Troy Aikman And Joe Buck Busted For Deplorable Comments About The Military During NFL Pregame

( Exclusive) – Police officers aren’t the only folks that the “woke” crowd in this country love to attack. The United States military has always been a favorite target of raging radical left-wingers, ever since the days of the Vietnam War when every soldier who risked their lives during that tragic conflict was greeted with shouts of “baby killer” when they arrived home.

What’s ironic is the same individuals calling soldiers “baby killers” were also supporters of abortion. And they still are. The ridiculousness of this conflict of beliefs is seemingly lost on liberals.

Well, the trend of attacking the military continued on Sunday during an NFL pregame show when a couple of announcers were busted disparaging military flyovers, giving yet another reason for fans to switch to a different channel this season.

According to BizPacReview, Fox sportscasters Joe Buck and former Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman caused quite a stir when they made negative comments about the military during their pregame show. Of course, liberals were tickled pink that the two were “woke” enough to say what they said, but others felt the comments were disrespectful and just another prime example of how sports are being used as political weapons in modern America.

This moment might have actually been a hot mic with the pair of announcers not even realizing the microphone was on and that they were being recorded. However, the controversial remarks were essentially delivered in the same manner as their commentary.

The two called the flyover a waste of money just before the start of the Buccaneers, Packers game Sunday.

What’s strange is that both Buck and Aikman seem to lean to the right, so the comments were bizarre. This has led some individuals to think they were actually said sarcastically.

“That’s a lot of jet fuel just to do a little flyover,” Aikman said in the audio recording.

Buck went on to say, “That’s your hard-earned money and your tax dollars at work!”

“That stuff ain’t happening with Kamala-Biden ticket. I’ll tell you that right now, partner,” the former Cowboys quarterback added.

You know, there really does seem to be a bit of sarcasm thrown in there. And it’s kind of weird that he reversed the names of the Democratic Party ticket, placing Harris before Biden. Especially since many conservatives tend to believe that Democrats are just using Biden as a front and will replace him with Harris, declaring him unfit for duty due to mental degradation from possible dementia.

That didn’t stop liberals from being super pumped about the comments though.

That’s just a small sample. It actually goes on for quite a bit. But, as stated above, some thought the whole thing was a dig at Democrats.

No matter which direction these comments come from, the bottom line is that sports used to be something that united folks who were from different walks of life together. We used to be able to set aside differences of opinion and thought, just long enough to be fans of something we all loved.

Democrats and liberals have ruined this though by applying pressure to make folks who are involved in professional sports and entertainment take public stands on issues in order to maintain relevance. If they want endorsement deals, they have to be involved in the right causes. Failure to be an activist results in shaming and a loss of revenue.

Welcome to the modern era of political saturation.

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  1. Aikman & Buck proving they are members of the Colin Kaepernick Hates America Fan Club. Haven’t watched one game since the heavily tattooed and afroed punkazzzbeeech took his first knee. Aikman & Buck are just like “Bob” and little b!cth boi billy lavoie….America-hating communist punkazzzzbeeeches !!!

  2. Replace them with people who are PROUD for their SERVICES
    What did those 2 bumbling idiots ever do for this country besides open their flaps?
    Send them to the unemployment line, find someone who gives a damn!!!o

  3. Both Buck and Aikman can kiss my donkey right in the brown part! Same thing for the NFL and the NBA! I was an avid fan of both until they decided to get into the BLM/antifa/Communist Democrap Party Bovine Scatology! I will never watch another game in either league again!!!

  4. another thing people don’t realize is the airspace over the stadiums are temporarily restricted during games, so as to protect the crowds from any type of attack. The fighter jets will escort any aircraft not authorized to be there out of the airspace.

  5. I live by Hill AFB in Utah. I hear and see the jets fly over daily. Yes, they can be loud, but every time I hear them and see them flying in formation heading out to the west desert for training runs I think to my self “that is the sound of freedom.”
    God Bless our Troops, their families, and America.

  6. First, Troy or Buck broadcasts any game don’t watch. I’m sick and tired of these folks that have done well with the American dream but continually shit on us folks who served to preserve their candy ass way of life. Hit these organizations and anti patriotic folks where it hurts, their wallet. I’m done with my these elite tards. USA MSG(ret)

  7. Whether or not these guys meant what they said or being sarcastic, they have to have enough common sense to keep statements like that out of the broadcast booth just in case they ARE caught on hot mic. If they were serious, it changes my mind on what I have always thought of each of them. If they were making a “joke”, they need to learn new material because it wasn’t at all funny. I wonder if Joe has since considered what his HOF’er dad, Jack, would say about the comment. Jack served in the USArmy during WWII and received a Purple Heart as a result of his service. Hey, Joe- C’mon, man!! Think!!

  8. Wasting millions on the Russia hoax and all the other political tricks against the office of President is sinful and should be paid for by the Democraps! drBob

  9. Troy,,you are a disgrace to TEXANS & Texas! If you ain’t got nothin’ good to say,,,don’t say nothin’. I’m ashamed of you!

  10. military flyovers are a waste of a money, typical talk radio show mentality, get indignant over something that is trivial at best.

  11. I read that military training money is used to fund these public flyovers…Training is essential to any military group or police organization, and if money is available, use it as intended. The precision of these flyovers is where the training is most useful. Wherever and whenever precision, such as in this case, right after the National Anthem, is required, you can’t get enough training, particularly when military lives depend on it.

    I too think these remarks, particularly in the case of Aikman, was really an attempt at sarcasm, but picked up and thrown to the masses as an attack against this president, and our military. Aikman is and has been a staunch supporter of conservative values for many years, and has donated good sums of money to each GOP candidate since Bush 41.
    I met him several years ago when he and my wife were on the same team carrying the Olympic Torch through it’s route in Dallas. He is one of the most popular and respected figures in the DFW Metroplex. But, given how the Biden/Harris ticket have been anti-military and anti-police, and want to cut both military spending and defund police, I have to think in Aikman’s case, he was indeed being sarcastic. Until I hear it from him that he was serious regarding the tenor and tone of his remark, I will continue to give him the benefit of the doubt.

  12. All pilots must have a certain number of flight and training hours each month, what better way to get some flying hours than a patriotic fly over!

  13. What about the time 0bama used Air Force One to return the family dog to D C because they didn’t want to be bothered with it while one vacation. I think it was the same vacation were we were treated with photos of 0bama riding a girls bike. Ah, good times!

    • And all the vacations taken on Air Force 1 along with Michael Obama’s mother and all their slaves….I mean “servants”….

  14. I’m sure the pilots and the ground personal that service the hardware we depend on for national survival see these displays as their way of reminding that they are our protectors and share with us in their love of America. Without them we would not have any of the freedoms we enjoy everyday.

  15. Hunter Biden and his corrupt father Joe take in millions tax free and you can too ..
    Get a job with team Obama and his criminal friends at the DNCrCriminals…

  16. For what it’s worth , plenty of military aircraft are flown daily for pilot training and DFW , deliberate fuel waste , to maintain budget norms . This is according to a former Navy P-3 pilot .

    If you’re truly interested in waste of military aircraft, why not start with “air Pelosi “ and the rest of the true abusers first ?

    • Chopperpilot, You are correct for years Nancy PELOSI has flown back and forth between Washington and SanFrancisco on Military and private airlines AT TAXPAYERS EXPENSE and many others in Washington have done are are doing now the same thing. Many times during his eight miserable years in office the Obamas flew on separate planes going on vacation,WHY because they were elites and they thought they were entitled. There are certain entitlements the speaker of the House is entitled to and Nancy Pelosi has taken full advantage of all of them,
      As for the Obamas they were just entitled they could care less about the taxpayers of this country.

  17. I dont see these remarks as showing disrespect to our great military, after rereading this carefully I think they were making a point about our great military and if anything showing their disdain for those that do show disrespect to our men and women in uniform as a former military man myself I do not take offense to their remarks I dont believe they were meant to be disrespectful. I think they were just pointing out how insane the left in this country has gone. I will give them the benefit of the doubt this time. I will never remain silent when I see our men and women in uniform being disrespected. Military life is not easy and they deserve our respect.

  18. Flyovers are a waste of money. How is that disrespecting the military, to waste their resources in useless demonstrations? And, by the way, the NFL collects money from the DOD for military demonstrations at games.
    The Tea Party used to be about fiscal responsibility – how is claiming that military flyovers are an unnecessary, costly, and potentially dangerous use of taxpayer funded F16s and F35s in any possible way disparaging the men and women in uniform who are charged with protecting our country?

  19. all the fly overs ever do not add up to the 100,s of millions the demoncraps have spent trying to get rid of Trump in the last 4 years

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