Trump Supporting High Schooler Harassed, Threatened And Hounded Out Of School By Liberal Classmates — Principal Tells Her “It Will Blow Over” (Video)

(Gateway Pundit) – Washington DC senior Jayne Zirkle was forced to leave her high school after continued harassment and threats from her liberal classmates for supporting President Trump. And Jayne says the teachers were not helpful. She even had instances where the liberal teachers lowered her grades because she supported the president.

Jayne Zirkle told OANN that during her meeting with the principal her classmates started harassing her online. The principal said, “It will all blow over.”

How awful.

Can you imagine a principal saying that to a gay or black student?

Flashback: Pro-Trump Student Assaulted At High School Anti-Gun Rally

Does it come as any surprise to you that the students participating in the highly-publicized National Walkout Day propaganda stunt would be as violent as their Antifa counterparts?

The left understands nothing but emotionalism and violence, and clearly the irony of beating up a student at a rally that’s supposed to be against gun violence escapes them.

Well, violence is exactly what one student experienced when he had the audacity to show his support for the President during the National Walkout Day anti-gun rally on Tuesday.

The Daily Wire reports:

According to Minnesota police, a student carrying a flag with “Trump” written on it was assaulted by as many as eight other students during the National School Walkout Day gun control demonstration at Southwest High School in Minneapolis.

Police say the incident happened outside of the school while students were observing a moment of silence in remembrance of victims of school shootings.

“As students were observing a moment of silence, two students confronted the flag-baring student across the street from campus,” CBS Minnesota reports. “Six other students joined in the confrontation, taking away his flag, damaging his camera and inflicting minor injuries.”

The assault ended when a school resource officer intervened. None of the students who attacked the pro-Trump student were arrested, but police say the resource officer is investigating the incident.

This is plain evidence that the National Walk Out rallies had nothing to do with honoring the dead, they were entirely about partisan politics and were specifically designed to use high school students as angry little leftist foot soldiers, which these students were more than happy to do.

It’s also of course worthy of note that these students weren’t arrested for the violent assault, another bitter irony considering the lives that they were supposed to be honoring could have been saved if the Broward County Sheriff’s Department had arrested Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz, so there’s eight more youth getting away with crimes that might have prevented them from being legally able to own firearms in the future, Democrats.

Hitler brainwashed the young masses to get behind his campaign, because teenagers have young, impressionable minds and a reckless thirst for uproar and violence. The left is employing the same tactics to ride on the back of clueless high school students who don’t even know what they’re marching now.

These juvenile delinquents are doing exactly what the left wants–literally bashing someone who does something as mundane as demonstrating support for our President at a politically-charged event.

Our future generations are being taught that it’s perfectly OK to beat people up and smash private property if you disagree with someone or are upset about something, but they don’t even have knowledge base to understand what they’re doing, our schools are completely failing.

This assault is a perfect example of why we can’t trust teenagers to decide if our sacred rights get taken away–and a reminder why we need to be able to defend ourselves as well! If this is what the youth of America are being inspired to do, the right to bear arms is more important than ever.


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