007 book, “The Art of Magic Words,” details her extensive knowledge in the practice of modern witchcraft and explains that Neopaganism first sparked her interest in 1993, before she dove in fully in 2000.

The author bio for the book explains that Wylle/Lucas has “been Pagan for many years and Wiccan for seven. She is a member of the Third Circle of the Tradition of Universal Eclectic Wicca; she also teaches and coordinates its First Circle degree via the Coven of the Far Flung Net.”

“For a number of years, she has studied Chaos and other magical techniques privately, as well as with a small esoteric study society called the Order of the Golden Breath,” it continues.

Well, her study of “Chaos” seems to have led her to the right place: the Democratic party.

Her second book, “Wicca 334: Further Advanced Topics in Wiccan Belief,” “completes the Master Class” begun in her first book as a more advanced textbook on Wicca. The decription explains that it “is designed for the serious student of Wicca interested in covering controversies, debates and injustices within the religion.”

Apparently, she saw fit to apply all this knowledge to…politics.

She hasn’t by any means separated her Wiccan pursuits from her political ones, and still uses her pen name on Facebook and Twitter, using the name @LlysseWylle.

Lucas doesn’t appear to be some kooky outlier in the Democratic party, either, donors have thrown their support behind her to the tune of $90,000 in total.

This is, stunningly, five times the amount received by Republican incumbent Delegate Jason Harshbarger.

Lucas’ Feburary viral video, which resulted in her being forcibly removed from the Virgina House, garnered attention from such major outlets as The New York Times, The Washington Post, and HuffPost.

“I’m a regular person,” Lucas laughably explains on her campain bio page. “just a regular person who got so disgusted with money in politics that, despite being an introvert, I’m running for office.”

Right, just your regular old neighborhood high-ranking Wiccan cult leader.

Of course, to the left, Lucas probably does seem quite normal.

After all, Kyrsten Sinema, who also is openly tied to Wicca, has been enjoying their enthusiastic support in the Arizona Senate race.

And, naturally, Lucas thinks anyone who has an issue with her deep involvement in the occult is just a “religious bigot.”

In an email to the Daily Caller, Lucas whined about her opponents’ attack on her spirituality.

“I think what really bugs me about my opponent’s attacks on my spirituality is that for that kind of attack to be an effective political strategy, he has to have presumed that the people of this district are religious bigots, and they’re just not,” Lucas wrote of Harshbarger.

“I don’t like that he views them that way,” she said of the suggestion that people in her disrict will ruffle at her association with witchcraft. “They’re good, kind, hard-working people who love their neighbors. In small towns and rural areas we love and stand up for each other, period.”

The Daily Caller says she failed to respond to a follow-up email asking if she was still an active Wiccan.

Remember, amid all this kookiness races across the country are still tight. This is a crucial time to make sure the proverbial blue wave doesn’t break.

Get out there and vote folks, early if you can.

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