The Unmasking Antifa Bill Introduced By Congress Puts Antifa In Same Category With Their Democrat Cousins In The KKK

July 11, 2018 9:18 am  

(Gateway Pundit) – The Unmasking Antifa bill was introduced by the House Judiciary Committee today as an amendment to the the Civil Rights law that carries a 15-year prison sentence.

The law puts Antifa into the same category as their Democrat cousins in the KKK.

The great irony about a law designed to unmask antifa is that of the 18 states that have anti-masking laws, the majority were written into law in the mid-20th century to unmask the KKK.

But in the 21st Century, these laws are used largely as a pretext to round up or arrest Leftist protesters. In April, police in Georgia used a law designed to fight the KKK to arrest almost a dozen people fighting members of the KKK. — via Jack Smith

Mike Cernovich and Jack Posobiec are calling on conservatives to urge their lawmaker to support the bill.

It seems the new “Unmasking Antifa Act” has ruffled a few feathers among the alt-left.

New York City anarchist Carmichael Monaco of the Metropolitan Anarchist Coordinating Council told Vice on Tuesday:

“H.R. 6054 takes a pro-fascist stance in its very name, and doubtlessly in its enforcement. In the current political climate, antifascists who speak out against fascism, racism, xenophobia, etc. are routinely harassed, threatened, and attacked by the far right, often supported by the police, who are notably exempted here. Families and friends of antifascists also become targets of far right violence. The wearing of a mask is an act of self-defense often necessary to ensure one’s right to free speech.”

Alt-left Twitter denizens were none too pleased either:

(his pinned tweet)

Of course, some on the alt-left are way ahead of the Unmask Antifa Act..

That doesn’t exactly obscure one’s identity while “punching a Nazi” – while footage of a Proud Boy knocking out a preppy kid in a polo shirt would instantly go viral. We can only imagine.

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