Video of Fed-Up Officer GOING OFF on Celebs and Anti-Cop Crowd Goes Viral for All the Right Reasons

July 14, 2017 1:32 pm  

(BizPac Review) – Video of a police officer going off on celebrities and anti-police protesters is sweeping social media.

Following the murder of New York Police Officer Miosotis Familia, federal officer Martin Green was incensed by the lack of outrage shown by those with the loudest voices whenever a criminal is killed by police.

Not only was there not much of a public show of support for the slain officer, but the New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio left the country the day after the assassination to protest President Donald Trump in Germany.

And a teenager played N.W.A,’s “F**k Tha Police” out his window during Officer Familia’s funeral which was held across the street from his house.

It was all too much for Officer Green.

“Where the hell are all the celebrities now!?” he said in a video shared on Facebook. “Where are all the sports teams wearing NYPD shirts?

“Where are the ‘hands up, don’t shoot’ people? Where are you right now?

“Why is it that every career thug, every career criminal, every piece of garbage low life scum of the earth get the attention when they are shot and killed for breaking the law?” Officer Green said. “When they are shot and killed by the police they become heroes. They’re families become millionaires.”

Officer Green spoke to New York’s WPIX and explained why he made the video.

“When we have a police officer gunned down in the line of duty – there’s no outrage,” he told WPIX. “No one is stepping up for the cops, nobody is looking out for the police and they continue to demonize the cops and that’s an issue as far as I’m concerned.”

He said he understood why groups like Black Lives Matter are angry at police shootings but he wants them to know there is another side of the story.

“But they need to get, people in these neighborhoods in these high-crime neighborhoods, and they need to start getting as aggravated as the police, saying why are these people terrorizing our neighborhoods,” he said.

He wants people who watch the video to know that the police are there for them and are not the enemy.

“The police are out there for everyone – we are not out there for ourselves,” he told WPIX. “It’s a selfless job, it’s a thankless job, we are out there to make a difference, we are out there to help them out.”

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