Video: Are Cell Phone Companies Now Censoring Content Shared Privately On Our Phones?

( Exclusive) – The biggest fear of any republic is that a tyrant will rise to power and do away with freedom and liberty. It has happened all around the world over and over again. The way in which this happens, however, is methodical and takes years to organize and accomplish.

It’s also not accomplished by a singular power-hungry person. It’s accomplished by an entire political party and requires the cooperation of many other industries.

In the United States, we have seen massive collusion and cooperation amongst Big Tech, Big Money, Corporate America, Academia, the mainstream media and the Democrats over the last four years.

The Democrats don’t need you to vote for them to take over, all they need are the right people in their corner and the right industries to do their part.

The mainstream media establishes itself as “state” news, AKA propaganda, Big Tech censors opposition, Big Money funds the corruption, Academia pushes the propaganda infecting the minds of future generations, and Corporate America pushes the radical agenda on consumers.

These industries have literally been doing all of this for the Democratic Party for at least the last four years and despite being called out for it, it seems it’s only getting worse.

A recent video posted to Twitter shows a woman trying to send a link to a story about alleged voter fraud to an iPhone but the message refuses to send and shows a message that it’s undeliverable.

This video has resulted in claims that cell phone service providers are now in on censoring Americans and that is a truly scary thought.

“BREAKING: Messages about election fraud are being censored via text message,” claims the woman. “Here is 100% proof! GEyesgle Green apple or Verizon or all are the culprit. More testing is needed to figure out which company(s) is censoring text messages about the fraud! We have hit peak level censorship!”

In the clip you can see her sending normal text messages between an Android phone and an iPhone and everything goes fine. However, when she attempts to send a URL about voter fraud from website, the message does not get delivered to the iPhone. Interestingly, the Android phone says that it has been delivered.

Coincidence? Doubtful.

The woman experiments and attempts to send an edited version of the URL to the iPhone and that is successful but when she attempts to send it back from the iPhone to the Android, it fails.

What kind of slippery slope is this taking us down?

“Imagine if the phone company could just end your call because of the content of your conversation! Or if they could remove links because of th….oh…shit,” commented one respondent on Twitter.

Of course, the phone company or Google could just be censoring all links from website. This is entirely possible as Facebook and Twitter both engage in this practice.

It doesn’t make it any less wrong and it is still very much censorship. We should be able to send and receive whatever content we want on our own personal cell phones.

Summit News reported that in August Republican Congressional candidate Laura Loomer asserted that Comcast and its subsidiary Xfinity were banning her campaign from sending out text messages and emails to voters.

Loomer explained that Comcast in Palm Beach County banned her campaign from sending out communications to voters and labeled their attempts “dangerous content.”

That is absolutely incredible. This is what we’re up against, folks. If President Trump fails to defeat Joe Biden, things are only going to get much, much worse.

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  1. Democrats are trying to start a civil war that they will lose.
    Democrats may control the cities but Republicans control the farms and farm land. Republicans also control the food industry.

  2. “In the United States, we have seen massive collusion and cooperation amongst Big Tech, Big Money, Corporate America, Academia, the mainstream media and the Democrats over the last four years.”

    Word to remember. These “Big Tech, Big Money, Corporate America, Academia and the media” are the people Biden is choosing to be his cabinet and bureaucratic managers for his anticipated presidency. They are also the people who reportedly bought the Dominion company in 2018 which produced the voting machines which enabled them to control our votes.

    A Biden administration would be a administration of which nightmares are made.

  3. It’ time big tech was reined in. The are anti American; they would censor anything that is not Communist oriented. Get out of my country!!!

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