Trump Admin Liberates Venezuela Embassy In DC From Occupation By Pro-Maduro American Communists

(Gateway Pundit) – The Embassy of Venezuela in the Georgetown section of Washington, D.C. was liberated by the Trump administration Thursday morning after a weeks long occupation by pro-Maduro American communists including the Obama and terrorist support group Code Pink. The arrests followed the posting on Monday of a warning to end the occupation.

The Trump administration recognizes the government of Juan Guaidó as the legitimate government of Venzuela over the claim to holding on to power by former president Nicolás Maduro. The embassy in D.C. has been occupied by Maduro supporters since early April. Dueling protests have been held outside the embassy by American communists and freedom supporting Venezuelans.

It was telling that no Venezuelans occupied the embassy–only American communists:

And yes, the occupiers were American communists:

On Wednesday Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr., was allowed to pass police lines to bring food and water to the occupiers.

The liberation was celebrated by the Guaidó government’s U.S. ambassador:

And denounced by the Maduro government:

Federal agents entered a rear entrance to the embassy and arrested the remaining four occupiers. The liberation was documented by local residents, activists and the media:

Photo by JR Cook of the occupiers being handcuffed via Instagram.

Names of those arrested: Margaret Flowers, Adrienne Pine, David Paul and Kevin Zeese.

And Venezuelans celebrating at the liberated embassy.

Reminder: In addition to working with terrorists like Hamas and state sponsor of terrorism like Iran, Code Pink allied with Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez and President Barack Obama:


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