Triggered! Liberals Absolutely Can’t Handle These Bold “F**K Biden” Flags… You’ve Got To See This

( Exclusive) – Connecticut is in the spotlight as two homes in the state are making national headlines after neighbors became upset about “F**k Biden” flags hanging outside. This comes after the left displayed severe hatred for President Trump over the last four years. Now they are feeling hurt.

These flags have become widely popular and display the above words followed by, “And f**k you for voting for him!” Now the leftist liberals want to play victim, never mind the profanity that was spewed at conservatives for the last four years. Case in point, the song, “F**k Donald Trump” topped the music charts on election day 2020.

Oh, and let’s not forget the horrific image of Kathy Griffin posing while holding a bloodied head of President Trump. How’s that for unification amongst the people that the left touts so loudly as being what the Biden administration will bring to America. Ha! Who are these people kidding?!

We’ve heard it said that liberalism is a mental disease and claims like this help in proving that point.

So, what is being done about the complaints? While Plymouth, Connecticut police are receiving the complaints that this type of profanity should not be on display for neighborhood kids and students who pass by to see, there is nothing they can do about it.

Plymouth police Capt. Edward Benecchi said police consulted with the state’s attorney’s office and it was found that, “we are unable to intercede as it would violate (the residents’) First Amendment right to free speech.”

Sheriff Troy Cunningham, Bay City, Michigan, consulted with a prosecutor over issues with the flag and told a reporter that he learned the flag was a Constitutionally protected statement.

Now go to Mission Viejo, California, and the city has enforced an anti-profanity ordinance. A vendor who was selling these anti-Biden flags with curse words imprinted on them received a warning from a public works inspector in accordance with the ordinance.

Other places that have been dealing with triggered liberals over these flags are New Hyde Park, on Long Island, New York where an anti-Biden sign near a New Hyde Park school sparks backlash from parents and a complaint from the school district.

In Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, a woman had been flying the anti-Biden flag outside her home. She states, “I have been getting emails harassing me that I am teaching our children words and that I am traumatizing children with freedom of speech, basically.” She has since take the flag down because of fears for the safety of her children.

Again, this just shows that those with the loudest hatred of and toward what they deem offensive can’t handle it when the tables are turned and they get a taste of their own medicine.

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  1. Isn’t that what Robert DeNiro shouted on national television at the Academy Awards, F Trump? And so did many talk show hosts? And how Democratic congress reps like Maxine Waters was shouting loud instructions about getting Trump supporters for just existing, in restaurants, and everywhere? You did it first.

  2. The F bomb is used in music all the time. And what about the parents that use it on their own children, let alone movies. I personally don’t like the word… but poop on them!
    Free Speech Forever!

  3. Not just a mental disease. Liberalism is also a moral disease. It is the religion and creed of Satan and the pizzagate Pedophile/Satanist elites who worship him.
    It is the mother belief from which both Nazism and Fascism are derived, and these two darling ideologies killed more than 60 million people in world war 2.
    Communism is also an offshoot of liberalism, and it has killed approximately 200 million people during the 20th century. Hell, Communist China by itself killed about 60 million of it’s citizens, or more correctly ‘subjects’ during Mao Zedong’s 1967 Great Leap forward.
    But don’t worry, just plain vanilla liberalism is holding it’s own in this blood sport competition as it is all by it’s little ole self, since the ghastly Supreme Court majority opinion in Roe Vs Wade, responsible for the brutal murders of 55 million American children while still in the (former) ‘safety’ of their mother’s womb, and all due to the wonderful mainstay of Women’s Health Care called abortion.
    Don’t worry about the expense, the aborted children have got that covered as their body parts are sold by Planned Parenthood (or rather destruction or abdication of Parenthood) for profit.
    Planned Abdication of Parenthood even has a court case ongoing against a young man who filmed and taped them in ‘negotiations’ for the price to be paid for the body parts, and who exposed the whole sick business. American courts are so sick and so corrupt that this so-called case has not been thrown own.
    But their Chinese Communist rivals in the competition to see ‘who has the more sick and brutal ideology’ are not out of the competition yet. They have answered liberalism’s aborting baby for body parts with their own version which is executing and kidnapping people and harvesting their organs for profit.

  4. These people worry about a flag with profanity on it because of their kids seeing it.They are worrying about the wrong things should be worrying about their kids and grandkids under a socialist regime.Hell there is no limit I watched Yellowstone the other day with no warning the F BOMB was used multiple times . So do not tell me you worry about your kids seeing this the liberals and celebrities in this country are idiots.

  5. The American people DID NOT elect Biden or his policies that are trashing America. Biden continues the lie. He is not the legally elected president. The evidence is clear. Illegal votes put Biden in the office. He is erasing, canceling EVERY GOOD policy or action done in the four years of President Trump’s time in office. Biden and his crowd of criminals work against the American People and America selling our country to our enemies.

  6. I find it of interest that the biggest violators who should be removed and put in prison for violating our laws are the democrats. They are intent on breaking the law and violating our rights that they swore in their oath to defend and support. WHY ARE THEY STILL IN OFFICE THREATENING AND INTENDING TO BREAK THE LAW? The democrats do not even recognize the AUTHORITY of the law. They think, incorrectly, that having POWER, like the bully on the block, they think POWER gives them the OK to ignore and violate the law do do what they want. Laws and rules are make for lawless thinking people such as democrats.

    In short. We need to kick the bums out or prosecute them like any other common criminal!

  7. People with their heads turned upside down or often called liberals reveal how desperately stupid their thinking processes are. Such as this:

    “Harvard Study: Reparations for Slavery Could Have Reduced Coronavirus Transmissions & Deaths”

    Basically without the politicizing of the medication hydroxychloroquine by the political party, who wants to keep the “pandemic” going so they can manipulate the population, would have left the concept of reparations in the trash heap where it belongs and saved lives and reduced the Coronavirus transmissions and deaths. A medication that has been used SAFELY for decades would have destroyed the democratic power over the ability to run a business and make a living to support a family, would have kept schools open and children would have received an education.

    No, but the people with their heads on upside down say reparations would have saved us all are not bright or worthy of being listening to about anything.

  8. “And f**k you for voting for him!”

    Interesting how the people addressing China in this way because they are upset with China for electing Biden with illegal votes.


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