UNC Will Pay $2.5 Million To Remove Confederate Statue From Campus

(Breitbart) – The University of North Carolina system announced this week that they will pay $2.5 million to remove and relocate the “Silent Sam” Confederate monument from the Chapel Hill campus.

According to a report by Insider Higher Ed, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has announced that it will spend $2.5 million to relocate the “Silent Sam” Confederate monument from campus after the statue was the center of a scandal this past year.

As part of a legal settlement, the university will give the statue to the North Carolina Division of Sons of Confederate Veterans. The university agreed to pay a substantial sum to fund the relocation of the monument.

The university declared in the settlement that they will use $2.5 million of nonstate money to house and display the monument in its new location. The North Carolina Division of Sons of Confederate Veterans will not be permitted to house the monument in any of the 14 counties in North Carolina that contains a UNC campus.

Under the terms of the agreement on the Silent Sam statue:

  • SCV is declared the owner of Silent Sam.
  • The university will turn over the statue to SCV.
  • SCV will maintain the statue “outside any of the 14 counties currently containing a UNC System constituent institution.”
  • Using $2.5 million in nonstate funds, the university “will fund a charitable trust to be held independently by a nonparty trustee … the proceeds of which may only be used for certain limited expenses related to the care and preservation of the monument, including potentially a facility to house and display the monument.”

Breitbart News reported in August that a group of leftist student activists knocked down the statue during a protest event. The student newspaper at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill posted a photo on their Twitter account of students burying the statue’s head in the mud.

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  1. … using “nonstate funds.” Pray tell, what’s that mean? Endowment expense? Tuition increase? Discovery of Captain Kidd’s buried treasure?

  2. So then some students were triggered by a statue and the spineless-in-charge “adults” removed it. Laughable stuff! It probably would have cost less to put a program in place to correctly teach the little monsters our history. ..bunch of crybabies and lazy administrators.

  3. Robert Look at it like this. When you, your friends, family, and loved ones die, you lose your life. I would think you’d want headstones put up, right?? It’s called respect.

  4. The civil war was an reality destroyed today the confederate statute and tomorrow’s when the liberals move passed the union statues will be destroyed in vengeance in

  5. To all the liberals that want to remove important symbols of
    American history because they don’t conform to socialist
    values. This is a list of bills that have images that must be
    disturbing to you.
    George Washington was a slave owner. $1 Bill
    Thomas Jefferson was a slave owner. $2 Bill
    Benjamin Franklin. was slave owner $100 Bill
    Andrew Jackson was a slave owner. $20 Bill
    Ulysses S Grant owned a slave. $50 Bill
    Abraham Lincoln’s wife’s family owned slaves. $5 Bill
    Abraham Lincoln suggested that slave should voluntary migrate to colonies
    outside the United States to South America,Africa or the Caribbean.
    Before you start destroying public symbols start in your own house and
    burn every one of these you have. If you don’t you are nothing but a
    bigot. Like the old saying, put your money where your mouth is.

    • Vernon, I’d tap that “like” icon about a hundred times for your comment if I could, and if there was one here to tap!

  6. Hmmm…..I wonder if there are any students that would prefer the 2.5 million be used to offset the cost of their tuition. What a waste of time and money!

  7. It must be nice that they have $2.5 Million Dollars to throw away instead of using it to further educating their students about what that statue signifies…appease hurt feelings over an Education!!! “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it!”

  8. All the statues were for repression of the black population in the area, they lost the war but they came up with another way to intimidate the black population and it still exists today.
    When were statues ever erected to the looser of any war any place, in most places they are prohibited. Why does Europe put up statues of Hitler, Mussolini and other tyranical leaders like there was toward blacks in the South.


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