US Army Refuses To Investigate Treasonous Bastard Alexander Vindman Despite President’s Request — Will Move Him To Full-Time Position At Military College

Is there ANYONE in Washington who follows orders from their Commander in Chief?

(Gateway Pundit) – Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy said on Friday there will be no investigation of treasonous bastard Alexander Vindman despite President Trump’s announcement that the Pentagon will look into the actions of the former NSC officer.

Above: Alexander Vindman, Ryan McCarthy

Vindman was caught repeatedly lying during his testimony before Congress that made him a leftist hero.

Vindman’s boss testified that Alexander Vindman was a leaker, a liar who could not be trusted.

But Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy told an audience at a the National Press Club that there will be no investigation of Lt. Col. Alex Vindman before he moves to his permanent position at a military college(?) later this year.

The Daily Mail reported:

Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy said Friday there is no investigation into the Army officer who until last week worked at the White House National Security Council and was a key witness in the impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump.

McCarthy said Lt. Col. Alex Vindman has been moved to a short-term assignment at Army headquarters until he starts a regularly scheduled stint at a military college later this year.

McCarthy’s comments at the National Press Club appeared to put an end to any debate about potential punishment of the officer, who came under fire for raising concerns about Trump’s July phone call with Ukraine’s president.

Vindman was escorted from the White House last week as was his twin brother, Yevgeny, who worked as a lawyer at the NSC and is also a lieutenant colonel.

Here is Secretary Ryan McCarthy today the National Press Club.


  1. If that means he’s going to head up an Army ROTC cadre at some college/university, it’s effectively a demotion. Seems like that individual is usually only a major.

  2. If I would have just spoken to my drill sergeant with just a little hint of a lie or just thinking I was smarter, he would have put me in the gas chamber without a mask for punishment, then made me do guard duty for the abandoned buildings we would guard for a couple 24 hour days straight, then scrub latrines with my toothbrush, yea I know it’s just basic, but shit if we didn’t follow the rules, we paid for it, this asswipe, along with Ryan McCarthy needs to be fired, with no pensions, they work for the President, so sad, the way these people railroad the system and the President’s orders!!!!!
    And this was 41 years ago, but that was how it worked, you followed orders and made sure you were disciplined and didn’t get in trouble, I never did, but I saw it happen to a couple people for their insubordination!!!!

  3. Whatever credibility, honor or respect the US Army ever had with me is gone!! I have to wonder about whether these idiots at the top care ANYTHING about this country or our citizens, and they are NO patriots as far as I’m concerned!! I wonder if their back pockets are overflowing with money from the filthy “swamp” and I will NEVER trust in or have any regard for them again. They have NO HONOR and NO INTEGRITY, and I am done supporting them!!!

  4. Like every other soldier Vindman has a rating scheme consisting of a rater, senior rater, and a reviewer. When you are fired by your superior (“Commander in Chief”-top of the military), this is called relieved for cause. Which requires a “relief for cause” OER (rating). The man LIED UNDER OATH!!! Now McCarthy is going to allow this person to go to a war college where he can influence other future leaders? McCarthy needs to be questioned for his non-action.

  5. It was a good call….great call…not a bad call,good call…nothing wrong with any part of that call, was a good call….and on and on… What bullshit…what terrible vocabulary this orange faced exaggerating ego has….
    This country is going downhill….when you can lie and get away with it and tell the truth/ follow orders and be punished as well as have your family be punish and not have a part in it.. …

  6. If he lied under oath. And it is in the record. Not only can he be court martialed. He can be jailed. Fire the secretary of the army if Trump gave him a direct order. Prosecute the TRAITOR!!!

  7. Without all of the BS rhetoric from the mouths of the ignorant democrap morons – THE FACTS are that fatboy Vindman NEVER HEARD THE PHONE CALL LIKE HE LIED TO EVERYONE IN THE NATION SAYING HE DID. I loved it when we (Republicans) questioned him about wearing his full dress uniform to ‘court’ that day – the fat bastard wore it to impress all who were there with his shiny medals – HEY LOOK AT ME -I’M IMPORTANT! – OMG – He replied NO when asked is that his normal dress – that a regular civilian suit is his NORMAL . THAT’S PATHETIC. THEY SHOULD’VE PUT A BOOT SO FAR UP HIS LYING ASS IT WOULD TAKE SURGERY TO REMOVE IT AS WAS THROWN OUT OF THE DOOR !!!! What a disgrace to the uniform !!!

  8. Not one of the libraturds commenting here understand the UCMJ, CHAIN OF COMMAND OR THE COMMISSIONING OATH TAKEN BY OFFICERS. It is senseless to try to explain it to any of these TDS suffering idiots so why try. Vindman violated articles of the UCMJ. He did NOT follow the chain of command as one of the libraturds stated he bypassed his too two levels and went to a lawyer. For some unknown reason Vindman seemed to think that HE sets foriegn policy and the President must follow HIS ORDERS. This guy got a free pass!!! For all of the bloviating you libraturds do not one of you can show a violation of the Constitution on the President’s part so just shut up. Mr Lavoie get back on your meds. Everything will be ok.
    I was a serving Officer during the war in VIETNAM. If I had pulled the crap Vindman did I would have been Court Martialed!!! and rightly so.

  9. If You Would KEEP Your Stinking Legs Closed You Wouldn’t Have 4 Kids And Have To Ride The Pony To Make A Living ! I’ll Bet You Also Get Under The Desk On Your Knees Too !!!

  10. Thanks William Lavoie. Seems that doing the right thing in the Trump group is lying and covering for the lies and corruptness. When did we ever think this was OK..Not in my family, work group, church, and world.

  11. Vindman is a career man, he did his duty. Why insult him and smear him? The President did something wrong…No one is challenging that he didn’t. The military confidence in the Commander in chief declines when he goes after career guys with solid history and background.

    • Vindman Is A Career LIAR , Corrupt Worthless Bastard !!! Hell , He Didn’t Even Hear The Damn Phone Call , Just Like Widdle Lying Stiff Neck, Prickless $hit For Brains !!! MORON !!!

  12. Well the media and the communist a.k.a. allies in Congress just a rail How Obama was commander-in-chief military, well Trump is commander chief and he has the right to get rid of people like this just like Obama get rid of the generals in the admirals that were good in the military to put his peace treaty of the shit in there. If I were Trump I would use the military being commander in chief and go after Pelosi and Schumer and the ilk in Congress.

  13. At bare minimum, they should have shipped his butt off to the coldest part of Alaska or the Antarctic. Not some cushy desk at the Pentagon.

  14. Vindman violated the chain of command first and foremost. That is the cardinal sin. Lying is also a UCMJ violation. Disrespect to the CINC, that is Trump is punishable by courts Martial. If he had used the JAG and chain he could have been vetted and sanctioned by proper authority to testify. That people is Vindman’s downfall. I served for 38 years both EM and as a senior officer. I have seen the Army degrade itself with pukes like Vindman and flower power generals.

  15. Seems a bit odd that the DOJ..and even our mutary CHOOSES to disobey and be distrespectful. Maked me wonder how many rats are still in positions of power?

  16. Just what we need, this guy at a military college. What a lesson for future officers and leaders that this is acceptable behavior.

  17. Vindman is a true patriot. So is Marie Yovanovitch and Regina Hill. They sacrificed their careers in order to expose trump’s abuse of power. Each knew going in that trump wouldn’t be found guilty. Despite that they appeared before the House committees , and gave accurate and believable testimony. It’s a shame such honest and good people had to work for such a despicable human being.

    • Larry, read my explanation. Nothing about his act before the camera. You may have never served so as a civilian you don’t understand military system of respect for chain of command and to the CINC. He and political officers such as the twin LTC’s are making the honor if miltary service equal to congressional disgrace they bring upon themselves. Colonel Steve

    • Larry – Which despicable human being are you talking about – Obama, Hillary or Adam Schiff?
      What was the ‘abuse of power’? Obama fired every ambassador on day 1, Trump should have done the same. And it’s the Presidents job to negotiate with Foreign powers.
      What is your take on Joe Biden’s Quid pro quo to protect his son wrt/ Burisma or the millions he extracted from China while selling out the USA?

  18. omg!! what a bunch of traitors. You lilly liver cowards. Standing up and supporting the lying scum bag who lives in WH is mind-boggling. He flaunts the law with help of Barr, Pompeo & McConnell- the dream team of scoundrels and criminals!!! Sad & pathetic you are.

    • Guilty Of NOTHING , Except Letting LIARS Get Away With False Documents To Get Fake Court Fisa Warrants , FOOL !!!

    • Trump was guilty of what? Mueller stood before Congress and said found no evidence of wrongdoing by Trump. The sham investigation completely ignored the DNC and Hillary’s bought and paid for fake dossier and FISA corruption. Corruption is the cornerstone of the DNC

    • Hire a NEW Secretary. Dump this bastard Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy into GITMO. Who hired him in the first place? Obama or Clinton?

  19. The Secretaries of the Army & Navy are appointed by the President, boot tgat figger out of that office. Officers are commissioned under the President & if the military won’t bring him up on charges of treason, then discharge his arse. We don’t need scum like that teaching at West Point. VMI & Annapolis are already a far better Military’s Accadamy & Agent Vindman will just push W.P. that much further behind.

  20. Vindman is from Soviet Union (Russia).
    We all know that Soviet Union (Russia) has sent hundreds of its people to US to spy, to disturb…US, their duty is “Climb high in the enemy systems to destroy from inside”. That
    the truth.

    • Vindman was born in the Ukraine. He was also awarded a Purple Heart for his service in Iraq. trump was a draft dodger. You have things a little mixed up. trump continues to act as if he’s above the law. Using the power of the Presidency to enrich himself. He cares nothing about this country except for how much $ he can milk it for. I’m sure if Vlad (Putin) gave him enough money, he would sell the U.S. out in a minute. He’s the one destroying the country from within.

    • Larry, Again , You Are The One That Is All PHUCKED Up In That WIDDLE Thing You Got As A PEA Brain , MORONIC IDIOT !!!

    • Larry – when you refer to draft dodgers and being above the law, please include Bill and Hillary Clinton. And don’t forget how the Clinton’s used the power of the Presidency to enrich themselves through the corrupt Clinton Global Initiative and the direct selling of access to the President via the Lincoln room in the WH. And how much of our nations treasures did Hillary walk out of the WH with, I forgot? – And don’t forget how Hillary sold out the USA with her Uranium deal with the Russians, again lining her pockets. Follow the money. Trump has donated his salary to charity, did Obama or Clinton?
      And finally let’s not forget how Obama tire apart this country via race relations which Trump is healing.

    • Larry, he was born in the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, Soviet Union.
      Purple Heart, so, what’s your point? Is it the same kind of Purple Heart that Kohn Kerry received for his self inflicted wounds? Larry, you are an ill-informed undereducated useful idiot.

  21. It IS a complete SHAME what this country has become–liars -cheaters ETC are NOW the standard by which one measures JUSTICE–What in H— is wrong with so many of our elected and appointed people–And this country TALKS about Corrupt countries –Better LOOK within!

  22. I have never trusted Vindman. He was born, Alexander Semyon Vindman (né Aleksandr Semyonovich Vindman) and his identical twin brother, Yevgeny, were born in the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, Soviet Union. Just because they came to the US when they were three, I do not trust that their father along with them aren’t Soviet plants. What a better place to have a Soviet spy than in the US military.

    Willie Lavoie, you sir are an idiot.

  23. For lying about his Commander in Chief I would say they better investigate him. Mr. Trump has the power to fire the Officers above him as well as him.

  24. OMG, so if we support President Trump we are fascist.
    I presume you TDS folks support the real fascist Antifa.
    OMG you TDS folks are pathetic.
    God bless President Trump and the USA.
    MAGA/KAG 2020
    Vote the Dems out.

  25. When a soldier’s superior makes an illegal order, the duty of the officer is to report the error up the line and not obey. That’s what Trump has done seeking vengeance on Lt. Col. Vindman for telling the truth about what’s going on with Ukraine, corruption-fighter Ukraine President Zilensky, personal attorney Giuliani and the 2020 election. It’s illegal for Trump to request a foreign government or its representative to intrude with opposition research in an American election. Vindman refused to participate in the request and reported Giuliani to his superior. Nothing wrong, but Trump took offense at the roadblock, Vindman testimony to congress about the unlawful orders. Vindman is a scapegoat for Trump’s lawbreaking, the subject of the House impeachment charges dismissed by Trump sycophant Senators during the trial, all but one Senator in support of the wrongdoing. Trump must go, in November elections, since he wasn’t voted out by impeachment by the now-defunct Republican Party in congress. They all must go at the earliest because of overstepping legal and Constitutional limits, federal laws and oaths of office. It’s the American way, not Trump’s communist Russia’s Putin way.

    • Dr moron, you really have no clue how government works. Trump didn’t break any laws, which is more then we can say about your communist raised nigger Obama.

    • Hey was doing it because of the corruption he is after all the commander and chief. I honestly think you r a moron if you think he was worried about pedophile Joe as real opposition I. The election

  26. When we start punishing Military persons for following orders and doing what trhey are told to do, and that is exactly what Vindman did, followed orders to the letter, inn his reporting and testifying at the House hearings. Now Tru,mp may be the Commander in Cheif but he can not change Military law withiout both houses of Congress which must approve any Military law or its change. Trump wants to make this an AUTOCRATIC Government where only he can dirct anything, and no one but him and hiis friends have any say in anything.
    Like the age old saying goes, “If you can not do the time do not do the crime.” Trump is smarter than the average crook he gets others to do the dirty work and do the ime while he boasts of things he had little or no hand in the happening. Like the Great economy, which was a good under Obama as undr trump and nothing has imptroved any facter under Trump than under Obama.

    • I Won’t Call You A MORON , Because It Would Degrade The Poor Word Itself , Try To Learn To Spell A Little Better BOOBY !!! ODUMBA Didn’t Do SQUAT For His Poor People For A Horrible 8 Years , Except KEEP Them Poorer !!! Dip$hit !!!

  27. Swamp creatures are alive and doing well thanks to Alexander Vindman; pray for America that it washes itself of its deep state actors.

  28. William Lavoie , you really need to put your little girl panties back on , and retire to the sandbox, where the kittykats go. Vindman was telling WHAT TRUTH? In your imagination . Vindman DID NOT hear what he said that he heard. I guess you think Mad Maxine Waters is a beautiful young woman with a PHD in astro-physics.

  29. How do you dare call Col. Vindman treasonous?

    He swore allegiance to the Constitution and the American people.

    He did his duty to tell the truth about treasonous criminal Trump!

    Shame on you!

  30. When I was in the Army, if you disobeyed a direct order you could be shot. The secretary of the Army better start wearing a IBA (improved body armor).

    • Why the Army Secretary would put him at the War College is beyond me because these are the men who become future General’s. Does he want this piece of crap teaching them?
      No, he should go where those that screw up and that is Logistics at the Pentagon where he will rot until he retires.

  31. Hey Vindman, do you ever go out in the daylight? You’re as white as a sheet. You must be a blood sucking vampire. They on come out at night.

  32. Leave it up to obama the real criminal to dismiss real men such as General Stanley McChrystal while keeping this scumbag on the payroll to spy on our president Donald J Trump .

    Little wonder Americans distrust DC ( district of corruption ) lead by progressive liberal trash .

  33. MCCABE walked away free and clear yesterday, So what does that say about our judicial,system in this country? And what does that say about any future prosecutions, NOT LIKELY TO HAPPEN TO ANY OF THEM, Once again the SWAMP RATS GET A PASS.

    • it says that McCabe was innocent despite the liars in chiefs lies insults. Vindmans only “crime” was telling the truth in front of congress which is more that can be said for most of the liar in chiefs staff

    • I see a William is off his meds again. Anyone who knows Vindman, has nothing great to say about him. He is today’s version of the hated Capt Sobel from E company.

    • And the coup lives to fight another day. Shame on us. I am a veteran and I sy this new army sucks.n As the commander and chief of the armed forces I say place this Lt. Col. Alex Vindman in the antartica for the duration of his service time. The military has become effeminate to the extreme. Need to grow a pair boys or get out.

  34. so they don’t want to lose their payola and can’t be trusted to do anything to any of the trailers in D C, I believe when the civil war 2.0 starts the military will take out Trump and all republicans for MONEY


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