Unhinged Nancy Pelosi Makes Dangerous Appeal To Block President Trump From Nuclear Codes

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – The Democrats surely never let a crisis go to waste, especially if the crisis is one they orchestrated and carried out.

The siege on the Capitol building that took place Wednesday has been looking more and more like a pre-planned Antifa attack than an authentic response to the frustrations of election fraud on the part of Trump supporters.

Nonetheless, the unhinged Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, is out to hurt President Trump as much as she and the Democrats possibly can.

They’ve been operating under the guise that President Trump is personally responsible for the “insurrection” at the Capitol and they want to make him pay. They claim that he encouraged his supporters to go to the Capitol and take matters into their own hands in a speech he gave Wednesday morning.

Pelosi is now pretending that President Trump is a national security risk and not only must he be removed from office immediately, he should not have access to the nuclear codes.

Nancy Pelosi has absolutely no ability to see past her hatred for President Trump and she truly does not care about the consequences of her radical actions.

The only thing she and the Democrats are set on is destroying President Trump and that’s why her appeal to Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Mark Milley to deny President Trump access to the nuclear codes is incredibly dangerous.

The request itself totally undermines our national security and would be a gift to countries like China and Russia who would no doubt take advantage of such political chaos in America.

It seems Pelosi has accomplished the ultimate pinnacle of irony and hypocrisy. As she claims President Trump is a threat to the United States and seeks to kick him while he is down, she is simultaneously putting at serious risk the 320 American citizens she claims to be protecting.

Do you think she understands the gravity of her radical, irresponsible actions? We doubt it very much. Democrats never have much forethought, unless it involves “global warming.”

“This morning, I spoke to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley to discuss available precautions for preventing an unstable president from initiating military hostilities or accessing the launch codes and ordering a nuclear strike,” the totally unhinged Speaker said.

It would be highly comical to hear Pelosi call President Trump “unstable” if it weren’t so remarkably frightening. The very woman accusing President Trump of being “unstable” and “unfit” for office, is wildly unstable herself.

What a predicament America finds ourselves in.

Furthermore, Pelosi and the Democrats claim to be protecting the United States from “insurrection” but as Pelosi is clearly demonstrating, he has been up against an insurgency since the very day he took office.

Pelosi says that President Trump remaining in office “could not be more dangerous” but we think it’s pretty darn dangerous to be undermining our national security for the sake of settling personal vendettas and political scores.

Pelosi is completely detached from reality just like the rest of the Democratic Party and even many Republicans.

The American people do not trust them or support them. They are the ones making tensions greater, not President Trump.

The sad part is they simply don’t care. They are the ones in control and they are the ones who hold all the power now.

Who cares about the will of the people? This is no longer the people’s government.

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  1. I am not on to wish bad things for any one and I am not going to start now but evil People will reap what they sow, so I am going to pray for Pelosi, the Bible said to pray for those who seek to destroy and hurt you and in doing so you will put fire of coals on their heads. There must be a special place in hell for someone like Pelosi. She has so much hate for President Trump and 75 millions who voted for him, it’s coming out her eye sockets. This is one evil one who thinks she has more power and authority than the president and know one voted to give her that mandate, all of a Sudden she is a clinical psychologist diagnosing President Trump as unfit for office when she out one of her member in sensitive committee who was in connection with Chinese spy. What a hypocrite, when Antifa/BLM was burning DC for months she said People will do what they do. She never came out and denounced the violence but now she wants president Trump in straight jacket and hand cuffs. This is a sick woman,

    • And she is the best the dems have to offer in leadership . What’s that say about today’s progressive liberal trash in our society ?
      She dines on the finest cuisine while her lemmings live off welfare and food stamps . She jets around our country on military aircraft while her ignorant followers ride buses and subways .
      She’s one of them them .. lol

  2. The Bible states that in the end times the right will be no tolerated. Nancy Polosi is a part of the destruction of morals in the United States. That means that she is lead by the devil himself, who is the author of instability.

  3. Pillosi has been unhinged before Trump was elected and has grown more unhinged each day for five years. Teeth grinding arms in the air spitting her venom daily. Her career will show she turned mentally mad and spent all her time pursuing the impeachment of Trump.
    Just 10 days left and she is desperately seeking impeachment still. She is one demented person. She needs to be committed to a sanitarium. She is no longer nor has she been fit to hold any position in government.

    • Amen!!! Well said. God help us. I am a Christian and I always wondered if I would be alive to witness the end, end times…well, here we are…! But GOD IS WITH US! This is where things may get hard, but most important to know what you believe and why. God bless you, James. I pray that you will feel His peace and presence everyday and especially, TODAY! This is the day that the Lord has made!

  4. Feeding frenzy on Trump. Has no-one on the right any guts? A blind man could see this election was a massive fraud in the battleground states. Just look at the numerous anomalies and the facts. I used to work at the polls. All was orderly and fully documented. Mail in voting is sheer insanity!!!
    As for the Capitol breach : has anyone considered and investigated the part Antifa played in that? A lot of them sure looked like and acted like Antifa to me. If the guy dressed in black with his face covered, and holding a passel of plastic ties, and the guy with a back pack and with his face covered by an American flag, who was trying to break down doors, were not Antifa instigators, I have sure missed my guess !

  5. Nutsy wants Trump blocked from the the Nuke codes but wants Pedo Joe and the Ho to have them TRUE WILLFUL LIBERAL IGNORANCE in action. She knows Pedo Joe is UNFIT for any office due to Alzheimer’s and Dementia and that the Ho is unfit because of her PROSTITUTION to get where she in now leaves her open to black mail by anyone wanting something from her. Nutsy has the same Alzheimer’s and Dementia as Pedo Joe it is just not as Advanced.

  6. Pelosi, the old hag, is nuttier than a fruitcake. She needs to be put out to pasture. That does not say much for the the rest of the democrats in congress to elect such an inept thing to be their leader of the house nor the people in her district that keep electing her. Term limits are needed on the elected officials.

  7. Lets dump Stretch Pelosi, Biden and the Lady of the Flys Harris (If flies were lies she would be buried in them – she is already buried in the other kind)!!!
    They are all corrupt and have no business being in Congress!!!

  8. Unbalanced and unhinged Pelosi needs to get a grip on reality. President Trump is not the problem. YOUR TWISTED MIND SET IS!

    Your mentally declining Biden and morally corrupted Harris is the problem. Stealing and election with fraud is the problem. Social media being allowed with your blessing to silence and erase the first amendment is a problem. People breaking into the capital is not good, but the massive herd of elephants in the room problem is the reason they came to protest.

  9. It is reported that “The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga has fired coach Chris Malone after posting a tweet about Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams highlighting her girth and her alleged efforts to cheat during the recent elections.

    Well, Stacy is over weight and did orchestrate the cheating with fraudulent votes, so what is the problem with telling the truth?

    • UT in general is about as unhinged as Pelosi–which is pretty sick. As a graduate, I’ll not be helping in donations at all. They’re filthy rich and totally biased. They won’t reverse helping the girl who wanted to go there so bad. Disgusting bunch. Stacey is fat, rich and did cheat–there are numerous ballots in question thanks to her agreement with the Gov. and Sec. of State.

    • Agreed! That seems to be a serious problem for the left…God help us! We need Him! Praying that God blesses you and your loved ones!

  10. In the Old testament when a king began his reign or when they died died, the phrase is written that is the description of that king’s reign by God. ” … and they did evil in the sight of the Lord” or “they did what was right in the sight of the Lord”. Pelosi, and the other leaders God has enabled to be in positions of authority, which will be your epitaph? But there are many others in the Old testament of which the scriptures record “…. and they did evil in the sight of the Lord”. as there are many other people given positions of authority. How they are to be described or remembered?

    It is significant that there are a few when God blessed Israel with peace and prosperity, that God has recorded something different about the lives of these kings, “… and they did what was right in the sight of the Lord”.as was recorded concerning the life of Joash in 11 Choronicles 24. All this does not mean they were perfect people, as Joash was not perfect. it only means they chose to live not to serve men’s ambitions but to fulfill the values that God had set for us, to guide our actions and what motivations we seek to fulfill. There was a point that the God sent the priest to the say to the People, verse 20, “Why have you trangressed the commandments of the Lord so that you cannot prosper? because you have forsaken the Lord, He also has forsaken you”

    Proverbs also records ” When the righteous increase, the people rejoice, but when the wicked rule, the people groan.? We rejoiced under President Trump, and prospered, but we groaned under Obama and Biden. We will groan again and the epitaph will be unfortunately of many who will take the power of our government on the 20, whose live has been one of corrupt activity abandoning the commandments of the Lord ” …and they did evil in the sight of the Lord all of their days”.

    I am the Lord thy God
    Thou shalt have no other gods before me
    Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image
    Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain
    Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy
    Honour thy father and thy mother
    Thou shalt not murder
    Thou shalt not commit adultery
    Thou shalt not steal
    Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy
    Thou shalt not covet (neighbour’s house)
    Thou shalt not covet (neighbour’s wife)
    Thou shalt not covet (neighbour’s slaves, animals, or anything else)

    I Chronicles 28:9 King David speaks to his son Solomon, “. . .know the God of your father, have personal knowledge of Him, be acquainted with and understand Him, appreciate , heed and cherish Him and serve Him with a blameless heart and a willing mind, For the Lord searches all hearts and minds and understands all the wanderings of the thoughts. If you seek Him (inquiring for and of Him and requiring Him as your first and vital necessity ) you will find Him, but if you forsake Him, He will cast you off forever. Take heed now, . . .”

    • Amen! This is a well written assessment of the times we are living in. May God bless you and your loved ones! I’ll see you on the other side, my brother or sister!
      Amy in NC!

  11. This is one plastic face skinned egotistical BI–H The sooner she is gone the better her constituents as well as the rest of the country including her miss guided party will be ! ! !

  12. Democrats think there smart and can take control, how can they look in a mirror at them selves cause what I see when look at them is ugly and the majority of people I’m sure see the same. They have no morals. All they care about is greed and power, control. What miserable people they are.

    • Democrats absolutely have zero morals and a little less integrity. Lying , stealing , cheating folks are all attributes in their corrupt unhinged minds …

    • Amen, Amen and Amen Terry, ( which means “so be it” for the benefit of the idiot Pelosi had pray in Congress.

  13. The irrational hatred of President Trump by the democrats is not because President Trump has done a poor job or been a bad president . Their hate is because the democrats have been historically inept and Trump has don a fantastic job. It is a clear indication of the democrats desire to do evil and President Trump revealed their insanity.

  14. Interesting! The democrats such as the loon Pelosi, want to impeach President Trump, but it is the democrats that violated state and Constitutional election laws to put their mentally declining Biden in office as president and Harris as VP who has a long history of moral corruption.

  15. Not only is Pelosi unhinged the unbalanced of what has taken place is astronomical. I listen to the news reports of the people being arrested because they violated law and were in restricted areas of the Capital, BUT it is lost on these officials, governors, congresspeople that state and Constitutional law was violated in multiple states enabling this illegitimate administration to be put at the controls of our country.

    I listen to these congress people cry foul for people to enter the Capital, yet they do not lift a finger when the same people, BLM and antifa, burn, loot businesses in opportunity zones in multiple cities, and kill people.

    This is the insanity advocated to be our new government. Pelosi and the democratic leaders are the biggest enemy of the constitution they took an oath to defend and support.


  17. I thought that PELOSI had already reached the bottom of the pit in stupidity, But sadly she has not she she just went deeper, I dont know about you folks but the treatment of PRESIDENT TRUMP for the last four years and especially the last few days of his term has and IS TOTALLY DISGUSTING, No other President has ever been treated this poorly The loons on the left will surely regret this someday they wont remain in power for ever.

  18. To me it seems that insurrection is exactly what Nancy and her cohorts have been practicing for over 4 years. But I suppose the stupid Democrat supporters will listen to this foul person or maybe they are just like her – hate the U.S.A., are power hungry Anti-Americans, immoral, dishonest and lacking in ethics and integrity.
    We see them here on this sight often praising China Joe Biden and Heels over Head Harris. Claiming the election wasn’t rigged even though there are SWORN affidavits of cheating that people actually saw, when the Dominion voting machines have been shown to be very questionable; when it has been shown that dead people – some of them over 100 years dead – voted, when like in WI the Biden campaign institute a illegal vote in the park event that occurred before open voting started and without ballots being secured.

    • Mystiklady,
      You are so correct. the democrats have chosen to follow the unwise counsel of those that have abandoned the guidance of the Constitution in order to fulfill an unholy political goal. Our Justice department has been made impotent by becoming a political influence not the guidance of the Constitution. John Roberts denied the rightful function of the court thus denying that we are a constitutionally guided country. The function of the Justice department and the courts has been lost. We have just the appearance of law but the substance of the law is corrupted by political goals and we are forced by corrupting political whims of those in power. Take heed. . . .the left has screamed about the totalitarianism of the law as the loss of individual freedoms as required for submission to a centralized and dictatorial authority which requires complete subservience to the state. They have no idea the level of totalitarianism that is, has been seeping into our government, our social media and harassment of thought and speech, which is now coming in torrents when our standards prescribed in the Constitution or of the law are muted. And so Pelosi, and the rest of the unhinged who go after those that hold onto our freedoms take heed.

    • It appears that Truth is now considered dangerous and objectionable content. It appears that Apple and the other social media is now the god to decide what we are to think and say. Who made them god or deemed them qualified to be the god of thought.

    • Amen, MystikLady, ( which means “so be it” for the benefit of the idiot Pelosi had pray in Congress but his misguided words went no further than the ceiling.

  19. It is Pelosi and the rest of the democratic take over army who also took and oath but do not intend to fulfill the oath that NEEDS to be impeached , NO not impeached but arrested for treason. they have forcibly taken our country when they accepted in violation of our constitution dead people, non-citizen and non existent people’s votes silencing ours. Thus they have committed treason to deny President Trump and the American people the government we chose, forcibly replacing it with a mentally declining president and a morally corrupt VP and Obamas corrupt administration.


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