Uh-Oh: Did Impeachment-Crazy Democrats Just Lay The Case For Hillary To Be Impeached?

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – While we’d much prefer prison for the notoriously corrupt former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, it appears that she could now be impeached based on the case that the Democrats are making against former President Donald Trump.

This is just the latest example of how the left is throwing essentially every one of their own under the bus by trying to make the preposterous case that Trump committed impeachable offenses by “inciting” violence on the Capitol Building on January 6th.

In response to a question from Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) during Friday’s impeachment hearing in the Senate, a lawyer for Trump argued that Hillary Clinton could herself be impeached after leaving office as President Trump has been.

“Is it not true that under this new precedent, a future House – facing partisan pressure to ‘lock her up’ – could impeach a former secretary of state, and a future Senate be forced to put her on trial and potentially disqualify her from any future office?” Rubio asked Trump team lawyer Michael van der Veen.

“If you see it their way, yes,” van der Veen replied of the Democratic impeachment managers.

“If you do this the way they want it done, that could happen to the example there – a former secretary of state – but it could happen to a lot of people. And that’s not the way this is supposed to work,” he added.

The House’s lead impeachment manager, Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD), dismissed this idea as he has naturally long ago given up preserving any sort of façade that he’s applying glaring double-standards his party couldn’t possibly stand up to.

Raskin declared the suggestion that Clinton be impeached has “no bearing on this case,” as Clinton “was not impeached in office for conduct while in office.”

He did not delve into the “conduct” Clinton committed “in office” as Democrats routinely pretend that she never did a darn thing as she sold out our nation to Iran and Russia, covered up for the Benghazi terror attack, conducted a pay-for-play scheme through her charitable organization, and kept classified emails on private server.

While in office.

Infowars also notes that “At Friday’s hearing, the Trump lawyer also argued that the ex-president’s statements leading up to the January 6 riot on Capitol Hill – which he is accused of ‘inciting’ as the basis of the impeachment effort – were ‘virtually indistinguishable” from rhetoric used by American politicians for ‘hundreds of years.’”

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  1. The lesson of the democratic party is that crime pays. Crime of domestic voter fraud and international internet voter fraud stole the 2020 election. Now the crime of illegals stealing their way into OUR country, not their’s, pays. Biden gets to keep what he stole and Biden says the illegals can stay and suck the life out of our county’s resources. To bad we the American Citizen have not had a say in this since our votes were silenced.

  2. The satanic witch just won’t go away … come-on, devil, do your stuff and take this poor excuse for a human home where she belongs … in hell.

  3. Interesting that every accusation leveraged at President Trump has revealed and PROVEN to be a false deceptive creation of the democratic leadership. The democratic leadership has not served the country, and has in fact weakened the country wasting our resources and the time of which we have paid to serve the interests of the American People, but they have served their deranged obsession against a president that HAS DONE THE JOB THEY REFUSED TO DO which is to provide a safe and secure country.

    The FACT that their false accusations have been each and every time PROVEN to be fictitious beyond any doubt, tells us the democratic party and a few pretend republicans are the criminals that should be removed from ANY position of authority. The democrats do not know or understand the difference between having the power vs having the authority. They abuse heir power and go out side the Constitution claiming they have a higher authority than the laws of this land.

    The level of hate within Soros to the point that he wants to spew his hate via his organizations on the rest of the free world to the level of the hate experienced in Germany during WWII is a mental illness.

  4. Whether Hillary is concerned about impeachment or not is irrelevant. Eternity has no end. “It is appointed unto man (and woman) once to die, and after that the Judgment”. Nothing is hidden from God.


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