Vice President Pence Is Literally Risking His Life to Keep America Safe This Easter

April 15, 2017 8:04 am  

(Angry Patriot) – For years, America has deserved better representation, and we are now finally getting it.

This Easter Sunday, vice president Mike Pence will be endangering his safety to protect the well-being of the United States. In efforts to maintain peace, Pence will be traveling to South Korea, a potential nuclear war-zone. This is a bold, but necessary move. (Via Daily Mail)

In such a short time, Donald Trump has proven his loyalty to the United States. He’s exhibited that America will not be Kim Jong-un’s punching bag, he’s found an ally in China, and now his VP will prove himself as he risks his life. Our country is truly benefiting from this courageous leadership.

War could break out at any moment, but that won’t stop Mike Pence. Our steadfast vice president will put himself in the midst of chaos in order to speak on behalf of America. There is no question that South Korea may soon become a war zone. The teamwork being displayed between Donald Trump and Mike Pence completely destroys that of Barrack Obama and Joe Biden.

FINALLY, America can reap the benefits of a patriotic president and a dutiful VP. South Korea will be approached by a composed, self-assured, United States representative whose primary goal is to keep the U.S protected from foreign retaliation. Mike Pence — you’ve made us proud.

Mike Pence will absolutely preserve our relationship with South Korea. A White House official states, ‘The overriding message that the Vice President will be taking on a national security side to South Korea is that our long alliance between the U.S. and South Korea is the linchpin of peace and prosperity.”

As North Korea observes a national holiday, it puts the territory at a higher risk for conflict. They are reckless at this point. An additional nuclear test could be carried out. This pathetic nation needs to be stopped and reprimanded. These little men need to be shown that there is a new sheriff in town.

Mike Pence is exactly the kind of individual we need to conserve peace with another country. Pence is the epitome of Conservative values. His leadership is based on his principles, and it is assured that he will not abandon these principles while advocating for the security of our nation. Unfortunately, he has a big mess to clean up.

America has had eight long and brutal years of chicken-hearted governing. Our former representatives cowered in the face of foreign threats. They’ve allowed terrorists and aliens to enter our country illegally, rape our women, and leech off of our welfare system. With conservatives in the White House, it’s a different story.

Mike Pence is currently representing what it means to be the backbone of a presidency. He could’ve easily backed out from heading to South Korea. Due to the dangers he’d be facing, and we’d understand it if he did. But that’s not the kind of Vice President Mike Pence is.

The presidential partnership between Pence and Trump is serving America positively, everyday. They are working side by side to defend constitutional ethics and conservative ideology. Along with careful thought and well-executed strategy, they are putting what they’re passionate about into play.

North Korea will be diffused in no time and we will continuing to recruit allies. Not to worry America, Trump and Pence have this under control.

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