Two Thugs Entered This Georgia Home, Only One Came Out. The Reason Has Police Shaking Their Heads

July 16, 2017 12:05 pm  

(Angry Patriot) – What goes around comes around. Sooner or later, thugs that prey on innocents meet their end. When justice comes, it’s always a cause to celebrate. Sometimes, it’s a cause to laugh about, too–especially with criminals as stupid as these.

Two delinquents tried to burglarize a home in Macon, Georgia. When caught in the act, they ran away. While trying to shoot the owner of the house, one of the burglars shot his partner in crime (via WMGT 41). What an imbecile!

James Robert Young, 41, was a career criminal who thought the break-in would go smoothly. He took a younger, less experienced assistant–Aurie Mathis–along with him for the job. It was a decision that cost him his life.

Police say James Robert Young Jr. was shot and killed Monday morning while attempting to burlarize a home.

A woman in Macon, Georgia woke-up to find the two men attempting to steal her TV. She immediately confronted and yelled at the home invaders. When they heard her, the thugs panicked and headed straight for the door.

Mathis went out first. He happened to be armed, and for some reason, made the decision to fire a few shots behind his back as he ran out the door. Did he think he was in an action movie, where you can shoot behind your back and hit your target?

He also seemed to forget that doors are narrow. People cross through them single-file. That means James Young was right behind him in the doorway. Obviously, there was nowhere else for the bullet to go but through the second burglar. Young was hit and dropped dead.

Fortunately, the owner of the home wasn’t harmed at all. She was simply shaken, which is understandable given the immense stupidity of the intruders. Mathis initially got away, but was later caught by police.

What a way for James Young to end his extensive life of crime. You have to wonder if he thought a television was worth his life. Years of terrorizing innocent victims finally came to a gruesome end. The people of Georgia are rid of one more delinquent.

There are many lessons to take away from this. First, crime does not pay. Second, if you’re going to commit a crime, don’t give a gun to your inexperienced, jittery companion. If you do, make sure you’re out the door before him!

This break-in also highlights the importance of law-abiding homeowners to possess firearms for self-defense. The good news is these two burglars were complete morons. However, the bad guys don’t always make such stupid mistakes. In these situations, whether you have a gun or not can make the difference between life and death.

After all, it only takes seconds for a home intruder to get to your bedroom. Even if you manage to place a call to 911, it will take police several minutes to get to your house–just fast enough for them to collect your body.

That’s why we conservatives value the Second Amendment so highly. Libs want to take that right away from Americans. We have to keep fighting to protect the Second Amendment. Remember, no other rights matter if you’re dead.

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