Trump Honors High School Football Players Suspended For Displaying ‘Thin Blue Line’ Flag

(Breitbart) – President Donald Trump on Monday welcomed two Ohio High School students who were suspended for carrying pro-law enforcement and first responder flags onto their football field.

“They’re good looking kids. I want to congratulate you,” Trump said as the two students joined him on stage. “You’ve become famous.”

The two students, Brady Williams and Jarad Bentley, ran onto the field with a “Thin Blue Line” and a “Thin Red Line” flag before their game on September 11th. Officials from Little Miami School District suspended the students, but they were eventually reinstated after the story went national.

Williams is the son of a Sheriff’s deputy and Bentley is the son of a fireman.

“They’re going to go to Hollywood. They’re going to become famous right now,” Trump said.

When asked if they were still glad they did it, Williams replied, “Yeah, more than ever.”

Williams wore an NYPD hat and a thin blue line tie along with his suit while meeting the president, and Bentley wore a red tie.

The non-profit group Holiday for Heroes announced that they would award the two students with scholarships.

When President Trump asked them how their football team was doing, the replied shortly, “Could be better.”

Trump chuckled.

“You know what? You’re doing great. And everybody out here loves you and appreciates you,” Trump said as the crowd cheered wildly and chanted “U-S-A!”

Video: Trump brings the Little Miami High School football players on stage


  1. The liberal BLM Democratic socialist communists must be losing their minds and are miserable over this video. What a great day! Great to see we have some hope from some young people being positive and caring about what is right. Wake up kids in Portland and Seattle, get off the pot and believe in something positive, rioting looting burning buildings are no way to go through life!

  2. They should sue the people not the school since that would just punish the families who have children at the school. They should demand that those who did this be banned from the Education System for life as well as being banned from having anything to do with children including their own for life. Those who suspended these two young men show how and Why LIBERAL IGNORANCE is DESTROYING America’s EDUCATION SYSTEM.

    • No Jesse, they SHOULD sue the school system. It’s the school that allows this crap to happen. Next time, maybe they’ll be on top of what goes on with the teachers and staff of they’re losing money. Money and power is the only thing these liberal cucks care about.


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