Video: Twitter Shadow-Bans President Trump’s Tweet The Day After Tech Censorship Summit In The White House

(Gateway Pundit) – On Thursday the Trump Administration held its first Tech Censorship Summit in the White House.

Several top conservatives online were invited to attend this historic conference to discuss the elimination of conservative content by big tech organizations like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Apple, etc.

The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft attended the meetings with fellow Pro-Trump publishers and individuals.

Following the public comments by President Trump invited the attendees to join him in the Rose Garden for his comments on the nationality question in the US Census.

Following the President’s comments Sebatian Gorka confronted CNN contributor on his vulgar attacks on the conservative journalists.

President Trump tweeted out his support for Sebastian Gorka on Friday morning.

The president is being shadow-banned by Twitter!

Look at this video that shows Twitter actively removing President Trump likes in real time.

This was THE DAY AFTER the tech censorship summit in the White House.

They remove thousands of likes at a time!

Here are more shots from the tech censorship summit!


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