Two Angry Women Arrested Including A High School Counselor After They Beat The Hell Out Of Wisconsin State Senator At Black Lives Matter Rally

(Gateway Pundit) – In June angry Black Lives Matter leftists tore down the statue of Hans Christian Heg in Madison, Wisconsin.

They beheaded the statue and then threw it in a lake.

Hans Christian Heg was an abolitionist who gave his life to end slavery in America.

The protesters are idiots.

During their rioting Democrat Senator Tim Carpenter stopped by and took a video of the destruction.

The mob turned on him. They punched him, beat him in the head, neck and ribs. They socked him in the left eye and gave him a concussion.

There is video of Senator Tim Carpenter before his beatdown.

And here is Senator Carpenter after the angry women beat the hell out of him.

Above image credit: @lanceveeser

Earlier this week the two angry women were arrested. One is a high school counselor.

Samantha Rae Hamer and Kerida O’Reilly (in green hair) were arrested for beating the hell out of a Democrat state senator.

Samantha Hamer is a social worker at a high school. She was put on administrative leave after the beating.

She must be great with the kids!

Twin Cities reported:

Prosecutors on Wednesday charged two women, including a high school social worker, with attacking a Wisconsin state senator during a chaotic night of violence outside the state Capitol last month.

Kerida O’Reilly, 33, and Samantha Hamer, 26, were each charged with one count of being a party to substantial battery, a felony punishable by up to $10,000 in fines and three-and-a-half years in prison, online court records show.

Both women were arrested Monday after they turned themselves in to police. They were scheduled to make initial court appearances on Wednesday afternoon.

O’Reilly’s attorney, Nathan Otis, said in an email to The Associated Press that it will become clear that she didn’t commit any crime, and that the lack of evidence will become clear as the case progresses.

In a separate email to the AP, Hamer’s attorney, Adam Welch, said his client is “absolutely not guilty” and that prosecutors’ case against her “is shockingly thin.”

Investigators believe the women attacked Democrat Tim Carpenter during June 23 protest outside the state Capitol, one of a series of protests in downtown Madison that took place after the May 25 death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.


  1. Hey Senator Carpenter, these are YOUR people, the socialist left. Perhaps you should get on the right side of this and leave your republic destroying constituents

  2. I would NEVER take a “beat down” from a bunch of rioting Communists! The first responders would arrive to find them face down DEAD on the pavement!!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!

  3. They both need to lose their jobs immediately and if the state won’t do it, the feds should prosecute as a civil rights case and hate crime, and both should see no less than 8 years behind bars. This liberal crap needs to stop now!

  4. Send them to Venezuela. If they get released by some liberal judge, people need to protest outside their residences. IMBECILES!!!

  5. Time to start maxing out punishments for the lawless. We need to apprehend, prosecute and incarcerate more law breakers. The rule of law must be enforced or we’ll see an increase in Portlands.

  6. Well, I will give credit to these two misguided nut cases, at least they beat the hell out of a senator from the one and only political party who has historically fought to keep the blacks from gaining their total rights. Too bad they have no idea about the true history in this country. I find it sad that the history of abolitionists is NOT being taught in schools anymore. Perhaps if there was MORE emphasis on how the whites fought for, and even died in, the cause of freedom of blacks there would not be the violent protests and riots we are seeing, or at least it would be leveled against the democrats who have lied and covered up their true intentions for way too long.

    • Mr. Lee . . . The only thing that is being taught in public schools these days is COMMUNIST PROPAGANDA. The Communists in America have infiltrated and taken over the public education system, the Lamestream Media, and the Democrap Party! IT IS WELL PAST TIME THAT AMERICAN PATRIOTS RETAKE OUR SOCIETY AND PUT THE COMMUNISTS DOWN PERMANENTLY!!!!!

    • I totally agree. Demos always project on GOP what they have a history of doing. Biden praises late Sen. Lee from W.Va. who was majority leader and a KKK member. His name and statue is all over W.Va. All these people want is power and they could care less about everyday people. The two women should get max sentence and have cells together so they can reflect on their idiocy.

      My evil twin sister who wears my clothes and speaks in male pitch is making 1111 bucks with CBS News writing fiction for their evening broadcast. Their regular staff is running out of ideas. They don’t know she’s a Trump supporter and if they did they’d fire her. She wrote last night that Trump is programming sharks to go after Democrat swimmers in NY, Maine, Cal. etc. They ran the story!

  7. The younger, spoiled generation feels entitled to viciously attack anything they don’t agree with! Stiff fines and jail time, no exceptions!

  8. I think they should have to pay for restoring the Hans Christian Heg statue, AFTER they get out of prison for assault. Since Harner has no knowledge of the history of the statues she is destroying, she should serve extra time in order to study. She dang well should not be in charge of our children.

  9. So the government officials who are getting attacked are the ones who are responsible for this turmoil in their own cities. You reap what you sow. How did things get this far? If these people hate this country so much, why are they still here? Leave this country NOW! They are creating discourse and destroying everything in their path and they have no shame or guilt. That social worker really needs to take an anger management course. I shudder to think what she has been indoctrinating into the minds of those high school kids. She does not belong among them.

  10. LOCK them UP in FEDERAL PRISON to serve a STIFF Lengthy Sentence . . . NO exceptions. One Disgusted Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  11. Arrest these anti American witches and give them the full sentence! When they get out they can each pay the 10,000 dollar fine through payroll deductions. Make an example of these wicked women!

  12. My concern is the children that this lady is a counselor of. I hope the parents see and understand what their children are being exposed to each and every day that they’re in school. It is a slow demise and a calculated plan to dissolve the United States of America.

  13. It’s clear that the inmates are in charge of the nut house in Wisconsin. Cities run by Democrats give us a clear example of what our entire country will be like if the Dems win in November. Wake up, America! Smell the coffee and clear your thinking!

  14. A high school social worker – how did she ever get hired? A women who obviously has no ethics or integrity! Didn’t anyone ever do a Psychological analysis on her? Wait a minute – stupid question, The person who is now the Governor of Wisconsin was the former Secretary of Education in Wisconsin. he’s dishonest – he’s fought for pedophiles and and people who viewed pron while on the job to keep their jobs as school teachers. Ah yes just more fine examples of Democrats!

  15. Hope others have noticed. There is a large amount of young, white women, involved in the current violence. Now, I don’t know the primary cause for this. But, I’d wager on one or two things, both parental ; 1)Parents have failed to raise their kids with any self esteem, pride or worthy education. 2) Simply, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, by design……


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