Trump Lawyer Lin Wood Tops Previous Statements About Justice Roberts With Explosive New Claims… Jeffrey Epstein Alive?!

( Exclusive) – Attorney Lin Wood, one of the Trump lawyers who has been helping the President in his efforts to expose corruption and fraud in the 2020 election, is showing that he is quite the multi-tasker.

While he is undoubtedly knee-deep in election fraud, tampering, and corruption evidence, he also has time on the side to call out the nation’s top judicial authority.

In a series of tweets, Wood made some shocking comments connecting Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts to convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and alleged illegal child adoption.

If true, CJ Roberts certainly has some explaining to do and it just further proves just how corrupt the establishment truly is and how deep the swamp reaches.

Wood claimed that he heard from “a reliable source” that “Roberts arranged an illegal adoption of two young children from Wales through Jeffrey Epstein.”

In the tweets, he pointed out that we all can “agree” that Epstein was a pedophile and “knows pedophilia.” He went on to allude to the idea that Epstein is still alive, a belief that many have had since his bizarre and unlikely “suicide.”

He went on to say that he has “publicly accused him & Justice Breyer of being profane anti-Trumpers” and that he has “linked Roberts to illegal adoption, Jeffrey Epstein, pedophilia & prior knowledge of Scalia’s death,” and then asked if Roberts skipped the “class on defamation?”

In other words, if what he is saying isn’t true then Roberts could easily sue him in court for defamation. Wood is essentially saying that the fact that Roberts is not responding to his very public and damning accusations that implies they must be true.

Naturally, the mainstream media savagely went after Wood for his allegations against Roberts to which he responded that he is “fully aware of the onslaught of attacks” being made against him because of the allegations and then asserted that “fair-minded people” would perhaps first ask Roberts about the truth.

He also stated that they should “ask Epstein” before claiming that he is alive.

These are some disturbing accusations for sure and if they were being levied against a conservative justice you had better believe there would be rabidly angry protestors outside the Supreme Court in Washington DC until their head was on a spike.

CJ Roberts, however, is given the luxury of the blind eye by sycophant liberals and the propaganda media outlets.

While we may never know the truth, one thing is for sure, Roberts is a corrupt anti-Trumper and should be removed from his position just based on the fact that he has shown a clear inability to put the law first over his own biases.

Copyright 2020.

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  1. That is right Roberts is Obamas buddy and Robert is on the list frequently visiting Epstein’s Island and being connected to pedo. DISGUSTING Now when he puts his black rope on he demands respect from everybody. Well, he committed TREASON and he has NO RESPECT FROM ME. How can somebody like Roberts can serve on high court???????????????? THAT IS NOT JUSTICE

  2. Good for Lin Wood. We all know SOMETHING is up with Chief Justice Roberts. His rulings have not made sense ever since the Obamacare ruling.

    There’s a good chance that should Trump prevail on January 6th that the Democrats will try to appeal to the Supreme Court in some fashion, hoping that their corrupt Chief Justice will save them once again. Lin Wood’s revelations about Roberts may help to prevent that.


    • In the truest sense Mr. Lin Wood has “ legally “shamed the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and a member of the swamp Trump’s fought for years.

      Priceless !!

  3. The POS Robert’s would have already filed suit for defamation if this wasn’t true. It’s true so he can’t file defamation or he has to prove it up and investigations will begin. What a traitor, they are in every corner of our government. The real Americans need to take back our government, and these alphabet departments and senators and congressmen need to be ousted and term limits in place NOW go Trump MAGA 2020

  4. The last tweet above @ 9:31 AM, 12/31/2020 states: “Epstein is alive.”
    Roberts was nominated by George W. Bush.
    I think you can do the math on that.

  5. Roberts has proven that even a Chief Justice can still be. POS. He married late in life. Some think he may be homo or bi. If he went to the island was he after boys or girls?

    • If he doesn’t have any proof then Roberts can personally sue the pants off of Lin Wood .
      Will Roberts , the savior of obamacare file suit ?

    • Obama’s gang sure did with the largest tax increase known..obamacare . Judges can be a subject of extortion too , even this one .

  6. OK, I don’t see here where Lin Wood claimed that Epstein is still alive. He said, “IF only Epstein were still alive.” One can twist that anyway. We’ve all said that about someone who has past & we’ve watched them been put in the grave.

    Though, I don’t know why anyone would want Scalia to die when we have a President that is going t try to replace him with someone of like character.

  7. It is disgusting if it is true what Lin Wood is alleging about top Judge in the nation!
    God bless America!
    God bless Trump, champion for MAGA!

    • Roberts is guilty of TREASON, and going to Epsteins island and illegally allowed 2 children. Jeff Epstein is mlm alive in a country where Deep State can’t touch him. Roberts I’s a WORTHLESS Judge and should be shot for Treason. Roberts talked about Scalis and was talking who was going to take his place when Scalis dies.
      Please don’t give Roberts any credit.

  8. My thoughts are completely in line with Lin Woods. Have thought Scalia was murdered, a coincidental death of convenience as we have seen many of accredited to the Clintons and Obama. Very long lists. As to Epstein, yes there is a great chance that he was removed and taken to a safe place. All information regarding his cell at the time ipoints to that. Isn’t his cell mate dead? Just like Loretta Fuddy is dead!

    • Seems to me since Epstein’s supposedly suicide in federal custody we haven’t heard one peep out of his most famous friend and fellow child abuser William Jefferson Clinton .


  9. It is a significant act that states legislatures pass laws. The reason for the laws governing election, their processes are established for significant reasons, to avoid theft and secure the voice of the legal voters that have the Constitutional right to note as apposed to those imposter votes. It became , under Obama, the fashion to ignore the laws which do not suit personal values which should bring into question the personal values of administrators who ignore our societies laws. It is a foolish population that tolerate officials to ignore laws.

    We have several states legislatures that have establish laws governing their election process, but the people entrusted and paid by the people to manage these elections within the guidance of the people’s laws CHOSE TO IGNORE THOSE LAWS AND BETRAY THE PEOPLE’S TRUST. In any other sphere this is a crime. But here it appears to be accepted and the results of the election in which violations impacted the outcome are anticipated to stand and be certified by the same people that violated the laws. Certified means “. . .officially recognized as possessing certain qualifications or meeting certain standards.. . .”BUT this election DID NOT MEET or even come close to THE OFFICIAL STANDARDS . THIS HAS BEEN VERIFIED AND DEMONSTRATED OVER AND OVER BY A HOST OF VALID EXPERT WITNESSES.

    If I violated the laws and cut corners and instead of taking just my money out of a bank, I chose to take the money of many other people. Does the Bank accept the money as a valid with drawl and my money?

    I you also believe that laws are put in place for a reason and object to your voice being silenced enabling a fraudulent administration to be put in place, go to and send free your petition to congress demanding the laws be enforced and illegitimate election results be abandoned to allow the true voice of the people be heard NOT THE VOICE OF THE DEAD, ILLEGAL, UNDERAGE, OR FICTITIOUS PEOPLE ALONG WITH THE TENS OF THOUSANDS THAT VOTED TWICE USING china printed ballots.

    • Obama, perhaps the most racist public official ever, ignored the Constitution and the legal system in their totality, because he was certain no one would oppose that and not be called racist. His father, mother and grand parents taught him that.

    • You make some very valid points, but I also have to point out, in many cases it was not state legislatures the changed laws to allow the fraud that went on this past election. It was the Governors, election boards, state supreme courts or Attorneys General, who do not have the power to change election processes.
      But Roberts also has to bare some responsibility as he has refused to let the Supreme Court hear challenges.

    • The Clinton Curse. There is simply no limit to it. If nothing else, the Trump election has fully brought that out in the open. America’s enemies, teammates of Obama, all bent in destroying the US for personal gain and perpetual power.


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