URGENT: Department Of Deep State Spends $700k To Influence Hungary’s Election, It’s Diabolical

November 22, 2017 10:05 am  

(TeaParty.org) – Remember how Hillary complained about the Russians spending $100k in advertising against her juggernaut campaign that raised $1.2 billion dollars? So, think of what $700k spent in Hungary could do to their election, which is just a small fraction of what Hillary spent in 2016.

The Deep State Department has announced that they will spend $700k to run anti government ads against the current regime and to encourage people to vote for some flunky appointed by George Soros.  

Soros, a Nazi-collaborator and sympathizer in Hungary by many people’s opinions, is angry because the current Hungarian government refuses to take in massive amounts of refugees or to join the New One World Order government Soros and his ilk are so desperately trying to build.

We don’t believe that President Trump is responsible for this, but she is to blame. He has not fulfilled his vow yet to drain the swamp.  It’s been a year and we realize that the swamp is too big to drain in such a short period of time, but the Deep State Dept has been a thorn in his side since inauguration day and these swamp creatures should have been the first to go. Hungary should be one of our closest allies considering their interests are the same as ours, to stop globalization.

Recently, Breitbart released a story that claims the European Union will collapse by 2040.  It’s altogether possible. The British voting to leave the EU was the flashpoint.  It was like a roll of toilet paper.  Once you tear off the first piece, the rest comes easy.  No one ever wants to be the first but many want to be the second.  The next one to leave could very well be Hungary.  Or it could be Austria. or it could be Greece.  

The European Union could collapse in the next few decades, according to a leaked confidential report by the German armed forces which looks at potential future trends within Europe.

The secret strategic document, entitled “Strategic Perspective 2040”, was created by the German military, the Bundeswehr, to project possible scenarios in the coming years and the 102-page document lists the breakup of the EU as one of them.

How can the United States possibly defend such an open interference in a sovereign nation’s autonomy? Especially after placing sanctions on Russia for doing far less.  It reminds me of Obama spending hundreds of thousands in taxpayer dollars to defeat Bibi Netanyahu.  

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