Trump Sending Combat Engineers To The Border And They’ve Got A Big Surprise For The Approaching Migrants

November 5, 2018 5:45 pm  

( – 5,200 active-duty soldiers are currently headed towards our Southern Border to greet the approaching migrant caravan, according to U.S. Northern Commander Air Force Gen. Terrence O’Shaughnessy, to “harden the points of entry and address key gaps in areas around the points of entry.”

Gen. O’Shaughnessy says of the three combat engineer battallions included in these troops, they’re equipped “with expertise in building temporary vehicle barriers, fencing — and we’re bringing them in with heavy equipment which, as we speak right now, is line-hauling towards Texas.”

The engineers will be armed with a favorite supply for creating temporary borders of this kind: 22 miles of concertina wire.

The wire, unlike barb wire which was designed for livestock, concertina wire is designed especially for humans.

The coiled wire is equipped with razors instead of barbs, and is incredibly difficult to climb over.

Even trained professionals have difficulty traversing the razor wire without getting caught and shredded up.

It’s quick and easy to set up, intimidating to face, and nearly impossible to traverse.

The perfect temporary border security measure for our troops.

Spanish authorities have witnessed its effectiveness first-hand in recent years, as they work to secure their borders from a surge of North African migrants who get caught and trapped in the wire as they attempt to cross it.

The migrants have their clothes caught and torn in the wire, and any attempt to free themselves is usually met with severe lacerations.

The 7,000+ migrants headed towards our border with the express goal of crossing our border may be surprised to find that it likely won’t take much to stop them in their tracks.

Rather than face the end of American weapons, they can choose if they want to find an alternative method for entering our country–a legal one–or end up pinned to the top of a fence.

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