TRAITORS: Here Are The GOP Turncoats Who Are Stopping Trump’s Border Wall

January 18, 2018 12:15 pm  


Send Congress a brick and help them get started!

Tea Party Activist,

Right now, President Trump is doing fantastic work and battling every day against the Democrats and RINOs with you, the American citizen, as his prize.

Our economy is roaring back, illegal aliens are getting caught, and we’re lifting the shadow of political correctness from Washington – but there’s one big promise that the NeverTrumpers are fighting tooth and nail to keep Trump from fulfilling for We the People.

Patriots are furious – it’s time to Build The Wall!

Do you want to put an end to illegal immigration forever?

Here’s the solution: send a message to Congress that will tell them to put their boots on the border, or get the hell out of Trump’s way!

For just $29.95, you can send a BRICK straight to Congress, and with it a message demanding that they BUILD THE WALL or face political deportation in the next election! This is your way of showing our leaders that they can either get to work, or the American People will kick them out and we’ll start building this wall ourselves!

Trump made a solid promise to the American People – he can build the wall, and he can do it within a year. No more talking, Trump says, it’s time to get this wall up as fast an efficiently as possible. Can I hear a HELL YES?

You might be asking the question then – but what on earth is STOPPING him?

The answer: As Trump continues to press in on the Democrats and RINOs, they’re hurling every last ditch effort to keep our wall hostage. Nothing is more important to Chuck Schumer and his cronies that keeping the tide of illegal aliens coming in and voting for left-wingers.

They are holding up progress in the negotiations over DACA – they’re demanding that Trump pass an amnesty bill before they give us a strengthened border. But wall supporters know full well that’s just a dirty trick to subvert border control and destroy the president’s agenda. We absolutely CANNOT compromise on this issue!

Getting immigration under control is the reason why Donald Trump was elected by We the People. Americans are sick and tired of the Democrats helping criminals and moochers from the worst snake dens on the planet get into our country. We’ve had enough of them expressing open hostility to our laws, draining us with illegal welfare usage, and spitting and burning our treasured flag.

Listen up, Congress: We need a Wall, and we need it NOW!


Immigration experts unanimously agree -the clock is ticking, and the wall needs to go up before it’s too late. That’s why we need you to pitch in just $29.95, and help us mail your brick to Congress. Every single brick that arrives on Capitol Hill is a hard and fast message from an American citizen who will kick the NeverWallers OUT if they don’t work with the president!

This is the message that will be taped to your brick:


The American People have demanded construction of a wall and a stop to all illegal immigration – because you have done NOTHING but fight our president from achieving this task, we have found it necessary to eliminate you from office.


[x] – Blocking U.S.-Mexico border wall funding and failing to repair our broken immigration system

[x] – Deliberately misleading the public about the costs, timeframe, practicality, and economic benefits of having a wall on our border

[x] – Allowing sanctuary for illegal aliens who commit crimes against our nation and depend on American taxpayers for support.

[x] – Pushing articles of impeachment for ridiculous reasons such as “racism,” instead of dealing sensibly with the immigration issue.

[x] – Promoting mass immigration from Third World cesspools instead of from Western democracies that will contribute to America

[x] – Enabling foreigners to murder, rape, and steal from our citizens based on the rosey myth that America is a “nation of immigrants”

[x] – Vilifying and insulting our president for promoting America’s interests above those of foreigners.

Should this notification motivate you to change your actions and begin construction of the border wall TODAY, this brick from the American People will help you get started.

But if you don’t get to work sending people to secure our border and build the wall, this brick will knock you OUT in the next election!

First name, Last name

Street address

City, State, Zip code

Lawful immigrants with skills and good hearts are shoved aside and placed at the end of the line in favor of illegal hordes – we don’t even know how many of them are living in this country! America is committing suicide by allowing this to continue: illegal aliens beat our citizens, rape our women, and steal from businesses and your paycheck, all because the Establishment in Washington would rather see Trump trapped inside their own political walls.

Did you know that the vast majority of illegal aliens flowing in from the southern border aren’t from Mexico, but around the world? That includes the Middle East – Mexican drug cartels are actively working with Hezbollah and ISIS jihadists to infiltrate America and launch future attacks on our home soil. A wall isn’t just for the economy, it’s for the very safety of our country!

Just look at all the goodies illegal aliens are getting:

  • Free medical care
  • Free Social Security
  • Free housing
  • Free welfare checks
  • Free education from kindergarten to PhD

What about lawful citizens? They’re the ones footing the bill – and if the Democrats win and pass amnesty, we’d be paying $28 billion to support them. We’re sick of having our pockets DRAINED.

It’s absolute, undeniable proof that illegal immigration is killing our country. This cannot go on, and Patriot organizations need to unify and DO SOMETHING about it!

Here’s the perfect solution:

What if every single lawful citizen, fed up with our porous border, sent a hard brick? – or two, six, or a dozen bricks – straight to the offices of lawmakers? We could very well weigh the Senate floor down with so many bricks, Trump wouldn’t need funding for the wall in the budget – he could build the wall just with all the bricks we’ve given him!

Here’s the deal: we’re going to have the cost of the brick, packing of the brick, printing of your message, taping it to the brick, postage and shipping, labor and warehouse costs. Whatever is left over, you can be sure it will keep Tea Party alive and fighting in our war against the Democrats to Make America Great Again.

This is your chance to fill up Capitol Hill will enough bricks to completely wall-off the halls of Congress. That just might encourage members of the Senate to start taking down the walls they’ve already built around Trump’s leadership.

The time is now: Will you send Congress a brick and tell these open-borders nuts that We the People will no longer tolerate a government that panders to illegal aliens before its own citizens?

Imagine the sight – Congress will see with their own eyes, as truck after truck comes rolling into Washington to dump massive piles of bricks, that absolutely every lawful American citizen is HELLBENT on getting this immigration crisis back under control, and that ignoring these bricks will officially end their political careers.

President Trump has the thickest spine in Washington – when he sees a Mount Everest of bricks sitting on the Capitol Hill lawn, he’s going to be totally assured of America’s support for his agenda, and he’ll fight even HARDER for you and me.

For far too long, the Republicans have sided with the Democrats and blasted Trump and his millions of supporters as “racists” and “bigots” for wanting a wall – even though Mexico and other third world dumpsters have walls of their own. How many bricks do we have to put on their desks, chairs, doorways, and lawn before they finally remember what their duty as “Republican” means?

We’re about to find out!

Hit them hard and fast with this message: Congress needs to tear down the wall they’ve build around the America First Agenda, and start building the wall that will finally help our nation become great again.

So long as we have fighting breath, we will never rest until a beautiful wall stretches from Sea to Shining Sea …


Steve Eichler
CEO Tea Party

P.S. – Sending a brick to Congress is fast and simple – Tea Party has sent bricks and other forms of protest to Capitol Hill before, and the amazing results you’re seeing in deportation rates and decreased illegal entries is a direct result of these campaigns. Join the Trump Construction Crew and for just $29.95, plant a brick straight on your representative’s desk with a memo that declares: “Stop attacking Trump and help him Build The Wall! We want illegal immigration to end, or this brick, Congressman, will knock you OUT of the next election!”

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