VIDEO: Maxine Waters Gets BRUTAL Dose Of Justice At Her $4.5 MILLION House

May 20, 2017 10:28 pm  

(Angry Patriot) – If it weren’t for double standards, the Left would have no standards at all. People are finally starting to wake up and realize that they are being played like a fiddle.

California Congresswoman Maxine Waters is facing justice in the most BRUTAL fashion at ONE of her mansions. According to KABC, protesters are lining up at her home, and they all seem to be Latinos and members of the black community — there is even a mariachi band! They are all there for one reason; they want Waters to leave her position.

Waters has spent a lot of time preaching that WE need to impeach President Trump. She has made claims all across the liberal talking points board. If we were playing Liberal Talking Points Bingo, we would have won vertically, diagonally, and horizontally twice.

When she isn’t foaming at the mouth at the idea of getting Trump out of office, she spends her time talking about how people need to help the poor. Meanwhile, Waters has made no significant contributions to the poor, racial minorities, she swears need her help. It is strange — almost as if it is one big show.

Featured in the crowd of protesters is Omar Navarro. He ran up against Waters in 2016 and is planning for a 2018 victory. He is one of many that are flat-out sick of her hypocrisy.

“Hashtag Impeach Maxine.’ See, Maxine is talking about impeaching President Donald Trump and yet, she doesn’t ask herself, what about her? What about her not doing her job for 35 years?” asked Navarro.

Navarro has a valid point. When is Waters going to start doing her job? It has been 35 years. You would think that at this point SOME progress would have been made if she was trying, but she isn’t. She is like every other money-grubbing liberal out there.

Her only goal is furthering her agenda and making more money. It is a sad state of affairs we are currently in. We are divided because the Left lost the primary focus of being in the government, making life better and fairer for the AMERICAN PEOPLE!

Waters is not new to scandals. She is currently soaking in hot water due to her claims about the Trump-Russia connection, when SHE has $2.8 million tied up in RUSSIA RIGHT NOW! On top of that, she also has a retirement fund in a Russian bank account. It is odd that she would make this claim when her closet is so full of skeletons that the door is bowing.

We hope that Waters gets the point. NO ONE wants her representing the people in California, or any other state, for that matter. She is a career government official and has proven time and time again that she doesn’t care about the people she is supposed to represent.

The PEOPLE have spoken, WATERS! We are all on to your shady behavior, your lies, and your disregard for anyone but yourself. Leave your position while you still stand a chance at living a normal life.

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