Trojan Horse: Muslim “Refugee” Discovered To Have Beheaded 20 People For Islamic State

( – Across the world, in nations where Muslim refugees are allowed across the borders with no questions asked, there could be any number of terrorists hidden in their ranks.

We’ve seen for years the hoards of military-aged male “refugees” attempting to enter European nations, which they normally do successful, welcomed with the open arms of “multiculturalism.”

The fatal flaw with “multiculturalism,” however, is that it inevitably paves the way to accept cultures that pose imminent threats to everything Western Civilization stands for.

You can’t accept the validity of Islam without accepting with it the culture of jihad which, despite everything the Democrat and mainstream media here at home are fond of saying, is alive and well not only in the Middle East, but in Western Europe and across the world.

Reuters reports (H/T Jihad Watch):

BUDAPEST (Reuters) – Hungarian authorities detained a Syrian man on Friday accused of taking part in beheadings in Syria as a member of Islamic State, Budapest prosecutors and the European judicial co-operation agency Eurojust said.

The 27-year-old man, identified by Hungarian authorities as F. Hassan, is suspected of executing about 20 people in 2016, all family members of a person in Homs city who refused to join Islamic State, Hungarian prosecutors said….

The suspect had refugee status in Greece, it said.

He was caught with forged documents in Budapest’s main airport on Dec. 30 last year, given a suspended prison sentence for human trafficking and other crimes, and ordered expelled from Hungary, Hungarian authorities said.

Prior to his arrival in Hungary, the suspect had visited a number of other European countries, Hungary’s Counter Terrorism Centre said.

This is what Trump is trying to protect our country from, but he’s been called a racist for two years for wanting to more carefully vet people coming from nations known for harboring terrorism.

What would you rather be, called a racist, or beheaded by someone allowed to enter the country to give liberals warm fuzzy feelings? I know what I’d pick.


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