Two Female Concert Attendants Made Threats Shortly Before Las Vegas Massacre

May 17, 2018 11:33 am  

( – The stories behind the Las Vegas massacre just keep getting weirder and weirder, while meanwhile, the official narrative from police and FBI get less consistent and less believeable.

A stunning new police report obtained by Intellihub have revealed that two female concert-goers, apparently both hispanic in appearance, made highly suspicious comments in the presence of a female security officer at around 9:20 pm, shortly before the shooting took place.

Intellihub reports:

According to the security guard’s statement, one of the two women was approximately 5′-6″ tall, weighed about 200 lbs, and had long straight black hair past her shoulders. She was wearing a light colored shirt, and was in her 30’s, and was possibly Mexican but had no accent. Her voice was clear and concise, and she came off as cold, hard, and hateful, the security guard reported.

The woman was overheard saying: “These stupid fu**ing white people are going to know how it feels, they deserve this. Wait until later.”

Additionally, the security guard documented how a second woman, who also appeared to be Hispanic (about 5′-4″, petite, short black straight hair, no accent, in her 30’s) made additional threats and may have had foreknowledge of the attack.

“Woohoo! Like shooting fish in a barrel,” the second woman said.

Why is this the first we are hearing of it? And what about the woman who supposedly warned people that the attack was about to take place?

Why has everyone been so content to just forget all about this insanely confusing story and move on to the next high-profile shootings without looking back?

Everything about this story stinks, and sadly, it’s highly doubtful the establishment will allow it to be fully and properly investigated.

This is why you can never trust the Federal government.

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