Video Shows Minneapolis Rioter Demanding “Shoot The White Folks!”

City burns as police stand down.

(Infowars) – A video uploaded to Twitter from the scene of the riots in Minneapolis last night captures the audio of someone demanding the rioters “shoot the white folks.”

Minneapolis was engulfed in absolute bedlam last night as rioters and looters exploited anger of the death of George Floyd to tear apart the city.

Mask-wearing criminals began by ransacking Target before turning their attention to numerous other stores and businesses as police stood down.

The clip shows a group of men cruising around in a car as fires burn around them.

“Shoot the white folks! one woman demands.

So far, targets of violence include Wendy’s, AutoZone, McDonalds and Dollar Tree.

One wonders if the authorities will actually bother to do anything if the looters start fanning out into middle class white neighborhoods.

It’s also important to remember that the violence is not just being incited by black criminals – as the clip below illustrates – white Antifa extremists are also involved.

With the unrest now spreading to Los Angeles, some are fearing a repeat of the L.A. riots which led to 63 people being killed, 12,000 arrests and over $1 billion in property damage.


  1. That confirms what has been alleged, the rioters ARE racist.It just appears that it’s not discrimination against African Americans, but maybe also BY them.

  2. Hey, remember when Michael Obama, I mean Michele Obama said ” White people are still running’ from minority communities.” now you can understand why, Plain and simple.

  3. HEY, remember when Michael.. I mean Michele Obama, said ” White people are ‘still running’ from minority communities”. well there is your answer. plain and simple…..

  4. Solutions? Simple: law and order. No justification for the violence, mob action and destruction that has taken place. This only “feeds the flames.” Where are the leaders, white and black, in the community who take a stand and demand civilized behavior. I am seeing the same old reactions from years passed. Leaders, EARN your pay!

  5. The fools are destroying their own community. The businesses they destroyed will not be able to get property insurance to rebuild and the area will become a burned out wasteland. The politicians will tell the police to stand down if the people riot and loot so why should anyone invest in that area again?

  6. Can you imagine what the MEDIA would say, if somebody was yelling “Shoot all the Black Folks” ? There would be an uproar on every tv station, and all social media, but apparently it is no big deal, for somebody BLACK, to tell the rioters to shoot the white folks ! At this time, there is a real DOUBLE STANDARD in this Country, with the far left liberals defending the most ABHORRENT behavior, I have ever seen ! If we want to restore this Country to what it SHOULD be, we HAVE to vote every single Democrat OUT OF OFFICE .

  7. Lock and LOAD, defend yourself . . . There is NO excuse for this lawlessness. One Wary and DISGUSTED Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  8. Well after burning down their neighborhood and all the stores closed and not going back it will be a decade or more that they have to look at their own demise and say I remember when target was there son but a bunch of us burnt it down and robbed it so now it’s gone that’s why are neighborhood is so poor we chased everyone out

    • That is the truth, they also use ever crisis to move forward with the agenda. I do not know what happened to the real democrat party, but what ever happened its wide open now. We just can’t close our eyes or not be observant until we get this country backon the right track.

  9. All these ANTIFA people students should be charged and brought before the judge to pay full amount of loss and disbarred from finishing college. and put in jail for 25 years each IF WE DON`T DO IT THEY WILL NOT STOP ……….i GO TO COLLEGE HERE IN CHICAGO . WE SO FAR DONOT SEE THESE KINDS OF PEOPLE HERE ……..

  10. If a bunch like this ever comes to my neighborhood, there will be a lot of shooting, okay! They will be carrying people like this out of my neighborhood from face down dead! We would not begin to tolerate this kind of utter nonsense where I live! Black people are the biggest racists in America!

  11. When things like this happen, the worst human beings, get excited , and fan the flames. They are not interested in making things BETTER, only in getting people excited to kill, loot, or damage ! These humans are nearly ALWAYS Democrats In fact, I would not be surprised in the least, if George Soros was behind this rioting !

  12. Let the mfkrs come to TRY loot and set fire to my shit – I guarantee you I’ll have something for em – I would pray that bob would be in front center lol !!!! I’ve got my right to protect myself and property- I wouldn’t have a problem with taking appropriate force !!!

  13. Who’s behind all of this? Where’s the money coming from? Who’s leading all these protests? Follow the money and we’ll get the answer.

    • Are you a fruitcase or what. If you didn’t have white people, this country would go down the tubes immediately. Trust me. You need us. And I think you need to be on some kind of meds. You sound off the rocker.

    • Bob . . . Come on down to my neighborhood you racist S. O. B. You will get a reception like you have never seen before!

    • Well in case you don’t remember the indians tried that and it didn’t go well for them.We could say the same about you black boys.


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