Trump Overflow Crowd So Huge It Has Its Own Overflow Crowd At New Hampshire Rally (Photos, Video)

(Gateway Pundit) – President Trump held a huge campaign rally at a jam-packed 12,000 seat SNHU arena in Manchester, New Hampshire Monday night on the eve of that state’s first in the nation presidential primary. Supporters started lining up in the cold and rain two days in advance, with several thousand remaining outside to watch the rally on a Jumbotron after the doors were locked when the venue hit full capacity. Amazingly, there was an overflow crowd of hundreds apart from the overflow crowd of thousands outside the arena that gathered way across the street to view and hear the Trump rally on the Jumbotron from a distance.

View from inside the arena looking out, two photos by Jack Posobiec.

Video by Scott Ford shows the huge crowd in the main overflow area watching the rally just outside the arena.

Photo from the overflow crowd looking across the street at the main overflow crowd, by Nick Emmons, WBZ-TV.

Video by the BBC’s Anthony Zurcher shows part of the huge overflow crowd gathered across the street from the main overflow crowd.

Earlier Monday the Trump campaign blasted Bernie Sanders for falsely claiming he had the largest rally in New Hampshire this primary season with a crowd of 1,981 in Keene Sunday night.

Bonus: Video from Dan Scavino as President Trump takes the stage.

And campaign manager Brad Parscale with the numbers from the rally: 52,559 Tickets, 24,732 Voters Identified (41% From NH), 17% Didn’t Vote in 2016, 25.4% Democrats.


  1. It seems that each rally is larger than the last. And to think that these folks started gathering two days earlier in freezing rainy weather. How could anyone think that our President would not be re-elected in Nov.? Whenever I hear that there will be a rally, I clear my schedule. I’ve missed only the ones that I didn’t know about. I wish there could be some way to alert us about upcoming rallies.

  2. LORD JESUS, show YOUR Lovingkindness and grant YOUR SALVATION to those who are lost and without Hope in this world, for YOUR NAME’s SAKE. LORD JESUS grant YOUR Understanding and Wisdom to Americans TO VOTE TRUMP!

  3. CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC & the rest of the MSM that is against the rule of law and are putting our lies to hurt our country need to be disbanded & some of the people that work for them need to be jailed. I know we could sayid someone I’d stupid enough to believe them then it is their own fault but If someone watches a channel that is billed as a NEWS channel but it’s really not then they need to be taken down. Be really to have to kill the democrats after Trump wins another 4 years in Nov. I don’t say that like I want it to happen I just feel like the left is going to start a war that we will have to finish. I know I could have said, we will have to fight these people but it will be more then that. There will be killing going on and once it starts the only way to win is to kill more of them then they kill of us. Pray that this doesn’t happen but be ready because I believe it will. I pray that I’m wrong. I keep thinking of the scripture MATT 19;26 with God all things are possible.


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