Unhinged CEO Of Maple Leaf Foods Goes On Twitter Rampage Against President Trump After Iran Shoots Down Ukrainian Plane

(Gateway Pundit) – Michael H. McCain is chief executive officer of Maple Leaf Foods, one of Canada’s flagship food companies, with sales of $3.3 billion and employing over 12,500 people in Canada and the United States.

Last Wednesday morning the Iranian regime blasted a Ukrainian jetliner from the sky after takeoff killing all 176 passengers and crew on board.

After several days of denying their role in the crash and after they were caught by US and international investigators the Iranian regime finally announced they had downed the plane and killed the innocent victims.

63 Canadians were on the flight from Tehran.

On Sunday Maple Leaf Foods CEO Michael McCain took to Twitter and blamed President Trump for the Iranian missile attack on the Ukrainian plane.

This unhinged nut blamed Trump for the latest mass killing by the Iranian regime.

Here is Michael McCain’s rant against Trump.

This guy should NEVER be in charge of a major food corporation.



  1. He is a Canadian liberal in a wannabe EU country! If America wasn’t here to protect Canada and Mexico they would be speaking German and Japanese long ago.

  2. McCain is right. Traitor Trump killed those people with his renegade warmongering. Senate, hurry up and remove this traitor already!

    • Shit bag Bob, how do you think Iran will act with a nuclear weapon? You have shit for brains. Cuba has gotten away with its crap because of the moronic people of Canada. I have Canadian relatives, they are socialist that are dumber than dog shit.

    • Liberals always have an excuse for their short comings. A study showed this to be a trait that Liberals have. So called warmongering is the carry a big stick and walk soft philosophy that Teddy Roosevelt used. One does not want to show weakness when dealing with someone who would rather see him dead. Obama was weak, he believed in appeasement versus right. Now we have another Reagan in the office of President. He is willing to play on equal terms when it comes to negotiation and he is willing to preserve our freedom.

  3. I am sorry for the loss of 63 Canadian lives but there were 113 other nationalities that lost their lives as well. You are right, Iran is a powder keg …”but the world found a path to contain it”..? What, by accepting Iran’s terrorist activities and not doing anything about them. The Iranian government shot down that Ukranian airliner, not President Trump. It is what they do, death to anyone who is not of their “faith”. Even their own people object to that one, it was cowardly! President Trump has had the guts to challenge them and get rid of a real “terrorist” in the process (they may be others {not hundreds} but at least there is one less and he was a major one at that). What has Canada done, nothing! What have other nations done, nothing! The world’s path to contain them is not the “right direction”. If you are truly “livid”, get off your high horse and point your finger at the real culprits here, the Iranian regime. They shot down the airliner, have the courage to find fault with them and not a US President that has the courage to “face them down” (which is the right direction, not “molly coddling” them as the world {and O’ Canada} has done in the past)! These are the Hitler’s of the future, or don’t you remember World War II and what Great Britain went through (your mother country). Do you honestly think Churchill would put up with the Iranians of our world threatening his people (British or Canadian). Does “liberalism” truly mean a “yellow streak down your back”? You should move to the US, you would fit right in with Pelosi (our California “Queen”) and her crowd!!

  4. “This guy should NEVER be in charge of a major food corporation.”

    This guy has a perfect right to own a food corporation. He has a perfect right to have his own opinion, however much his emotions substitute for any form of intelligence or knowledge. He has a perfect right to express his opinions on Twitter even if he doesn’t know very much about any of the facts. We all have a perfect right to comment on his ignorance OR just let it go OR not even read his worthless uninformed opinions, if we so choose (which would be my normal choice).

  5. Fire , This Worthless @$$hole , Canadian P.O.S. !!! Keep Your Nose In Your Own Damn Country !!! Work On Your Squirrely Leader !!!

  6. I think this idiot needs to think abot the number of Islamic people now live in Canada and look at the crime rate for that group. . . .I say if he loves criminal element keep him and his Islamic hoodlum friends in Canada we dont need them here !

  7. A shame he has such a severe case of TDS, looking at Maple Leafs website they seem to make very good natural products, i don’t know if they are sold in the U.S. but due to this guy’s big mouth i won’t be buying any.


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