Trump Digs SICK Skeleton Out of Obama’s Closet, Heads are Starting to Roll

March 20, 2017 11:59 am  
“Obama’s goal, according to a close family friend, is to oust Trump from the Presidency either by forcing his resignation or through his impeachment.” -Daily Mail


In the entire history of the United States, NO American President has EVER stayed in Washington, DC after their term was complete. NO President has EVER interfered in his successor’s duties…


Barack Obama’s REVENGE

Reports are coming in that Obama is turning his new home into a top-secret insurgency headquarters.

He even has his closest radical ally – Valerie Jarrett – move into his mansion in order to help plot his revenge and ultimately overthrow President Trump.

Instead of going back home to Chicago, Barack Obama is maintaining a presence in DC so he can quickly calculate his next strike and reaching his end goal – the IMPEACHMENT of President Donald J. Trump!

Look, we’ve fought like hell for President Trump’s November win. The whole point was getting him in the White House so that he can reverse the damage done by Obama. But what happens when Obama won’t go out quietly, but instead plans to use every inch of his power to dismantle Donald Trump?

That’s why the Tea Party needs to know if you’re on our side

Obama was just CAUGHT in the biggest scandal in Presidential history – WIRETAPPING Donald Trump during his run for office in 2016!We’re on RED ALERT right now and digging down deep into what’s left of our War Chest to stop Obama’s last move… but we can’t do it without your help.

The liberal media is walking lock-step with Obama and rushing to his defense to attack Trump… but the evidence is clear.

Obama and his leftist cohort will stop at NOTHING to destroy Trump’s Presidency.

Right now, Mark Levin is issuing a call to all American Patriots, urging them to DEMAND that Congress investigate Obama’s ‘Silent Coup’ against Trump!

Let us know which side you’re on – Trump’s or Obama’s!

Then, once we have your support, please make a donation so that we can continue the fight against Obama’s treacherous schemes.

If he is able to take out Trump… there will be nothing standing in his way from reclaiming his power status in DC.

Obama’s Washington Operations base must be shut down.

Let’s force him into RETIREMENT and say – “NOT ON OUR WATCH!”

We’re out here on the front lines of this fight, and it’s just getting started.

So, fellow America, which side are you on?

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