Trump Puts Obama To Shame Again, Shatters 14-Year Manufacturing Record

January 7, 2018 2:00 am  


Donald Trump has made huge sacrifices for this country in his first year as President. He gave up his comfortable lifestyle in quest to make this country great again.

But despite this, he is CONSTANTLY persecuted each and every day by the liberal media, obstructionist Democrats, and lunatic leftists… just for fulfilling his promises.

Here are the FACTS:

  • Since President Trump took office…
  • Unemployment has fallen to a 17 year low
  • Over 1.9 million jobs have been added
  • The stock market has gone up more than six TRILLION dollars
  • ISIS is on the run
  • New home sales have soared to a 10 year high

But unlike Obama, Donald Trump has sacrificed his own wealth to make America prosperous for EVERYONE.

Forbes has estimated that Trump has lost $600 MILLION in net worth since taking office… and still he carries on for us.

And just to add icing on the cake, he’s donated EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR of his Presidential salary.

That’s why I’m asking you to join with me and help show President Trump just how many Americans are grateful for everything he’s done for this country.


Help me reach the 100,000 signature goal in the next 48 hours!

Here’s the truth… your thank you signature, along with the signature of 100,000 fellow Americans, is more powerful than ANY attack the left can throw at President Trump.

He needs to know we have his back, and that we’re standing right beside him as he continues to fight for America.

Will you stand with the President by signing your Thank You pledge right now?


Steve Eichler
CEO, Tea Party

P.S. – President Trump is taking on the liberal media and Washington D.C. Elites every single today. So today, let’s fight for HIM! After you sign, help us secure more signatures alongside yours and support the efforts that President Trump is making.

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