Twitter CEO Forced To Apologize By Progressive Bullies After Eating At Chick-Fil-A

June 13, 2018 10:22 am  

( – Twitter CEO and founder Jack Dorsey just committed the unthinkable…and tweeted about it.

He ate at Chick-Fil-A.

During Gay Pride Month.

To progressives, this was high treason, an unforgivable sin, absolutely leftist blasphemy.

Not only did Dorsey give his money to a Christian company, but during the high holy holiday of Gay Pride?

What. Was. He. Thinking.

Dorsey got himself into this little pickle when he tweeted out a screenshot of money he’d saved at Chick-Fil-A using the app Boost.

He was instantly ripped into by infuriating progressives who had clearly assumed he was fully on board with their monolithic moral agenda:

“On behalf of the whole LGBTQ community, Jack, kindly boost your head out of your ass,” wrote one angry follower.

“Please delete this or follow up with how much free advertising you’re going to give GLAAD,” wrote another.

“Chick-fil-A funded several anti gay marriage groups and has a long history of bigoted hiring and firing practices. Speak with your money and spend your money in ways that help promote lgbt Americans in positive ways. Other companies sell chicken that don’t hate you,” lectured one utterly self-righteous Twitter user.

Apparently, eating at a place owned by people who oppose gay marriage wasn’t the only offensive thing about this. One expert level virtue signaler pointed out it was also a Christian company during Ramadan.

Give. Me. A Friggin. Break.

These are the people who drive regular Americans over to the right. Do you want to have your every action picked apart and subject to inane lecturing and ever-ready Thought Police who brow beat you if you even so much as sneeze in an offensive manner?

Or do you want to be with the people who defend your freedom of speech no matter what you say, or eat for that matter?

I think the choice is pretty obvious.

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