Unreal: What Happened To This NJ Teen After He Displayed Pro-Trump Banner In His Own House During Virtual Class

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – Communist regimes around the world like those in China, Cuba, Venezuela, Vietnam, North Korea, and Laos are all extremely powerful and massive because they have complete and total control of the media in those countries. Communists cannot possibly maintain control unless they maintain their image.

Sure, there are always going to be people in these countries who see the tyranny and hate it and would fight against it if they could but, believe it or not, there are people who believe the ruling Communist party is good. How could that be? Propaganda, that’s how.

The United States has a massive and still growing propaganda problem. While the left, which has been molded by propaganda, whines that President Trump is a “dictator” and a “fascist” they are actually the ones who actively engage in silencing any and all opposition.

Not only do they silence opposition but they spread fake news, misinformation, and downright lies as if they were indisputable fact for the benefit of the politicians they’ve sworn allegiance to. The worst part of it all is how many people actually believe the lies hook, line, and sinker.

It is truly baffling how those that have bought into the leftist narrative cannot see the truth. If they can see the truth it’s even more baffling how their hatred for President Trumps keeps them from accepting it.

The censoring of conservatives has been a real problem since President Trump took office. Those on the left believe that if information goes against their agenda, which anything truthful usually does, then it must be shut down, banned, and discredited. They also believe that anything that promotes President Trump is evil and should also be shut down, banned, and discredited.

Big Tech and MSM censorship has bled into other avenues of public life and emboldened leftists to take censoring of conservatives and Trump supporters into their own hands. Nowhere is this more noticeable than in American academia.

A teen in New Jersey has reported that he was booted out of his online chemistry class for the singular reason that he would not comply with the teacher’s absurd request that he take down a pro-Trump banner, as the New York Post has reported.

The student is Anthony Ribeiro, a 17-year-old honor student from Toms River High School North. Thanks to the ongoing coronavirus “crisis” Ribeiro has been forced to educate virtually from home. This means that Ribeiro was in his own home, in his own room thus it seems highly inappropriate for the teacher to make such a demand of him.

Ribeiro has claimed that the teacher, Andrew Gilman, was trying to humiliate him citing the fact that he was the first one in the virtual classroom and his teacher had to have seen the giant blue Trump sign when he looked up and saw Ribeiro enter the room but chose not to say anything at that time.

“Then when he was taking attendance, he came to my name and there were at least 16 to 20 people on and he said, ‘Anthony, take the sign down right now, there is no room for politics in my classroom,'” Ribeiro recounted.

He went on to say Gilman then gave him an ultimatum, “‘If you’re not going to get up and take it down, I’m going to have to ask you to leave the class for today.’ I waved goodbye, and I was gone.”

Ribeiro alleges that at the beginning of the school year this same teacher told the students that Democrats are the “only choice” for anyone who is concerned about climate change. So much for “no politics” in Gilman’s classroom. Like a true leftist, only his opinion matters.

According to Ribeiro Gilman wasn’t the only teacher who asked him to take the sign down. His English teacher also asked him to remove it and due to concerns over his grade in that class he decided to comply.

That, folks, is a form of bullying. Teachers who are in a position of authority over students should not have the right to request their student’s suppress their political views or attempt to silence them. When they do it’s a blatant abuse of their authority and it’s wrong.

Shockingly, the school conceded that Gilman’s conduct was inappropriate and have stated that they “have worked with and are continuing to work with all involved parties to resolve the issue and move forward.”

Gilman is now part of a growing list of students being schooled online who have faced repercussions based on items teachers can see in their own homes and personal spaces. As The Post Millennial reports, last month another New Jersey student had the police called on her because her teacher saw a toy gun in her room and a Louisiana 4th grader was actually suspended from school for having a BB gun visible on screen.

Teachers are the ones who need to keep politics out of their classrooms and they can do that by fostering an environment of respect for other’s beliefs. They can demonstrate to their students an invaluable lesson on how to treat others who don’t agree with you instead of trying to silence and shut them down.

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  3. Time for an executive order Top! The Constitution will be upheld. These monopolies including the teachers unions need to be placed back in order per God and country. So help us God. The censorship and violence must stop, period!

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  5. Anthony Ribeiro, Bravo for standing up to one of your teachers, you had every right to do so!! However your other teacher holding your grade over your head was a very dirty thing to do to you. The best of luck to you and your future. Trump/Pence 2020!!! Keep America Great!!!

  6. It is quite apparent that these harassing teachers need to go back to be educated and be taken out of the classroom. This is not a small group of people reprograming our children’s thinking but a large % of incomplete thinking people. I guess this could be a silver lining moment that the pandemic has revealed how poor the instruction is and how determined the communists want to propagandize our children. The president says he will open the door for school choice and this is good, because right now the propagandizers are using our tax dollars to undermine our country.

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  8. The wrong last name is used on the 2nd to the bottom of the story…it should be Ribeiro, but the typist inserted the last name a Gilman.

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  11. This is blatant proof that a large amount of our teachers a trying to indoctrinate the youth of America with their socialist doctrine. No wonder they are so against school vouchers. They know if our youth are taught a different point of view, their parents will wake up to the Lefts attempt to brainwash them. This is the exact reason Biden is against school vouchers. Pure and simple.

  12. Last week I heard that my 2nd grade grandson and 4th grade granddaughter ask who their parents early voted for. It wasn’t just curious it was concerned that they not voted for that bad man who is President now.
    I’m sorry but in 2nd & 4th grades I’ve never heard of a kid interested in who is President before now. Their parents swear they don’t talk politics around them. Which would point to hearing that in school. Teachers have a huge influence on their students, good or bad, and must remain apolitical at school.

    • This technique has been going on for many years now with teachers talking to children about the Democratic Party and educating them (lying) about how wonderful their lives would be to support the liberal politicians. All the free stuff they will get and so much more garbage they instill in their young minds. I don’t know about you but in elementary school children shouldn’t be going into politics before learning their basic skills. The left will always play their dirtiest but using very young children really stoops to a record low. All I can say is parents please ask your children about their days in school, what was said by the teacher. If parents were aware of this going on they can confront the school and get it taken care of. Take care and God Bless.

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  15. Agitating today’s liberal filth in our public schools is the right thing to do . We need more children like Anthony and less progressive trash teachers like Gilman .

    Good job Anthony !


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