Twitter Bans Conservatives, Lets Reporter Ask Followers To Kill White Men

August 9, 2018 5:55 pm  

(Conservative Tribune) – If you’re a white person, be on the lookout for Joseph Bernstein’s death squads.

The Buzzfeed senior technology reporter had an unfortunate tweet from October 2014 resurface.

The tweet has been deleted, but Bernstein’s account has not been banned, despite the tweet’s calling for the selected and systematic killing of a specific race and gender.

Before this article lands on the front page of a slew of liberal sites with the headline “Conservative Site HATES Free Speech,” let me explain where your outrage should be focused.

First of all, we’re all for free speech no matter how uncomfortable it makes people. Bernstein should be allowed to shout all the genocidal remarks he likes at the top of his lungs. It doesn’t make him right, but it makes him free. Once government crackdown begins on ANY free speech, it’s a tough tide to stem.

The anger comes from Twitter’s arbitrary (and often outright racist) policies regarding whom to silence and whom to promote.

Sarah Jeong, the newly hired member of The New York Times editorial board, is the most recent center of this debate, freely calling for the culling of white people. Conservative commentator Candace Owens posted tweets using Jeong’s exact language to make a point, changing only the ethnicity of the targets, and was promptly censored.

But just like the private space of a movie theater can throw someone out for shouting “fire,” Twitter has every right to censor whatever it likes. It’s a private platform, and the First Amendment only protects you from government crackdowns.

The problem you should have is with Twitter’s lack of honesty and transparency. Such a big platform can foster conversations, drives, and speech that will have serious real-world consequences.

On Wednesday, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey called in to Sean Hannity’s radio show. Dorsey claimed that his platform does not “shadow ban” (a sort-of ban that doesn’t notify you, but simply leaves you wondering why your content isn’t being seen), although it has been proven that Twitter actively engages in it.

We’ve seen time and time again that liberals will use dirty tactics like this to intimidate and steal the vote. While antifa thugs have replaced the KKK as the paramilitary wing of the Democrat Party, social media has become party’s propaganda arm.

Donald Trump Jr. noted Twitter’s dishonest tactics during the Ohio special election.

All of these double standards play out every day.

Still, liberals like Bernstein should be careful what they wish for, because liberal death squads don’t often stop to ask questions. Even looking white can evolve into a punishable offense in his diverse dream world run by mob justice.

Just like the French Revolution, he probably wouldn’t be able to squeak out a “but I was on YOUR side” as his attackers drag him to the guillotine.

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