Virginia: 1,000+ Voters Receive Two Absentee Ballots

(Breitbart) – Over 1,000 Virginia voters who sought an absentee ballot to vote received an additional ballot in the mail, raising further concerns about possible electoral fraud in the November election.

Fox News reports:

Officials blamed the confusion on label printing machines that jammed, erroneously causing some to be duplicated when entire pages were reprinted due to damage to just some of the labels. “Before the supervisors caught it, the people applying the labels applied them to the entire sheet of labels rather than just pulling out the ones that should have been processed,” Fairfax County Registrar Gary Scott told NBC 4 Washington. […]

Fairfax saw the majority of the duplicate ballots, with about 1,000, out of roughly 1,400 across the state. Another 300 were sent to voters in the city of Richmond and 100 in Henrico County, just to the north.

“We knew the Democrats’ many last-minute changes to our election law would make our elections less secure, but no one could imagine voters receiving two ballots,” Virginia Republican Party chairman Rich Anderson said in a statement.

Federal officials are also investigating the discovery of several discarded military ballots cast for President Donald Trump in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania.

“Of the nine ballots that were discarded and then recovered, 7 were cast for presidential candidate Donald Trump,” said the U.S. Attorney’s Office Middle District of Pennsylvania. “Two of the discarded ballots had been resealed inside their appropriate envelopes by Luzerne elections staff prior to recovery by the FBI and the contents of those 2 ballots are unknown.”

Meanwhile, U.S. Postal Service officials are investigating trays of mail discovered in a ditch in Greenville, Wisconsin, on Tuesday. In a statement, the Outagamie County Sheriff’s Office said the three trays were found at 8 a.m. near the Appleton International Airport. A USPS spokesman confirmed to FOX 11 that the mail included absentee ballots.

Speaking to the Washington Examiner, the sheriff’s office said the “mail going to the post office.”

“The United States Postal Inspection Service immediately began investigating and we reserve further comment on this matter until that is complete,” USPS spokesman Bob Sheehan said.


  1. Here we go! The Communist Democrap Party, under the subversive direction of their main monetary and Communist dogma sponsor, George Soros, have begun the process of attempting to STEAL the 2020 election from President Donald Trump! Why we have allowed George Soros to remain in this country is beyond comprehension! We need to REVOKE HIS U.S. CITIZENSHIP NOW AND SEND HIM BACK TO HUNGARY!!! SOROS IS A THREAT TO AMERICA! HE WANTS TO DESTROY THE CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC AND REPLACE IT WITH A CENTRALLY CONTROLLED COMMUNIST POLICE STATE GOVERNMENT WITH HIM IN CHRGE!!! TIME TO GET RID OF SOROS!!!

  2. If this “glitch” was the only one it would be excepted as just a “glitch” but in Virginia voter fraud instances have become a overt pattern. Virginia, starting with Terry McAuilife, has had a significant issue with voter fraud. I saw names on the registrar that had not lived in Virginia for two years and was then living in a nursing home in Maryland. This information did not seem to matter to the registrar. The state legislatur , prior to becoming controlled by the democratic party, voted three times to have the voter rolls cleaned of ineligible voters and the governor vetoed it each time. They refused to provide the voter roles to scrutiny by the President’s committee looking into voting corruption and voting fraud. That lack of cooperation and refusal is telling.

  3. Now this is of interest. I called our voter registar office in Montross. Va and asked where are we to go to vote early. I was told to just come to the office in Montross, but she could send me a mail in ballot. I told her that the mail in ballot was fraught with possibility of fraud and was sorry that it was being promoted. The response set me back in light of all the recent demonstrated evidence which started in the primaries. The person on the other end of the phone snipped , “That is you opinion”. If she is a honorable person, I doubt that she understands or knows what is going on around her. Otherwise she is . . . . .


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