US Combat Veteran And Army National Guard Member Katie Williams Disqualified From Miss America Pageant For Being Conservative, Supporting Trump (Video)

(Gateway Pundit) – Katie Williams is a US combat veteran, a member of the US Army National Guard and a Trump supporter.

For this she was kicked out of the Miss America pageant.

Miss Nevada Katie Williams was disqualified from the Miss America pageant on Sunday for being too political.

Katie Williams is a US combat veteran and Army National Guard member who is also conservative.

Katie was told last weekend to remove content from her Facebook page. Katie is pro-American and against Antifa.

Katie says she was stripped of her title for being conservative and Pro-Trump.

Katie Williams says, “I feel like if I have more liberal views and less conservative views then this wouldn’t even be an issue. She assured me that that was not the case. And yet as soon as I turn around there are posts about Human Rights Campaign, which are great. I’m all for the Human Rights Campaign. But for them to not say anything about that and then for them to criticize me for supporting my sitting president? I couldn’t even believe it.

Courtney Holland has more on Katie.


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