Trump Blasts Joe Biden’s Abysmal Immigration, Border Policies And Says He’s Allowing America To Be “Destroyed”

( Exclusive) – The biggest threat facing the United States is not the climate change hoax, the Middle East, Russia or even China. The biggest threat facing America is the fraudulent Joe Biden regime and the radical left Democrats who are seeking to destroy it from within.

As soon as Biden was officially installed as President he wasted no time doing away and reversing all of the “America First” immigration and border policies implemented by President Trump.

Trump made massive progress on curbing the illegal immigration problem at the southern border which had plenty of other positive effects like reducing human and drug trafficking, for example.

Now, Biden has created a major crisis at the US-Mexico border and doesn’t seem in the least bit concerned about it.

Biden has returned to putting “kids in cages” by reopening previously closed facilities to cope with the massive influx of unaccompanied minor migrants. They’re allowing droves of illegal aliens into the country regardless of COVID test results and in the majority of cases there isn’t any testing being done at all.

It’s an absolute mess and it’s exactly what the Democrats want.

President Trump issued a statement on the border crisis Tuesday, blasting Biden and his poor decisions in regards to immigration and the border.

“When I was President, our Southern border was in great shape – stronger, safer, and more secure than ever before,” Trump asserted.

“We ended Catch-and-Release, shut down asylum fraud, and crippled the vicious smugglers, drug dealers, and human traffickers,” he continued.

“Our country is being destroyed at the Southern border, a terrible thing to see!”

It certainly is terrible to see but it’s going to be more terrible to feel which is only inevitable as the massive wave of illegal aliens coming into the US will eventually end up utilizing social and welfare services supported by American tax dollars.

Things under President Trump were great along the border and most Americans approved of the job he was doing. His Remain in Mexico program was hugely successful in reducing asylum fraud while the miles and miles of border wall he had built protected American citizens from dangerous gang and cartel members.

Biden’s flood of executive orders have all but destroyed everything protecting the US from the harmful and destructive effects of massive migration. His policies have signaled that the border is open for all who make it there.

This has caused caravans of migrants to make the journey to the US, bringing with them COVID and other diseases. They aren’t coming to America to assimilate and work hard to achieve the American dream. They’re coming here because Biden and the Democrats have promised to coddle and take care of them.

On our dime, of course.

While American officials in states along the border have complained and pleaded with Biden and his administration to do something about the open border situation, their complaints are falling on deaf ears.

The globalists in power want to destroy the US through destructive multiculturalism and Joe Biden is their puppet. A broken America is the only way to bring about the New World Order.

Copyright 2021.

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  1. I’m so sick of the democrats destroying our beautiful country and I wish nothing but DEATH to each one of the corrupt slimy politicians! Who do they think we are? We want freedom, we want to work and earn our own money; they need to be shot!

  2. $1.9 trillion with only 9% going to Americans “to relieve the pain” caused by the NIH, WHO, CDC, Bill the killer Gates, and his quack-fraud, Fauci.

    That incompetence acted on by Dirtbag Biden’s regime THROWING AWAY huge amounts of dollars to their pals, blatantly displays that covid was/is a planned hoax, and the progressive pukes of the Rat party do not have the integrity or honor to tell the TRUTH. They are evil people.

  3. Put Democrats in charge of the Sahara desert and they would have a sand shortage within weeks.
    This crisis is owned by their hero Biden .

  4. We in Virginia have always noted that Tim Kaine is a moron.

    On Wednesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Cuomo Primetime,” Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) stated that if H.R. 1 is filibustered, it would be blocking “voters and participation, the same way that the filibusterers in the 1960s did,” and that this will result in “a moment of reckoning on the floor of the Senate to decide whether Senate rules are more important than people’s rights and ability to participate in this democracy.”

    Kaine said, “H.R. 1 and S. 1 are bills to make sure we protect people’s rights to vote.

    M\Be sure to understand that Kaine has turned everything upside down. HR-1 sets the stage to make our votes meaningless, just like what comes out of his mouth.

    Kaine also stated during a recent interview that his supporters want gun control. I noted that during his run for vice president approximately 6 or possibly 7 of his supporters came to his rallies.

  5. President Trump interfered with obama’s fundamental transformation of America by the enemies of our Constitution and the foreign influences who work for our down fall. It would be very easy to stop the enemies by refusing to buy china products or to use the social media that has contrived against us.

    Now with President Trump out of the WH they evil put a empty suit with a blaring mentally declining brain in office to do their bidding. All of the chosen Bidden administration members have corrupt histories and are full members of the political mafia working for our enemies. EVERY ONE OF BIDEN’S ACTIONS HAVE BEEN DETRIMENTAL AND HARMFUL TO OUR EXISTENCE. His words are smoke screen words that have lost their intended meaning via his use intended to deceive.


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