Video: Brutal Beatdown Near Portland Protest, Police Searching For Suspects

(Gateway Pundit) – As Portland continues its decline into third world s***hole status, stabbings, shootings, assaults, and other crimes are on the rise. That’s in addition to the nightly protests that often devolve into riots.

Early this past Wednesday morning, as the protests were petering out, a horde of protesters took out their angst on some dude, just a few blocks from the Justice Center, where the protests have been centered on.

The wild beatdown was caught on a surveillance video, which was apparently being operated by a person because the camera shifts around to keep up with the action.

We see a dude with a long stick arguing with some other dude. It appears as though the other dude may have had a small handgun. Then a bunch of dudes sucker punch the guy with the stick (cane?). He falls to the ground as others come running into the scene. Several thugs start jumping on the guy, curbstomping him, kicking him several times.

Another person casually strolls along and pops open the back of his minivan. It’s unclear who owns the minivan.

Eventually enough bystanders come in to separate the gang from the bloodied victim, and they drag him to safety. Note all of the other people just standing around like it’s nothing. Also note the girl in the BLM shirt.

Portland police, who were nowhere to be found during the incident despite only being a couple of blocks away, are now asking for the public’s help in identifying the perpetrators. Their official press release reads:

On June 24, 2020, at approximately 4 a.m., a male victim was assaulted by violent demonstrators in the 400 block of Southwest Morrison Street. Prior to the assault, one of the suspects appeared to be armed with a gun which he pointed at the victim.

If anyone has information regarding the identity of the suspects or witnessed this assault, they are requested to contact the Portland Police Bureau Detective Division at (503)-823-0400.

Video of the incident:

How much different would this scenario have been had the dude been carrying and filled the horde with lead?


  1. There will be little (if any) consequences for their actions. They have absolutely no reason to fear the police because they know that the police are completely powerless and the blacks are only obeying their master (the dem party). The dems have created racism on an exponential level in just a few short weeks, an US-THEM. We have no choice but to protect our families, properties, way of life, and America. And when there is armed white militias and Americans walking the streets we will be called racist, white supremist and damn republicans. Wonder why you havn’t heard a single dem denounce their slavery uprising? Collusion, impeachment, etc., etc., has failed so this is the new plan.

  2. Carry your handguns, people, whether it is legal or not. Better to judged by twelve than carried by six. Watch your surroundings and don’t let anyone get close to you.


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