Trump Haters Reveal Their Ignorance In Hilarious Twitter Rants About “Coyotes”

( Exclusive) – Ignorance is bliss… for those who are ignorant. For the rest of us, ignorance is just downright frustrating and annoying. In 21st century woke America, where everyone has access to the internet literally at their fingertips, it’s truly appalling how ignorant so many truly are.

The truth is, it is ignorant, low-information voters that are posing the most danger to America. If Joe Biden manages to win the election November 3rd, it will be because of massive cheating but also because of low-information, uninformed voters.

That is the epitome of the Democrat’s voter base. These are the people who gobble up everything the crooked mainstream media outlets throw down the pike. Liberal voters hate President Trump because they’re told to not because they have valid reasons for it.

A prime example of this is how the MSM managed to convince millions of bleeding-heart American liberals that President Trump was cold-heartedly ripping children away from their parents at the southern border and abusively sticking them in cages never to see their loving parents ever again.

First of all, President Trump did not force anyone from South or Central America to attempt to enter the US illegally so it’s really not fair to hold him accountable for the consequences of other’s actions.

That being said, liberals pretend to care so much about the children at the border in cages (that Barack Obama built) but, yet they don’t even understand basic terminology used to describe nefarious characters who illegally traffic children across our border for profit.

President Trump did more than just expose liberal’s ignorance Thursday night during the debate when he used the word “coyote,” he exposed their blind and rabid hatred of him as well.

When the over 500 children at the border whose parents are missing were brought up at the debate, President Trump explained that not all of these children were brought to the border by their parents and that they may have been brought by “coyotes” who were attempting to traffic them. This resulted in mass confusion among blue checkmark liberals on Twitter who had no clue what a coyote is.

At the debate President Trump said, “Children are brought here by coyotes and lots of bad people, cartels, and they’re brought here. And it’s easy to use them to get into our country.” All of which is 100 percent accurate. You would think the bleeding-heart liberals who care so much about the children would know these things, but alas, they took to Twitter to put their ignorance on full display.

Twitter lit up with hilarious posts from leftists claiming that President Trump said animals are bringing children across the US border illegally. You can’t make this stuff up.

“Imagine calling the immigrant parents that bring their children to the United States for a better life ‘Coyotes,’” Parkland, Florida anti-gun activist David Hogg tweeted. “The level of xenophobia is sickening.” We wonder how stupid he felt after he learned what a “coyote” actually is.

Educated people were jumping in on the absurdity as well. Dar’shun Kendrick is an attorney and member of the Georgia House of Representatives. Here’s what she had to say, “Did @realDonaldTrump just say 545 kids they can’t find their parents for came over through “cartels and coyotes”?! How the hell does a coyote bring a whole human across the border?! Lord—–stop talking.”

Stop talking? Hopefully she looked in the mirror and said that to herself after learning the truth about what really goes on at the border. What an embarrassing rant.

The ignorance went on and on…

…but there were fortunately some who quickly pointed out how absurd it all was.

“Amazing that some blue checkmarks on this platform are always telling others to educate themselves, yet they have no idea what #Coyotes are,” wrote one user. That’s an excellent point. Liberals love to pretend to be the most enlightened and educated among us, yet, here they were, showcasing that supposed education for the world to see.

Stanley Roberts gave liberals a helping hand and posted the very definition of a coyote as per the Oxford dictionary:

Not only did liberals reveal they are clueless about what really happens at the border and the dangers these children are in, they proved they don’t actually care about these children at all.

You’d think if someone actually cared about a specific cause to the point that it caused them to hate another human being over their perceived mishandling of said cause, they would make it their business to know everything there was to know about it.

Interestingly, liberals have just exposed that they only care about the children at the border when they can blame it on President Trump and when they can hate President Trump over it. Children being trafficked, apparently, doesn’t bother them because if it did they would surely know what a coyote was.

Blind hatred among low-information voters could be the ruin of America.

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Copyright 2020.


  1. Maybe if these idiots finished high school and learned about the world and didn’t smoke pot all day they could include themselves in conversations. These idiots are people voting for Biden, although they probably won’t vote because they couldn’t understand how to fill out a ballot and don’t have enough money to take the bus to a polling place because they spent all of their money on drugs, paper shields, umbrellas and gas masks!

  2. If Hispanic men who bring children across the border are coyotes, are the racist people supporting trump pigs? I mean racists who support trump are about as smart as pigs.

    • Does mr j stand for jack off, please stop taking drugs and educate yourself! Drive to Nogales AZ and cross the border and ask for a coyote and see if a dog shows up or a person. Then you might understand the use of the word. Are all liberals this stupid that they think a coyote smuggling people is race related. Talk to people trying to get across the border and they will tell you that coyote is the name they use to ask for help to get across the border. It has nothing to do with being racist, a coyote smuggler is a mean scavenger of people that will kill you just like the coyote dog will if you turn your back in them.

    • As a liberal uneducated socialist democrat I see again you did not do your homework! Although you probably don’t know how anyway! If you would check you would see that pigs happen to be very intelligent animals whereas coyote’s are cowards and scavenger’s! Something you would understand! And also notice that the last four letters in Republican spells ICAN whereas the last four letters in Democrats spells RATS! Think about it!

  3. Liberals know exactly what the President was talking about when he talked about the coyotes, they’re just acting pendejos. It’s the same stupid act that hillary did when it was said she probably used a program called bleach bit to help her wipe tons of evidential data that could’ve been incriminating.
    She acted pendeja by saying she was being accused of literally pouring liquid bleach on her machines when she knew exactly what they meant.
    This coyote bit is the same stupid thing liberals do to get their idiot base to swallow everything they dish out without question.

    • Me J what you said is so stupid it’s not even worth a comment. Look up the word just a Democrat vote too stupid and just plain dumb to even vote. If it wasn’t voters like you he wouldn’t get 59 votes

    • You’ve just displayed your stupidity and ignorance for all to see. You’re saying that President Trump referred to Hispanic ” men” in general ? No he didn’t, you imbecile, he was making reference to the low – life human traffickers who smuggle people across the Mexican border for hefty fees.
      The Mexicans call these human traffickers, ” coyotes ” because they are supposedly as crafty and cunning as their four legged counter parts. You have the obtuseness of a bowling ball.

  4. It no longer amazes me that supposedly educated people are so supremely ignorant. They probably got through school by sleeping with their professors (didn’t matter whether they were male or female). They were fed incorrect information and raised on a diet of hate. That’s the way the Democrats want it. The last thing the Democrat party can have is an intelligent and aware populace.

  5. When people choose to embrace the habit of living in mental darkness, stupidness follows them their whole life. Democrats have chosen to be ignorant. Reasonable rational people do not create reality to please themselves as they ignore the facts. Democrats are create the reality in their minds that they would want to have but fail to see what is going on until it is to late. They are suckers, but unfortunately they work to drag the rest of us into their hell hole and this country will be the next Venezuela hell hole if Soros’s army of fool is enabled to be the thief he has always been and steal the election.

    • Democrats are shameless ,I get a kick out of Biden commercials saying he will invite everyone, who was it that promoted 3.5 years of a hoax to remove a president ! Who was it that held up covid relief for un covid related items and now blames the president for the deficits ! Who invokes race into every debate ,even invoking Charlottesville and keep telling that false narrative on what was said ! And who promoted hate, look in the mirror DEMOCRATS !!


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