Tucker: Dems Putting “Wokeness Above All” By Blocking Coronavirus Relief

Democratic legislation “uses the words diverse or diversity more than 60 times”

(Infowars) – Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson slammed Democrats for holding up the coronavirus relief legislation, urging that they are “indulging their creepy ideological obsessions” by inserting stuff that has absolutely “nothing to do with fighting the pandemic.”

Carlson highlighted several parts of the 1,400 page House Democratic bill, which is stuffed with pork, and noted that most of it is about being ‘woke’ rather than fighting the killer virus.

“The bill would require every corporation that receives coronavirus aid to have officers and a budget dedicated to diversity and inclusion initiatives for a minimum of five years after they get the money,” Carlson noted.

“Because that is going to keep America healthy and prosperous, just like it has,” Carlson sarcastically emphasized.

“Companies would also have to produce elaborate racial reports for the government listing the skin color and the sex of their officers and boards of directors. They have to prove they give enough money to firms owned by women and nonwhites, and of course how much they spend on diversity initiatives,” he continued, pointing to the relevant sections of the bill.

Carlson noted that the bill “uses the words diverse or diversity more than 60 times.”

“What does that have to do with the pandemic that might kill you?” he asserted, adding “Not one thing. Just more ugly race politics, the kind they specialize in.”

“This is insanity, it’s dangerous insanity,” he proclaimed, adding “Who cares what color your scientists are?”



  1. Is what Pelosi and Schumer trying to do to approve the bill quit pro quo or bribery against the people? They should be impeached.

  2. What a load of bullshit!! It sure sounds like reverse discrimination, but then discrimination
    is discrimination no matter what PC term you call it. These democraps have so much hate
    for the US and Trump that ALL of them must be removed from office and prosecuted and executed for treason.

  3. I HATE these PC terms and the butchering of the English language with the “Woke” term. I’d like to see these PC Woke-heads wake up, smell the coffee, get off their fat, PC, entitled butts and DO SOMETHING to help OTHER people instead of themselves for a change.

    By the way, I also Detest “Social Distancing”. It’s so pretentious. I’ve always been taught to “Stay Away or Keep My Distance” when it was the cold and/or flu season. Gimme a break please.


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