Unhinged Wisconsin Teachers Plant Fake Tombstones To Represent Kids Dying If Schools Are Re-Opened — In A State With Zero Covid Deaths Under Age 19

Insists list of far-left demands must be met before reopening schools

(Infowars) – A teachers’ union out of Milkwaukee, Wisconsin erected mock gravestones of students to scare kids from returning to school over the coronavirus.

The Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association (MTEA) in partnership with a far-left group called Leaders Igniting Transformation, placed several fake tombstones on school grounds as part of a “National Day of Resistance” to keep kids out of school unless their demands are met.

One such tombstone reads, “RIP Grandma, caught COVID helping grandkids with homework.”

The MTEA’s Facebook page also includes a list of radical far-left demands they insist must be met before schools reopen.

Among the demands are socialist Democrat Party platform proposals, including no police in schools, moratorium on evictions, welfare, and banning charter schools.

“Join LIT and MTEA in solidarity for this National Day of Resistance as we demand safe, healthy, and equitable schools and communities!” the page states.

As we’ve reported, teachers’ unions across the country are using the coronavirus shutdowns as leverage against opening schools to get a laundry list of far-left proposals enacted.

For example, a North Carolina teachers union demands free healthcare of all, and welfare for illegal aliens in order for schools to reopen.

Another teachers’ union in Los Angeles, California is demanding the city defund its police before reopening schools.

Notably, the CDC stated last month that school-age children are more likely to be negatively impacted by the flu, suicides, and drugs than from COVID-19, as children are the least effected demographic of the pandemic.



  1. Where the stupid are teaching the innocent … the government public school system … backed in total by the democrat party of jacka$$es.

  2. Milwaukee schools have been terrible for years! I guess we know why – the teachers are lying, lazy [expletive deleted]!

    • With public schools we get mostly morons like Hoply below that vote for progressive liberal trash.


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