Trump Legal Team Holds Major Presser Revealing “Clear And Viable Path To Victory”

( Exclusive) – As this 2020 presidential election continues on deep into the month of November, many developments have popped up here and there that are starting to take a negative toll on the millions of Trump supporters around America, who fear that Democrats are going to end up stealing this election away from the president.

To some, it might look bleak at the moment, as if there is no way forward through this mess, no path for Trump to win. But it ain’t over until it’s over. There are still lawsuits pending and recount requests being made.

And, to shed even more positivity on Trump’s possibilities for taking home a second term in the Oval Office, the president’s legal team held a presser discussed a “clear and viable path to victory.”

If that doesn’t brighten your day, what will?

According to the folks at the Gateway Pundit, the team also put out a press release:

It’s clear that Democrats have been plotting this nonsense from the very beginning of the presidential election cycle. Heck, given how much they hate Donald Trump, this may have been part of the plan from the start of his term.

However, despite the questionable results, the president pulled in millions of more votes than many liberal pundits and pollsters predicted, showcasing the fact that Americans are on board with Trump’s plan for America’s future.

The only folks opposed to it all are those who are desperate to see the country be destroyed and rebuilt in the image of Marx. Individuals who have no interest in preserving liberty because they want to rule over others with an iron fist and line their pockets with other people’s money.

And the only way they could pull off the victory seems to be if they cheat. We have to continue fighting against this hostile takeover. We have to support our president and fight to have instances of voter fraud investigated thoroughly.

Failure to do so will mean Biden in the White House. It will mean a soft old man that can be pushed by radicals in Congress to move even further to the left.

Our election system is the foundation for our country. Freedom hinges on keeping it fraud free, and that’s what Trump’s battle with these questionable results is all about.

Copyright 2020.

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  1. It’s way past time for Obama to be locked up folks ! If they drag this out to long he will leave the country to avoid prosecution. We cannot have that !

  2. It is so amazing that Giuliani and Trump supporters can find all this yet law enforcement or ever start Republican’s can find nothing in the way of fraud in any way. Lawyers taking Trump’s cases to courts with Trump appointed judges have had to admit they have no proof of wrong doing or fraud, now those who have experience with how elections work would know that most of the claims are impossible to have happened, a very good example is the accusation of boxes of ballots being sneaked in during counting, when anyone who has worked with any election knows that when the voting is over with members of both parties present, a tally from the amount of voters is compared with the tally of the number of votes, then a tally sheet is generated and copies given to all concerned normally 6 copies, then all is labeled and boxed for transportation to the counting center, where they are again tallied and another tally sheet is generated with copies given to all concerned, now when the votes are counted once again a tally sheet is generated and those tallies are compared to all the other tally sheets and the numbers must match.

    • It’s more amazing your hero the brown clown obama hasn’t been indicted yet . Don’t you agree ?
      Of course ,you’re simply following your master’s narrative, so you’re just today’s progressive liberal trash huh Robert ?

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